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    1. @ Gal: Yes, the story in various parts has been covered and I have linked to that coverage in this post. But until now no one has identified Boris Krasny by name. That was the “scoop” to which I referred.

  1. מרקוס קלינברג, הישראלי שריגל לטובת ברה”מ, נפטר בגיל 97
    מי שנחשב למרגל החשוב ביותר שהיה לברית המועצות בישראל, הלך לעולמו בביתו שבפריז, אליה עבר ב-2003, לאחר מחלה שבעקבותיה הדרדר מצבו. הוא הורשע ונידון ל-20 שנות מאסר ושוחרר אחרי 15 שנה בתנאים מגבילים
    יוסי מלמן / 30/11/2015 19:43
    תגיות: ריגול רוסיה

  2. On your Twitter account you blessed Klinberg memory.

    Isn’t it a bit unamerican to bless the memory of a Soviet spy who harmed Israel and possibly the US security?

    He didn’t ‘hope for a better world’ but was forced (so it seems) to work for them.

    1. @ Arik: Klingberg was never forced to work for anyone. He chose to work for the Soviet Union because they were Hitler’s strongest enemy and did the most damage to his regime during WWII. You forget that his entire family was wiped out in Treblinka. I know dolts like you don’t give a crap for the suffering that motivates some Jews to do what they do. But Klingberg wanted revenge on Hitler and chose the one who wreaked the most vengeance on the Nazis.

      It’s not a decision I would make today. But hindsight is always 20/20. And btw, many, many Jewish survivors made precisely the same decision in supporting the Soviet Union. Or did you forget that inconvenient part of European Jewish history?

  3. Wow, blessing the memory of someone who worked on behalf of one of the most murderous regimes in history? How low can you sink?

  4. @Richard

    ” May his memory be for a blessing and his family comforted by the life of principle he led.”

    Klingberg helped develop chemicals to poison Israel’s enemies, like Khaled Mashal.
    He committed treason in order to help the Soviets, and you think he was ‘principled’?


    1. @ Mr Phlegm:

      Klingberg helped develop chemicals to poison Israel’s enemies, like Khaled Mashal.

      Really? You know this how? From inside knowledge? First-hand experience? No, you don’t. You’re just bluffing as usual.

      So many, many errors here to correct. Now, student–sit still and teacher will offer you a lesson:

      Mashal was poisoned in 1997. Klingberg was arrested in 1983. So no, he had no involvement in Mashal’s poisoning. Since Mashal was poisoned with a chemical and not a biological agent, Klingberg also had no direct or indirect connection with this crime. Finally, though scientists are certainly responsible for what they invent or develop, those who actually make the decision to unleash these weapons on the world are the ones who are most guilty.

      He did nothing to “help the Soviets.” He believed that if Israel or the western powers had a monopoly on any particular WMD they would be more likely to use it on the Russians. His goal was to prevent such a catastrophe. I may disagree with his thinking & even some of his actions. But I honor his motive.

      I hope you’ve resolved your ‘gender confusion.’ If not, I might recommend several good therapists for you to see to help you clarify your situation. (for those of you who don’t know “Ida” as he calls himself, this is meant as a joke)

  5. Richard said, “Now, student–sit still and teacher will offer you a lesson: ”

    Ida replies, “Housed there [Nes Tziona] are the biochemists and genetic scientists with their bottle agents of death: toxins that can create cripping food poisoning and lead to death; the even more virulent Venezuelan eqine encephalomyetis and anthrax.
    In other laboratories…scientists work with a variety of nerve agents: choking agents, blood agents,….”
    –Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, by Gordon Thomas.

    Richard said, ” Since Mashal was poisoned with a chemical and not a biological agent, Klingberg also had no direct or indirect connection ”

    According to former Mossadnik, Viktor Ostrovsky, “The plant, [Nes Tziona] manufactures not only chemical and biological weapons for use in bombs, but more unusual arms as well. It supplied the poison for last year’s assassination attempt by the Mossad, Israel’s equivalent of the CIA, on the life of Khaled Meshal, a Hamas Party leader in Jordan. ”


    1. Lady Phlegm: Gordon Thomas is a jackass (and this isn’t just my opinion, it’s the opinion of a respected Israeli security correspondent I consulted). Thomas wouldn’t know the Mossad from the Three Stooges. His book reads like a James Bond movie set in Tel Aviv. He too has mixed up chemical with biological agents. I assure you the professionals who work there don’t.

      As for Ostrovsky, he didn’t say what you imply. He did not say the poison was a biological agent. It was a chemical agent. Poisons are generally chemical in nature. You don’t seem to grasp that chemical & biological agents are not the same and scientists who work on one don’t generally work on the other except in very unusual circumstances.

      You’re done in this thread. Stop beating a dead horse.

  6. [comment deleted: that was a low blow Lady Phlegm. You’re now moderated. Your next attempt at snark will see you banned entirely.]

  7. Soviet Union was a terror state before the war and after the war became an openly antisemitic terror state. Your “hero” knew this perfectly well, yet he kept betraying his country and his people to make this antisemitic terror state that much stronger. The man who exposed him deserves all the riches he could get, and the only sorrow I have is that Klingberg was allowed to die peacefully in his bed – his Soviet masters would not be so kind.

    1. @ Haim: You forgot your Jewish history haboob. Who saved European Jews? Roosevelt, CHurchill, even Ben Gurion? No, Stalin did. If you lived in Poland, saw your family wiped out & also saw how many hundreds of thousands of Jews Stalin saved you would’ve adopted Klingberg’s views as well.

      Of course, after 1954 it became much harder to see the Soviet Union as benign. But if you were a Holocaust survivor you should be permitted holding such illusions given the horror you suffered.

      Apparently, you come from the school of ahistory which denies that traumatic historical events should have any impact on Holocaust-era Jews. The rest of us feel otherwise.

      As for Krasny, if you wish to embrace a corrupt, venal, oligarch ass-licker be my guest. It tells us quite a bit about the caliber of human being you are.

  8. “It tells us quite a bit about the caliber of human being you are.”

    Your personal hateful attacks on people that don’t hold your twisted views and your censoring of anybody that proves your views are twisted, actually tells us exactly what caliber of human being you yourself are.

    If there is anything you can call yourself “teacher”of, it’s censorship. You embody it.

    1. @ Eyal: You’ve just violated the comment rules. If you visit someone’s home (or website) and call them “twisted” you’re no longer welcome. Our time was so short. We’d hardly gotten to know each other. It seems sad to let you go. But alas we must.

      Next time, try to be housebroken before you defecate on your host’s floor.

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