3 thoughts on “Ben Carson’s Assault on Muslim-Americans – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @ Richard
    Thanks for the good piece in Mintpress on the cold-blodded killing of Hadeel al-Haslamoun.
    Just a minor thing: concerning the Brazilian activist’s departure from Palestine, here’s what the linked account states in the introduction: “On September 22, 2015, day of the murder of palestinian Hadil, Marcel Leme, International Human Rights Observer, was leaving the city of Hebron in Palestine to return to Brazil.”
    It doesn’t change anything about the killing though.

    1. @Deir: Yes, I read that. But a Palestinian told me that was not true. That he was sent home, spirited out of the country. For some reason, he’s also been reluctant to be interviewed by me. So I can’t find out which story is true.

      1. @ Richard.
        You’re right, I read somewhere afterwards (on a Brazilian website I think) that the guy got scared, having seen someone get killed right in front of his eyes, and knowing he was a witness, he contacted the Brazilian representation to get him out of there.
        Here it is, so this is yet another version of his departure:
        Still that knife-story is bizarre: why did the Palestinian witness change his mind.
        And these images filme by an Israeli source I guess clearly show the knife on the ground far from Hadeel’s body:
        – dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3245438/Dramatic-moment-Israeli-soldier-points-rifle-veiled-teenage-Palestinian-student-shot-dead-moments-later-attempting-stab-West-Ba

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