20 thoughts on “Bibi to Name New Shin Bet Director – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You’re just unbelievable..
    You do realize that you do nothing but putting Israeli lifes at risk in every other post you make?
    Just because you know doesn’t mean it has to come out.
    You keep messing with people’s lives while sitting in a comfy chair in the States, with no moral and ethic considerations.
    It must be fun that you can blog whatever you want without consequences, right?

    1. Actually, it is the Israeli secret police who have no moral considerations. I on the other hand believe in morality, transparency and liberal democracy. Those are values clearly alien to you except when they benefit someone who shares yr political views.

      1. Richard and morals are just like two parallel lines that will never converge. of course he is a Zionist so maybe we shouldn’t say that.
        Richard thinks he’s a hot shot, because he can sit in Seattle and blog, he has no consideration for anything, because he really doesn’t share the burden.
        so when you have no responsibilities, you can talk yourself to death about things you really have no idea about, because last he visited Israel was 15 years ago.

        1. Richard is a neches tzaon barzel of israeli democracy. you wouldn’t know true service to our nation if it hit u in the face.

          1. Thanks, a Hebrew compliment means even more to me than one in English! One website somewhat mysteriously translates this as “inalienable goods,” which is incomplete. I’m guessing it means something roughly like “the real thing” or “solid steel.”

          2. It’s roughly “something very useful and necessary”. its pretty archaic, but I think unmasking a shinbet one letter name alone earns it well.

          3. I’m a lover of the Hebrew language myself. So ‘archaic’ is wonderful in my book. Thanks again. Take a look at what Yossi Melman has to say in today’s Haaretz in my latest post. Not a confirmation, but everything but…

        2. Blah, blah, blah. You’re an Israeli hasbarist who’s attempted to use this argument for the 18th (or what feels like the 18th) time in the last 2 weeks. Snooze.

          Hey, you’re in reality Zvi Lapkin & have been banned here before. Nice try assuming the fake identity of Sheldon Adelson. That takes a bit of wit. Major violation of my comment rules to assume multiple comment identities though.

          Your next comment that remotely violates the comment rules will land you back in the ban pool.

          1. Hey Dimwit are you on drugs again ?
            who is Zvi Lapkin, what fake identity are you talking about?
            there are at least 25 other Sheldon Adelson’s who live in different parts of the USA. if you think i am assuming the identity of the famous Sheldon Adelson then you must be on drugs. i am from IL he’s from NV.

            get off the drugs boychik, it’s bad for business.

          2. You’re nailed bud. Big no-no to create multiple identities in my blog. And you’ve violated the rules in a bigger way than anyone else before you: 5 diff. identities (& counting)! Wow, I’ve got to hand it to you. When you want to engage in identity fraud you do it in a big way. Here are comments w. IP addresses for you & other identities you’ve assumed. Which one is real, if any?







            A Zionist

            Sorry, this really has been swell & entertaining & all but all of yr identities are now banned. And if you do this again using a new IP you’ll be banned again.

  2. “…If any readers have a photo of Ilan, please let me know.”

    If no one knows Yitzhak Ilan, how would you proof that this is the right man on the requested foto?

    1. How do I know that anyone who offers me anything is giving me genuine material? This is what reporters & good bloggers do, they ask the source to confirm how they know that the info or document is real. In fact, someone once passed on to me a picture of someone he believed was Doron Zahavi. It was Doron Zahavi, but the wrong one. I cross checked the info & discovered the error. That’s what I’d do here. So get off my back.

    1. I fear that he will be accused of turning the Shin Bet into a Mickey Mouse outfit in due course.

      Where do you think the Weir is? I’m sure I’ve seen it on TV at some point, but in what context I cannot think.

  3. Is everybody familiar with the ‘Where’s Wally?’ picture book series? In recent years they have branched out a bit – you can now get a Top Gear version (‘Where’s Stig’?), an al-Qaeda version (‘Where’s bin Laden’?), and a fair few others. I would really like an Israeli version, its pages showing day-to-day life and international-scale dramas in great detail. Where’s Mordechai Vanunu? Where’s the missing ID card? Where’s the bulldozer? And so on. This Shin Bet person could feature (his face hidden behind a newspaper with ‘gag order’ printed on it, perhaps). Fun for the whole family!

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