20 thoughts on “Obama Seals Deal in Senate: 42 Democrats Voting Yes – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “This gives the world a chance to build normative relations with Iran. It gives Iran a chance to prove that it should be welcomed among the nations”
    Yes but at the same time chanting that the US is the ‘great Satan’ and that the Zionist entity must be annihilated.

    1. @ tishby: Israel is a far more lethal threat to Iran than the other way around. How will Iran “annihilate” Israel? With ballistic missiles it doesn’t have? Warheads it hasn’t developed? How will Israel annihilate Iran? With ballistic missiles it has aplenty. Warheads it has numbering at least 200. Dophin subs capable of firing nuclear missiles & patrolling the waters of the Gulf.

      Get real, bud.

    2. ” Yes but at the same time chanting that the US is the ‘great Satan’ ”

      Yawn. You’ve got no ground to whine about “why does Iran (in part) have issues with America?”

      People who take the hardline camp who’s most active in that kind of partisanism to be the “true face of Iran” are idiots. If Iran wasn’t a politically multifaceted entity interested in normalizing relations and a return to more regular status in the international community, then things wouldn’t be as they are right now.

      ” and that the Zionist entity must be annihilated.”

      Yawn. The only party throwing around direct military threats is Israel, repeatedly.

      All the while lying about some fictional Iranian plan to “exterminate all the Jews” that only has stock in the heads of Israel’s worst, no where else.

        1. Mitchell, maybe not everyone is as obsessed with dividing people into distinct ethnicities that must be at war with each other as you?

        2. @ Mitchell Blood: You’ve just posted an outright lie, which is not permitted under the comment rules. Iran has never called for Israel’s destruction. If you ever attribute false claims concerning Iran in future, you will be moderated.

          1. I didn’t post a lie, I linked a quote, which reads:

            Ayatollah Khamenei wrote. “I am telling you, first, you will not be around in 25 years’ time, and God willing, there will be no Zionist regime in 25 years. Second, during this period, the spirit of fighting, heroism and jihad will keep you worried every moment.”

            Richard. You tell me. What is the meaning of Khamenei’s quote?

          2. @Mitchell: He is saying he foresees an Israel not ruled by Jewish supremacists. An Israel in which power is shared democratically between Palestinians & Jews. An Israel in which every citizen has equal rights w/o regard to religion or ethnicity. I have no problem saying I’d like the current Israeli regime to collapse & be replaced by the vision I outlined above. Just like I’d like to see the Iranian clerical regime disappear in 25 yrs or sooner.

          3. Mr Blood what means if an Israeli Jewish leader had said: God willing there will not be a Natzi regime in X year? Would that have meant killing all Germans and whipping Germany from the map? Israeli Jewish leaders have for decades constantly demanded the ayatollah’s regime to be erased. Demanding a less liked political / religious movements, which zionism, natzism, communism, ayatollahs style etc are, to vanish is rather common. Zionism is not equal to all Jews (or even to Israel) like communism was not equal to all Russians and Chinese.

            This constant deliberate propagandist claim that Iranians demand all Jews to be “holocausted” is rather absurd.

  2. I wonder what Iran is going to do with the assets once they’ve been unfrozen?

    I wonder what the IRGC will do with their cut?

    1. “I wonder what Iran is going to do with the assets once they’ve been unfrozen?”

      Not what Nutandyahoo and AIPAC and Israel’s worst, who routinely demonize and dehumanize Iranians as a collective, screech that they’re going to do.

      Idiotic leading question, I think. Carry on with the caricature of Iran as a giant Khameini head or “the new Hitler”, I guess.

      ” I wonder what the IRGC will do with their cut?”

      Keep your idiotic over-hyped Arab-hating soldiers out of Lebanon, stop violating Lebanese sovereignty on a regular basis, and you won’t have to worry about direct action from the Hezb, let alone agents of the IRGC.

      I would say do the same as far as your idiotic overhyped Arab-hating soldiers and the Kahanist “settler” movement goes in the Palestinian West Bank, but that’s probably asking too much, isn’t it?

    2. @Mitchell: Iran has huge unmet social needs & a fairly enlightened president who understands if he doesn’t meet those needs he will lose the next election. Unlike your PM who doesn’t give a flying f=%k about the 99%.

      When you start worrying about what the IDF does with the $20 billion (not including the black budget public never hears about) it gets every yr., I’ll start worrying about the IRG’s cut of the sanctions revenue.

  3. The passage of the ‘Iran Deal’ is nothing to ‘kvell’ over; which ‘Deal’ can be undone by the next (Republican?) President on day one.

    As far as Congresswoman McCollum goes, the Leahy Law that she cites to, has an exception:

    b) Exception
    The prohibition in subsection (a) shall not apply if the Secretary determines and reports to the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate, the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives, and the Committees on Appropriations that the government of such country is taking effective steps to bring the responsible members of the security forces unit to justice.

    I think those steps have already been take. A soldier and an IDF officer are being prosecuted by the State of Israel for their involvement in the shooting death of the Arab youth.

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