53 thoughts on “Israel Secretly Arrests Golani Druze, Accusing Him of Exposing Rebel-IDF Collaboration – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This guy is shilling for the murderous, poison gas bombing Assad clique. He’s a ‘Quisling’.

    And that video purporting to show a meeting inside Israeli-occupied territory. I don’t speak Arabic, but my lying eyes didn’t see any sort of meeting. All I saw was a car driving down a road in the dark.

    “If anyone wonders why Islamists are beheading western journalists and occupying Iraq and Syria, while carefully avoiding Israeli targets, this will explain a lot.”

    This is nonsensical! What Israeli targets in Syria and Iraq have the Islamists forsworn?

    1. A quisling ? Al-Maqet comes from the Golan Heights that Israel occupied and later annexed contrary to international law. Do you have any idea who Quisling was ? He was betraying his own people. The Israelis are occupying the Syrian Golan Heights just as the Germans (with whom Quisling collaborated) occupied Norway. Wonder how you managed to twist this one.
      PS. And I’m no fan of Bashar al-Assad.

      1. “He was betraying his own people.”

        Are the Syrian-Druze fighting alongside Assad? No.
        Do Israeli-Druze support the State of Israel? Yes.

        So I ask, is Al-Maqet betraying his own people? Yes.

        1. No matter what side al-Maqet supports in Syria, he’s clearly feeling Syrian, and giving information about Israeli activities concerning Syria is not being a Quisling, but rather being a patriot.
          And maybe you should inform yourself about the feelings of the Israeli-Druze population towards the State of Israel, but maybe like others here before you, you have “many Druze friends” and ‘go often to their villages”….

          1. Victor if you had an ounce of logic or facts behind your statements, it would at least do some justice to the tapping coming from your fingers. Name one incident where Da’ash has attack the fascist regime of Tel Aviv, anywhere, anytime.

          2. @Edge

            ” Name one incident where Da’ash has attack the fascist regime of Tel Aviv, anywhere, anytime.”

            I can’t. Now can you name one incident where Da’ash has attacked the United States? What are we to take away from that meaningless fact, nothing.

            BTW, the ‘fascist regime’ would be in the seat of government, Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv.

          3. Now can you name one incident where Da’ash has attacked the United States?

            When it murdered at least three U.S. citizens specifically for being U.S. citizens. This is quite a ‘meaningful fact’ which you can’t dispute & minimize.

            Your “seat of government” as far as the rest of the world is concerned is not Jerusalem. Foreign nations maintains embassies at the ‘seat of government.’ But almost none are in Jerusalem. Ergo, you may call Jerusalem the center of world empire as far as you are concerned. But that’s not the case for everyone else in the world.

        2. Druze have it good in Israel compared to others, why wouldn’t most just keep their heads down?
          If you think anyone loves Israel except the sick Zionists you’re deluded.

    2. @Victor: Guess what, bud? AL-Maket is Syrian, not Israeli. The Golan is occupied Syria. So as Deir Yassin said, he’s a patriot, not a quisling. If you’re ignorant about Arabic, why would you make any claims about the video? Not to mention, you clearly dude’s bother to read my own description of the video, which never made the claim that it showed the actual meeting. But rather that he had followed the rebels to their own meeting. He is nearby the meeting & videotaping as it goes on. That’s what I wrote. The rest of what you carped about has nothing to do with anything I represented the video to be.

      1. So for all we know, it was a meeting of Rotarians.
        Whether he’s Syrian or Israel or a citizen of the world, isn’t the point. He’s a kook, who can’t stay out of prison.

        1. @Victor: It was a meeting of Rotarians if they liaise with Israeli military intelligence in the dark on a dangerous border in the midst of a civil war. I don’t know any Rotarians or anyone other than Syrian rebels who would do this. I trust al Maket far more than you in terms of who he saw at this meeting.

          As for calling him a “kook” and demeaning the 27 years he spent in an Israeli prison, I find this offensive. If you pull crap like this again you will be moderated. Since this is your second warning about comment rule offenses, your next offense will result in immediate moderation. There will be no further warnings. And do not publish any more than three comments in a 24 hour period. Respect this comment rule which I invoke for overeager hasbara monologists like you.

    3. [comment deleted: comment rule of thumb: if you write “lousy XXXXXXX scum,” your comment will be deleted. I don’t like it whether the fill-in-the-blank term is “Arabs,” “Muslims,” “Jews,” or “Zionists.”

      1. Fair enough but it seems he’s been told in other words so no need to repeat it without the epithet.

      2. Hey for the record I referred to the ISIS by that term and they are NOT Muslims. They have been rejected by all five Islamic schools of thought making them Karajites. I am a Muslim, ISIS are not. I also pointed out ISIS are allied with and receiving support from Israel and it is well known and recorded by UN reports no less.

          1. Yes I know Richard. It’s cool. I have a rule that I write as I would speak to someone in real life and I do refer to them as such to their faces but your blog is civilised and fair so it’s cool and I apologise. I see ISIS and Zionism as the same thing and both are simply demonic so I forget myself sometimes.

        1. Rabbit. Much as I would like to agree with you that ISIS are not Muslim, I am afraid we have to leave that decision to the Almighty, because that is His domain. We are permitted to say someone is not acting like a Muslim should or, s-he is acting un-Islamically, but Takfir (calling people Kafir…Infidels) when someone professes Islam as their faith, is not a Muslim item even though our fellow Muslims who are fanatics (as in other faitjs) are constantly harping on who is and who is not, a Muslim.

  2. Al-Maket and five others formed a group called The Secret Resistance Movement. He [Al-Maket] stole grenades and mines from an Israeli military base, compiled information on Israeli military bases and troop movements, and was a member of a group that detonated explosives on an Israeli military base.


    1. Yup. Again , he’s resisting Israeli occupition just as Begin Shamir & other Zionist leaders resisted British Occupation. You didn’t have any complaint against their acts of terrorism, which included killing civilians, did you?

    2. He’s resisting Israel’s illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan. Begin, Shamir & Ben Gurion too resisted British Occupation. The first 2 through terror attacks which murdered civilians. Do you have any problems with Jewish terror in pursuit of national rights? Or do you only believe that Jews have national rights but Syrians don’t?

        1. @ Ariel: This is the way you defend Jewish terror? By saying Jews may kill Brits, including civilians, because they wouldn’t leave? Thanks for exposing the moral depravity of your position on the subject.

  3. Just a note: I get deeply disturbed when I read about, or come in contact with, those who have served long Israeli prison terms for political activities. It seems almost unimaginable to me that someone should be jailed forever because they want invaders out of their country and try to do something about it. These “criminals” are protecting their homes, their families, even their businesses. There is no symmetry here: No Israeli is being held in Palestinian jails by virtue of their aggressive seizure of Palestine.

  4. Let us not try to judge what side Sedki should be on, but why is Israel supporting the violent, intolerant folks across the border?
    Look at Israel’s past and it should not take long to figure it out. As Begin once said about the war between Iran and Iraq, “Goyim killing goyim”. What he failed to mention was the fact that Israel was happily providing weapons to both sides, precisely to make sure the goyim continue to kill goyim so Israel does not have to.
    In the Lebanon, Israel was delighted to break off the Christian Phalangists and point them towards the Muslims for slaughter of the same and the Phalangists did it very well under the protection and watchful direction of the Israelis. Incidentally, this is where Brigitte Gabriel found her calling after she fled to Israel (after Israel’s departure from Lebanon) and was further cultivated against Mulsims.
    Was their hand involved in the overthrow of the inept but democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt? No bets on that either.
    Israel also provided weapons to both sides of the Ethiopian war and supported the Iranian rebels (MEK) as well…probably still does! Bet dollars to a pinch of dirt, Israel is plotting with India on how to get their hands on Pakistani nukes as well.

    1. [comment deleted for comment rule violation: comments may not, even in snark or jest, question someone’s mental health or infer anything about it. Next time you do this you will be banned.]

    2. @Jaffar

      I never heard of the “goyim kill goyim” line in the context of the Iran-Iraq War. Source please.
      Begin did say “goyim kill goyim” in the wake of the Sabra and Shatila Massacres. The exact quote was,
      ..goyim kill goyim and they hang the Jews”.

      “Was their hand involved in the overthrow of the inept but democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt?”

      Hello! Jewish conspiracy alert!!

      Ethiopia. Iran. Indo-Pak.
      Jaffar?! Really.


      1. @ Victor: You note Begin’s quote with the appended statement as if the fact that “goyim” hang Jews (which in fact is irrelevant in the case of Sabra & Shatilla) makes the earlier part of the statement acceptable. It doesn’t. Israel’s policy toward frontline states like Syria is precisely “goyim kill goyim.” In fact, Israel’s current policy is the more Arabs kill each other the less they’ll kill Jews. I find this as policy morally depraved & even existentially bankrupt, since it will still eventually end with Israelis being killed via the massive regional instability.

        If you use terms like “Jewish conspiracy alert” or anything remotely snarkily like it in future, you will be moderated. My rule of thumb is that the more of a hasbarist you are (and you ARE), the less acceptable feeble attempts at snark are. Keep that in mind. I will.

    3. @Jaffar

      Come on Jaffar. Israel was trying to mend fences with revolutionary Iran by providing them with military spare parts. This began BEFORE the Iran-Iraq War.

      And what’s your source that Israel supplied arms to Iraq? Israel bombed Iraq’s nuclear plant at Osirak.
      Are you talking about Operation Spare Bears, the American supply of arms to Iraq? If Israel supplied any weapons to Iraq, it was at the behest of the United States, and I’m not at all sure Israel supplied anything to Iraq during it’s war with Iran.
      I’m sorry to disappoint, but Israel wasn’t the puppet master of the Iran-Iraq conflict.


      1. @ Victor: Israel was trying to “mend fences” with revolutionary Iran? Really. Where do you find credible proof of this? If Israel provided anything to Iran it was because Israel saw Iran as a buffer against a competing power like Iraq. Again, it’s the same old ‘goyim kill goyim” approach. If I get the second most powerful Arab state to attack the most powerful, then they’ll all be occupied killing each other & will leave me alone. That’s the approach & it’s absolutely sick.

        Why would you find the Begin Center a credible source? It’s as crooked as any Likudist propaganda outlet. It also hosted settler-Temple building Yehudah Glick the night he was shot.

        1. @ Richard

          ” Where do you find credible proof of this?”

          Ari Ben Menashe and David Kimche are credible witnesses.
          Israel initially feared Iraq and offered Iran spare parts and small arms. Iran took the American embassy hostage and the CIA convinced Israel that Iran posed a greater threat and that Israel should help undermine Iran. Iraq rebuffed any aid from Israel.
          Later on, with Reagan in the White House, Israel supplied Iran with missiles as per Iran-Contra.
          Israel did nothing more than follow Americas directives.

          1. Victor. Remarkable. Germans dodged their moral responsibilities as well, byu saying they were only following orders, nothing more.
            That war was prolonged because of the US and Israel playing both sides and over a million people lost their lives. I don’t suppose that causes you any worry though, they are, after all, “Goyim”.

  5. Victor. Full marks for mounting a gallant if errant and ignorantt, defense of Israel, the indefensible.
    Facts unfortunately, are not on your side.
    I will not do your research for you, if you are so motivated, I am sure you can find sources where Israel was arming BOTH sides of the Ethiopia civil war, BOTH sides of Iran-Iraq war (no quibbles as to why). Now, Israel is supporting the worst possible Muslims they could find. I am surprised that you are not unsettled by such behavior by the country you would like so much, to be proud of.
    As for the Sabra and shatilla massacres, don’t you find it just a little bit unsettling that someone would start, fuel and finish the Sabra and Shatiila massacres and yet, blame the “Goyim”? or, are you so insentized to the slaughter of Arabs and Muslims that they are like Jews were to Hitler, to you?

    1. @ Jafar: It’s OK as far as Victor is concerned that Lebanese Muslims were murdered by Lebanese Christians. A minor wrinkle is they were likely murdered using Israeli weapons & while Ariel Sharon stood guard outside the camp as the slaughter ensued. That incidental I’m sure.

    2. @Jaffar

      “Now, Israel is supporting the worst possible Muslims they could find.”
      No. Israel is providing humanitarian aid to victims of the Syrian civil war, without distinction.
      Israel treats FSA and al Nusra and ordinary Syrian civilians in Israeli hospitals. Israel treated and released the Syrian government pilots whose plane Israel had shot down (over Israeli territory).
      Israel has liason with al Nusra simply because al Nusra is encamped on Israel’s volatile border.

      1. How touching!
        If Israel is such a humanitarian nation, why does it not open the “Strangulation” (Israel’s own words) of Gaza? Why do they watch as people die of hunger and lack of medcines?
        Palestinians are often forced to give birth at the checkpoints because they are not permitted to go to a hospital. They can die at the checkpoit because they are not allowed to get medical treatment, just across the lines. Yet your collective hearts bleed for the most ferocious, fanatical people you can ever hope to find.
        Why humiliate Palestinians, if you are so compassionate?
        Why not permit Palestinian Israelis to live with the same rights and privileges as Jews?
        Forgive me if I find your arguments too facile for human consumption.

        1. @Jafar – ambulances are stopped at checkpoints b/c ammunition was smuggled using them and you know exactly why Gaza is under a partial siege (I don’t think the Germans allowed 100s of trucks of supply a day to enter Moscow).
          In the current relationships, the Palestinians are like the kid fight with his strong dad. Once realized they can’t win they called both the police (US) and social services (EU). The police hears the story sides with the dad just ask him to not punish the kid to harshly. Social services – well, they always side with the kid – but since foster care isn’t an option, they give the kid presents Yada Yada as if that will help.

          1. @ Ariel: Not so fast, bud. WHo says ammunition was smuggled in ambulances? And this source, an Israeli intelligence agent is credible because…?? And you’re claiming allowing women and newly delivered babies to die at checkpoints is acceptable because an Israeli agent claims Palestinians use ambulances to transport weapons? Really?

            I’m about as interested in hearing your lame political analogies as I am in watching Zio terror porn. So knock it off. Stick to straightforward discussion & don’t regale us.

          2. Gaza is not strangled because of weapons. Israel could interdict these without holding up food and meds and building materials etc. Gaza is strangled because they are Palestinian (non-Jews), because Palestinians represent a counter narrative and counter claim to Palestine and that is intolerable. Either Pals will get so discouraged from being abused and bullied and give up the fight or they cease to be an identifiable entity in any case.

            The claim that Israel is a righteous, humanitarian state is particularly troubling. Europeans came to Palestine with the intent of moving other people out. They set up prisons, roadblocks and checkpoints and call any resistance a crime of “terrorism”. Palestinians are jailed, tortured, their homes demolished, their children arrested, their human dignity insulted, and they are finally murdered outright in increasing numbers by these aggrandizing thieves immigrating from all over. This particular state cannot claim any humanitarian kudos, no matter how many Syrians they hospitalize etc., not as long as a single Palestinian exists to counter their “legitimacy.”

          3. Ariel. Your response would be welcome among a group of Blind Supporters of Israel, but facts are not on your side. I notice too, that you only addressed the Palestinians trying to cross checkpoints while dying or sick, you left out the other half of my questions related to the grossly inequitable treatment of Israeli Palestinians.
            Most of the people arriving at the chckpoints, seeking medical aid for sickness or babies, come in cars, they are not permitted to cross the lines and die or give birth under the cold, wastchful eyes of Israel’s Heartless.
            Let us agree that some ambulances did carry ammo…just for the sake of discussion. Is searching a Palestinian ambulane such a difficult thing that they are simply kept out? Why are the sick not permitted to cross the checkpoint and board another ambulance or taxi on the other side?

            Finally, the “strangulation” policy was formed by Israel and eagerly adopted by it’s poodle, the US. When Hamas won, instead of deciding to have talks with them, Israeli DECLARED policy was, “We will strangle Gaza until the people rise up against Hamas and throw them out”. That policy now has a life of its own and thousands of men, women and children die because of it.

            So now you are saying at least Israel is better than the Nazis!?? I don’t know how many trucks are allowed to bring food to Gaza every day, but everyone including the UN, agrees that the food supplied does not even serve a quarter of the population’s needs.
            By the way, the population’s needs are based on an Israeli calculation on how little is needed for the people to SURVIVE.
            Israel is a mean, nasty, vicious, nation whose way of existence needs to be ended. Just as the White Supremacist South African nation was ended. One hopes that a new Israel will emerge, where all three faiths can live and thrive together, as equals.

      2. Serious comment? LOL!!

        “Israel has liason with al Nusra simply because al Nusra is encamped on Israel’s volatile border.”

        Jabhat al-Nusra is simply a terrorist organization, so IDF forces have friendly chats with these folks in between acts of war crimes, executions and rape? Hope these folks get booted out of the area and replaced by more friendly Lebanese neighbors from Hezbollah. From the link .. could also be factions which have pledged allegiance to IS. Or is the IDF liason with the northern neighbors thru attack helicopters. So theres is a distinction made by Israel and the IDF … goyim fighting goyim. Keep feeding the parties and slaughter in Syria.

    3. @Jaffar

      ZERO evidence that Israel played both sides in the Ethiopian civil war. ZERO.
      Israel had supported the government of Ethiopia and only the government.
      Good try though.

      Many countries profited from the Iran-Iraq war. The citizens of France and the Soviets, Saudi Arabia and Egypt slept as well in their beds as the citizens of Israel.

      Jaffar. Your repetitious Nazi analogies are shopworn and won’t effect me in the slightest.

      1. Victor. If my anologies of Israel to Nazis is shopworn, don’t you think there may be truth to it? If everyone is telling you Israelis that you are drunk, perhaps oyou should consider sitting down. Most Jewish defenders of Israel, either fly into a distractionist rage at being compared (correctly) to Nazis, or walk past it. A discussion of comparison would probably challenge the reality the Blind supporters of Israel live in.Even some surviors of the Shoah, have made comparisons between the Nazis and Israel.

        Okay, I double-checked (I do hate doing research for dismissive arguers).
        You are partially correct; Israel did not supply both sides of the Ethiopian conflict…at the same time.
        At first, Israel supported Haile Selassie against Mengistu and broke relations when Mengistu won.
        Then Israel suported Mengistu against the rbels of Eritrea and Tigre. Earlier, Israel supplied Ethiopia against the invading Somali forces.
        It appears that Israel does not care about how many people are slaughtered by which side, as long as Israel’s percieved advantage is successful. Thus, it was quite happy to suppoort the slaughter of Ethiopians on both sides of the conflict (one after another) in its attempt to fight the nighmarish (gasp!) “ARABS”!
        Israel has also supplied both sides in many known cases and who knows, how many as yet unknown cases?
        They supplied the Kurds AND Turkey, Both sides in Sri Lanka, in Bosnia and in Cyprus.
        Israel has also supported regimes like Marcos, Noriega, the Duvaliers, Idi Amin, Pinochet and Ceaucescu.

        1. [comment deleted. You have been banned for using two different identities to publish comments here. You were banned as “jackdaw” & now are banned as Victor. If I discover any new identities of yours here they will be banned as well. I do not mind banned commenters appealing their banning and consider doing so if they promise to observe comment rules. But subterfuge of this sort is prohibited.]

  6. As usual Israel speaks with forked tongue. You will find them behind all problems in the ME. Either directly or through their big lacky the US of Neocon/Zionists idiots or their lackies in Saudi/Quatar/Jordan et al. The biggest “secret” is their creation and support of ISIS. Created in US military jails in Iraq and trained in Turkey and Jordan. How many air drops is it going to take for people to wake up? At least Iraq started shooting down some of the planes resupplying the new “fake” enemy. You notice they never attack or even threaten Israel – just like their takfiri allies in Al Nusra or “Syrian rebels.”

  7. “If anyone wonders why Islamists are beheading western journalists and occupying Iraq and Syria, while carefully avoiding Israeli targets, this will explain a lot.” Yes, israel is protected war-free zone for these terrorists.

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