7 thoughts on “Seattle Mayor Murray’s Adventures in Pinkwashing Continues – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The Tel Aviv Bar Noar murders in which a gunman murdered two Israeli gay youth. This hate crime has never been prosecuted though Israeli police know who the killer is.” – this is huge. All I heard before is the scandal they had with that witness who made up some nonsense.

    1. I second that! Please do share with us the identity of the killer. The witness mentioned by @dude, also known as “Z” was arrested for fabricating evidence against Hagai Felician who had all charges cleared against him. That’s all I know. If you know more, please do share.

    2. @dude: False. There was a state’s witness whom the police allowed to escape from custody. During that period presumably the perpetrators got to him & “persuaded” him he didn’t know what he’d previously known about the crime. The witness then refused to testify, the case collapsed. if there were any charges against this individual which followed, they were filed to spite him because of his refusing to testify.

      Once again, there’s a huge level of credulousness among the pro-Israel advocates here. If the police or army or Shabak or Mossad or PM say anything then by God it’s he truth, which is nonsense of course.

        1. ???
          What does it have to do with conversation? In an article about pinkwashing you side track conversation with blackwashing?

      1. @Richard – I’m not sure how “police or army or Shabak or Mossad or PM say” has anything to do with the subject. Are you saying it was Hagai Felician who did the crime? Based on what? If Bin-Laden should be brought to a just trial based on EVIDENCE, the same should be true for this guy.

  2. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a USA senate resolution asking the Israelis to legalize gay marriage? They could invite Israeli government representatives to tour TV news shows and explain their position on the issue, and USA presidential candidates would be asked about it. Maybe Hillary will be tough like her husband and threaten Israel to do something? She could refuse an AIPAC invitation to show her displeasure. That ought to soften those Orthodox rabbis and force them to change their laws, which after all sure sound pretty outdated.

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