9 thoughts on “IDF Ambushed, Murdered Unarmed 14-Year Old Palestinian Foraging for Wildflowers – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In all likelihood, this was a war crime, and the Israeli government should prosecute those involved.

    “There are literally thousands of such cases of IDF murder of Palestinian children.”

    Thousands of such cases?
    Source please.

      1. I maintain that there is a legal distinction between the death of a youth killed in cold blood, and the collateral deaths of youths that is a direct consequence of war.
        So no. I don’t think your math adds up.

        1. @ Growler: No, no, no. Israel murdered 500 children in Gaza last summer. I won’t allow you to call this “collateral death.” That’s obscene. I am deeply offended. You are now subject to moderation. Your next comment rule violation will bring moderation.

          1. Here are some additional fact, that you might have overlooked.

            ” B’Tselem originally thought they crossed through an opening but later learned from military footage (video below) that they cut through the metal fence that the military sealed the previous day. This means that the IDF knew that whomever tried to cross that day would have to first sabotage the fence. That person would then be deemed “a fence saboteur” – and by definition suspected of committing an offense serious enough to warrant carrying out a suspect-apprehension procedure, including firing at below the knees.”


          2. Growler, They knew they were dealing with boys, the fence was not ‘sealed’ as you can see the boys have little problem accessing their family’s land. It was a trap. What you think exhonorates the IDF actually makes it worse.

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