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  1. What a collection of crooks ! Will the stench of it finally be too much for most leaders in the West ?

    1. NOT very likely! Otherwise; FDR and Churchill would never has sat down with Stalin as a an ally!

      1. @ David Terry: So you’re comparing the current Israeli government to Stalin? Stalin wasn’t obsessed by religion as Israel’s rightists generally are. But in terms of brutality, they’re approaching him. They just haven’t killed quite as many yet. But give them time…

        I thought we lost ya there, Dave. After you went off in huff & said you’d lost all respect for me & demanded that I unsubscribe you. I went home and cried all night about it.

        1. ” But in terms of brutality, they’re approaching him.”

          You must be joking. Stalin’s purges claimed (conservatively) 34 million people.
          The Arab-Israeli conflict, since 1860, claimed less than 100000.
          The Syrian civil war claimed more than twice as many lives.

          You can’t be serious.

          1. You neglected my comnent, “give them time.” If you think Israel isn’t capable of achieving the same level is slaughter you’re either naive, a fool, or lack sufficient imagination/vision.

          2. Using your (imaginative) argumentation, any low-intensity national conflict can therefore be compared to Stalin’s purges.

          3. @ Fantasto: No. You think Israel’s conflicts with the Arab world are “low intensity?” At any rate, this is a low intensity conflict involving a nation with 200 nuclear bombs. So yes, the level of destruction that might wreak if unleashed does warrant comparison to Stalin’s mass killings.

        2. That is a silly comparison. Stalin had helped FDR and Churchill defeat the Nazi’s, and was leader of a powerful nation that could not be ignored. What has Israel ever done for the western countries except create endless trouble? And how important is this little nation that depends on endless charity compared to the Soviet Union?

          1. @ Elisabeth,
            “What has Israel ever done for the western countries except create endless trouble?”
            The more accurate question is – what did the west do to jews that drove them to want\need\establish a jewish state?

            @ Richard,
            “You neglected my comnent (sic), “give them time.””
            I’m afraid you won’t be around to tell Fantasto ‘I told you so!’ – it will take 52700 years to catch up to Stalin (using Fantasto stats). You certainly don’t lack imagination or any bias.

            ‘This is a government that is not only undemocratic, it abhors democracy–for non-Jews.’

            Now all of sudden democracy is something you hold dearest. A few articles ago, you had no problem with an armed political party and a ‘degree’ of outside influence of other countries as long as there’s some common goal against Israel.
            It would be really interesting to derive such a list of our neighbouring governments. I’m sure they are all swell guys (are there any girls?). All freedom enthusiasts and not at all religious fanatics. Although you won’t admit it, I’m sure you and most of your commentators have much more in common with the Israeli democracy and the politicians that you just mentioned than the ones on that list.

          2. @ yonathan: If you want to compare Israel to Stalin proportionally, the 25,000 Palestinans killed by Israel since 1948 compares “favorably” to the tens of millions Stalin killed. Remember Soviet Russia was a much, much larger population from which he could ‘harvest’ his victims. But nevertheless, just drop a few Israeli nuclear weapons on Tehran or Beirut and Israel will catch up fast.

            you had no problem with an armed political party and a ‘degree’ of outside influence of other countries as long as there’s some common goal against Israel.

            This is not only a deliberate mischaracterization of my views, it is a calumny. If you pull such crap again you will be moderated or blocked. First, I never said I have “no problem” with Hezbollah. In fact, I have problems with almost all governments in the Middle East (as I do with a number in the west as well). I do not support Hezbollah any more than I support Egypt’s junta, Jordan’s monarchy, Saudi Arabia’s theocracy, or Israel’s ethnocracy.

            But if we want to compare the “sins” or crimes of Hezbollah compared to Israel, neither has the monopoly on virtue, that’s for sure.

            The comparison of Israel to others in the region is an old hasbara trick. The fact is Israel compares itself to western governments, not Arab (except when that’s convenient). So compare yourself to the west & find yourself wanting in almost every category. That’s the real proper comparison. Not to mention, that justifying Israel’s vices by saying look how bad our neighbors are” proves nothing. Israel must judge itself based on its own internal claims & aspirations to be a thriving democracy (it isn’t).

          3. You are changing the subject Yonathan. It’s like me saying to you: How dare you reproach me of this-or-that after all that men have been doing to women through history?
            Nothing but a cheap rhetoric trick in other words.

          1. Steven – why there is antisemitism? B/c people read and buy into BS propaganda such as yours.

          2. Yep. That’s what I like to do. Move into gentile neighborhoods (the ones with the little blond haired, blued eyed kids are the best), kill off 90% of them, hoping the other 10% will get circumcised and develop a yen for creamed herring. Get a life, jackass. LOL

          3. I’d write a longer response but I have to run out and kill goyim. A 90% quota is really, really hard to fulfill! But kudos to you Steven for your keen insight into the Jewish psyche! You nailed us!

          4. I know there is a whole school of crazies out there who want to blame communism on the Jews, just as there is also a school of crazies out there who want to blame capitalism on the Jews.
            First time to meet one of those here, though.

    2. The photograph of Naftali Bennett that goes with this article is quite revealing. He is usually pictured as your amiable neighbour on whose door you can knock to get some salt or sugar. This picture shows another side of him. Perhaps it is his only side.

  2. Now we’ll see the moment of truth when it comes to this issue. I predict more undermining of Obama from the creatures in Congress and of course the Harpercons– who I hope will be gone by the fall, even though Justin and Thomas are essentially spineless on the subject– will through “total support” behind this gang because “through fire and water, Canada will stand with you” (per Harper and the toads).

    Europe seems to be swinging in the right direction marginally, despite the squeals and screeches from the pro-Israel camp.

  3. Yeah, but, as the saying goes, these vermin merely say out loud what more sophisticated people are thinking. Zionism has always been an ideology of mass theft and genocide.

      1. pea: “So @traducteur, all zionists are vermin then?”

        Huh? How can you possibly get that from what traducteur just said?

        He clearly said that “Zionists” are adherents of an “ideology of mass theft and genocide”.

        He also very clearly identified this current Israeli cabinet as “these vermin”, which means that everyone who isn’t an Israeli cabinet minister….. doesn’t fall into that traducteur-defined category.

        We know that for a fact, precisely because he then pointed out that those Zionists who aren’t Israeli cabinet ministers are “more sophisticated people” than “these vermin”, so unless you want to argue that “sophistication” = “vermin” then, honestly, I have no idea what you are talking about.

        And neither do you, apparently.

        pea: “Just seeking clarification.”

        Noooo, that’s not what you are doing at all, pea. What you are doing is attempting to verbal traducteur.

        pea: “Thanks.”


      2. @ pea: Do NOT mischaracterize what others publish here. Do not put words in others’ mouths. When you do try to do this, you must present complete quotations that prove your assertion.

        1. Sorry! I am a little sensitive to the equation of human beings and vermin. It’s a historical thing you know. But that’s why I asked the OP for clarification. Ok so only certain cabinet ministers are vermin. Now how about those that voted for them? Merely vermin enablers? Just trying to understand the OPs sentiment.

          1. Pea, I hope that you are equally sensitive to the niceties of, for instance, Eli Ben-Dahan.

          2. @pea: So you don’t like Israeli called vermin. But have less of a problem with “vermin” who call Palestinians children, “snakes” and adults, “beasts.” My aren’t you the hypocrite. Can you point out where you denounced such Israeli genocidal racism? Oh & by the way, what’s more severe–a blog commenter calling an Israeli racist leader “vermin” or a powerful Israeli cabinet officer pronouncing genocidal comments against a population over which she presides. THere is a law against incitement in Israel. Why aren’t they prosecuted? When they are then you can come back and complain about Israelis being called “vermin.”

            So stop “trying to understand.” You never will. Hypocrites don’t deserve the level of attention we give to you here.

        2. RS wrote So you don’t like Israeli called vermin

          Look at what I wrote: “I am a little sensitive to the equation of human beings and vermin.” I didn’t specify any nationality, race or ethnicity because I don’t like any human being equated to vermin. Where have I ever said that I “have less of a problem with ‘vermin’ who call Palestinian children, ‘snakes’ and adults ‘beasts.'” I have just as much of a problem with that. I’m not going to point out public expressions that I have made to that regard, because you know, single girl, big bad internet etc. but I have no problem stating unequivocally that I am indeed opposed to any expressions of genocide, racism or genocidal racism regardless of the source. Miri Regev? Not a fan. Ayelet Shaked? Not a fan. This current Likud government? SO not a fan – my fondest hope is that it falls – the sooner the better – and that Israelis can vote again with the knowledge that Netanyahu is a leader devoid of any and all principles. I could go on, but yes. Totally opposed to expressions of Genocidal racism, especially those expressed by members of my country’s leadership. Calling me a hypocrite is a bit harsh given that you have no evidence of my alleged hypocrisy – such an accusation flies in the face of your own standards, and I quote your admonition to me ” Do NOT mischaracterize what others publish here. Do not put words in others’ mouths. When you do try to do this, you must present complete quotations that prove your assertion.” But it’s your blog and you can say or do whatever you like – thanks for the opportunity to at the very least defend myself.

          1. @ pea:

            I have just as much of a problem with that.

            No, not really. Until this comment, you’ve never attacked Israeli racism here. You’ve criticized those who’ve attacked Israelis, as you did in the earlier comment. But you’ve never complained here about the hate spewed by Ben Dahan, Shaked & the like.

            Miri Regev? Not a fan. Ayelet Shaked? Not a fan.

            Note your language even in this, which you feel is an expression of strong opposition: “Not a fan.” That’s quite a tepid phrasing I’d say.

            Israelis can vote again with the knowledge that Netanyahu is a leader devoid of any and all principles.

            I have a problem with Israelis whose wishes are based on delusion. Israelis just gave Bibi a resounding victory. If he hadn’t been such an ass, he could’ve had Lieberman in the government with an impenetrable majority that could last for years. When & how will Israelis, who’ve given him FOUR terms as PM, gain the knowledge you speak of? It’s a useless pipe dream.

          2. Oy. “Totally opposed to expressions of Genocidal racism, especially those expressed by members of my country’s leadership.” Is that also “tepid?”

            RS wrote: But you’ve never complained here about the hate spewed by Ben Dahan, Shaked & the like.

            What’s to write? You report it and I agree. Am I supposed to write a comment every time I agree with something? Is everyone supposed to do that? Ben Dahan, Shaked and the like’s manifestations of racism are awful and I completely disagree with them. The whole and only point of my original comment is that one should not call another person “vermin.” I didn’t specify identities or nationalities. Just the term “vermin.” Sheesh…

  4. I think Obama has a genuine disdain for Netanyahu but I also think he’s part of the establishment view that the idea of a Palestinian state must slowly dissolve away. Successive American administrations do lip service for a two states solution knowing it’s not going to happen and the political powers in the US see to it that Israeli has the impunity and support it needs to accomplish this dissolution.

    However the occupation is having a cancerous effect on Israeli society which is deeply morally corrupting. This is exhibited in a political leadership who choose to ignore the lessons of the holocaust and who see the Palestinians as Untermenschen.

    1. @Hugh Ekeberg

      Few foresaw this “corrupting” influence in the heady atmosphere engendered by the victory of 1967. Many intellectuals engaged in the betrayal of their critical function,a form of treason that Benda has castigated in a different context. This even got some professional hawks worried. Amos Elon quotes in his “A Blood Dimmed Tide” a senior army officer who said : They frighten me these intellectuals and poets … It is strange: if I were intoxicated with victory, that would be bad but natural. But they …”

      Warrning voices were rare. One of these came from the Hebrew University historian Jacob Talmon who said: “The example of other nations fills me with fear of lurking dangers to the moral texture (and) mental balance …(from the) spiritual values of a master race.”

  5. You would think that rogues like this would shame even the Republicans. Unfortunately, nothing shames them if they can pick up a vote.

  6. Thank you Richard for this excellent article that has introduced me to your site.

    I would like to learn more about your political positions. Mainly:

    I see that you support a return to pre-67 borders for Israel. But do you believe that Israel should be a democratic state with equal rights for all its citizens? Do you recognize a contradiction between that aspiration, and the conception of Israel as a Jewish state? It seems to me that the investment in Israel as a Jewish state is by definition anti-democratic, as it privileges one ethno-national identity over indigenous Palestinian and other citizens. Currently, Israel classifies its citizens as having Jewish or non-Jewish nationality, and grants the former privileges over the latter. I imagine this is a reality you want to challenge and change?

    On a related note, do you recognize Israel proper in its current formation as one that has racist laws that render Palestinians as second class citizens? (Here is a list of more than 50 Israeli laws enacted since 1948 that directly or indirectly discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel in all areas of life: http://www.adalah.org/en/content/view/7771 .)

    Finally, regarding Palestinian refugees, it seems that you support their right of return. But do you believe that they have a right to return to their cities of origin within Israel’s pre-67 borders, or only to the West Bank and Gaza Strip?

    Finally, do you support the Palestinian call for BDS as articulated by the Palestinian BDS National Committee (http://www.bdsmovement.net), and the 3 stated goals that guide it?

    Many thanks in advance for your responses.

    1. @ Leili: I’ve addressed all of these questions and since they’re so complex it’s hard for me to do so again here without feeling I’m repeating myself over & over (you’re not the first reader asking these questions). Read this blog post, see if it answers your questions. If there are still questions unanswered, reply here or send me a message via my Contact form: https://www.richardsilverstein.com/2011/08/28/israel-nation-for-all-its-citizens/

      I am agnostic about two states or one state. I long supported two states. But as long as Israel’s political leadership refuses 2 states, there’s no point in arguing about the issue. One state seems like a more profitable way to talk about the issue given Israeli rejectionism.

      Given that I’ve written about Nakba as Israel’s Original Sin, I think you’ll understand how I view this matter in the context of Israeli history.

      As for BDS, I totally support the three goals. Truthfully, if there were other strategies that accomplished the same goals, I’d prefer them. But Israel’s rejectionism means there aren’t softer tools available, so I do support BDS.

  7. The fact that Eli Ben-Dahan, the rabbi who declared that Palestinians are not human, was made Chief Israel Administrator of the Palestinian territories, reminds me of Amos Elon’s statement that Israel is engaged in the crappiest form of colonialism he knew of.

    Imagine that a high administrator in some territory of the former British Empire had made such a statement publicly about the people entrusted to his care – would he not have been forced into retirement? But this Israeli government is clearly beyond all shame.

    Over a year ago, Reuven Hammer, a former President of the International Rabbinical Assembly had this to say about Bem-Dahan in an editorial in the Jerusalem Post, of all places:

    “He said in an interview that the souls of all Jews are higher than those of Christians or Muslims or anybody else, yet his job is secure.”

    Imagine for a moment that the religious affairs minister in some democratic country – England or Switzerland for example – were to make a public statement that “the souls of all Christians are superior to the souls of Jews.” Would Israel not make a fuss? Would not the ADL and the Wiesenthal Center cry out in protest? Would not Jews in that country demand the immediate resignation of such an official? But in Israel, the man who fills such a slot – Deputy Religious Services Minister Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan – recently said just that about Christians. He is quoted as saying in an interview which he knew would be published that the souls of all Jews are higher than those of Christians or Muslims or anybody else …

    A government that had an ounce of integrity or shame would have insisted on the resignation of a person in charge of religious affairs who dared to make such a statement. “

    But no – they put him in charge of the “Untermenschen”.

    1. @ Daniel de Franca: Kahlon is completely divorced from the Palestine issue. That’s reprehensible considering it’s the most important issue facing the country.

      Azulay & Gabay are cut from the same cloth as all the rest of them. Since they hold secondary portfolios I didn’t devote a great deal of attention to either one for this post.

      1. There are many areas of natural reservation in West Bank. So, I thought someone in environmental seat would be specially involved in building or concession of new construction areas for settlers.

      2. I found out that Avi Gabay was the CEO of Bezeq from 2003 to 2013, and that during this time Bezeq was privatized. One of the major stake holders of the acquisition was Saban Capital Group.


        According to this map, there are 2 major nature reserves in West Bank, one of that surrounds Bethlehem Area A, and around area A to the south. Both reserves go half way into Area C, into the Dead Sea. It’s also noticeable that this area has nearly no settlements.

        Maybe this is a way to further funnel money to construct further settlements and isolate even more those areas? A better way to funnel money into settlements?

        It seems this ministry seat is fundamental in keeping Palestinian in check. It’s a kind of isolation without walls:


  8. I am not going to defend any of these people, they’re indeed certified kooks, but let’s look at the numbers for a second.
    The newly formed coalition is barely a majority, with 61 out of 120 MPs. Put aside for a second Kahlon’s party, who expressed no ideology aside from the economic agenda, and managed to take voters from the center (including center-left). Also put aside about one third of the Likud, whose true base of power is closer to 20 seats and only gained more by intimidation tricks on the finish line. That leaves you with about 40 seats.
    Now, look at the ultraorthodox parties – this crowd votes for whoever they’re told to vote simply to guarantee that the stream of funds continues flowing. Historically they went with whoever was willing to pay the most. This leaves about 27 actual seats that represents only 22% of the voters (ignoring lost or redistributed votes), or 16% of the Israeli population (given the overall voting rates), whom you can actually “blame” for knowingly and intentionally voting for these lunatics. Feel free to add 1-2% for Ishay’s right winged party that didn’t pass the threshold (thankfully).

    This amazing ratio is what fuels the unprecedented common feeling among the vast majority of Israelis, that someone simply stole the elections from right under their noses.

  9. Arie Brand”> “A government that had an ounce of integrity or shame would have insisted on the
    resignation of a person in charge of religious affairs who dared to make such a statement. “

    au contraire – A government with an ounce of integrity would NOT even HAVE a person in charge
    of religious affaires!

  10. not at all a decent collection of people in the cabinet…maybe the worst in Israel’s history, certainly not the worst in the world.

  11. That’s quite a list! and to think this may be just the start of the new face of Israel.

    But the USA will continue to fund it, because of the AIPAC lobby and Zionist Jews
    in the US.

  12. The Jewish tribe are historically a rogue Arab tribe. Isn’t it about time they kissed and made up with their long lost relatives?

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