22 thoughts on “Settler Illiterates Expert at Arson, But Not Hebrew – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” In fact, I’ve argued here that there’s almost no difference between these hooligans and the political and security elite. They’re two sides of the same coin. One is rough, the other smooth.”

    This is the crux of it. If somebody has an ideological/security concept that is in opposition to yours, he is the same as a hooligan. Kind of like the claim that anybody who criticizes Israel is an antisemitic cretin.
    If that is how you feel, who would be fit to run the country? Really?

    Just like all crime cannot be stopped, neither can hooliganism, antisemitism or terrorism for that matter. .

    1. @ Jeff: Israel’s ruling class runs what is in essence a terror state. The terror isn’t in evidence every minute of every day. But it is there and used when necessary (and that is often). That’s not the case with the rest of the west, even though there may be much to criticize in these other countries.

      1. I assume that you are carefully using the word “terror” and not “terrorism” because you wish to use it in the broadest meaning, as in any violence, security or military activity perpetrated by an organized party. Is that correct?

        “Price tag” actions would be classic “terrorism” — deliberately targeted violence against a civilian population in order to influence the political decision makers. (although I am not sure if “Price Tag” is actually an organized group)

        In times of war the definitions obviously get much blurrier.

        1. Quite amusing, the way you appear to nuance the term “terror”. When Muslims commit an act of violence, it never matters whether they are members of an organzation or independent individuals, they are always, “Terrorists”. Similarly in Israel, the words “Arab”, “Palestinian” are generally substituted with “Terrorist”.
          When Israel or the US wish to target a (usually Muslim) state, they call it a supporter of “terrorism”, but when they commit egregious acts of terrorism, they claim to be defending “Freedom” and “Democracy”. So much so that people in developing countries shiver a little when the US says it wants to promote “Freedom” or “Democracy”.

          I think on the list of states that support or promote terrorism, the US and Israel must stand head and shoulders above any other state.

          Incidentally, there is no universally-adopted definition of “Terrorism” so it means whatever the user of the term wishes it to mean.

          1. If I recall correctly, Rudy Giuliani let the cat out of the bag in this regard when he said that the definition of terrorism “depends on who does it”. You are correct: the word “terrorist” is nothing more, and nothing less, than a propaganda term that governments use to smear their enemies.

  2. Hasbara Central is going to ‘explain’ that the spelling mistakes are a proof that Palestinians themselves are behind the price tags and the arson. You know, just like Hamas killed the more than 500 children in Gaza ….

    1. It is an intriguing idea of causality. Maybe this is what anti-semites meant by “Jewish physics” at one time? Could be.

    2. Lets be honest over here…..If the case was an attack where Arabic was mis-spelled, we would be hearing how it is a case of Jews being behind the attack in this blog. Very much in the same vein that my original screen name, Imran Kahn, drew the accusatory “fake Arab” label since I reversed the a and the h in Kahn.
      In fact, I would be willing to bet that there already has been a case where-in Arabic was mis-spelled and Jews were blamed in this forum.

      1. I read your ‘explanation’ (hasbara in Hebrew….) concerning your pen name. I don’t see the link to the actual case. It’s a fact: every time a Palestinian is killed or wounded, hasbara is coming around ‘explaining’ how the guy wasn’t really killed, or maybe killed by his own. The “the-Palestinians-really-destroy-their-own-olive-trees-and-burn-down-their-mosques-and-use-their-own-kids-as-human-shields-to-make-the-Jews-(not-Israelis)-look-bad” is posted on a daily basis on various blogs. Luckily Richard moderates the worst hasbarists here. Try 972mag, and you’ll see them occupying the comment section.
        PS. If you are aware of a centralized Palestinian office that organize official propaganda, I’d like to know. Maybe they’ve got a job for me….

  3. I’m baffled to understand how these ignorant thugs differ from the bigots unleashed for such events as Krystalnacht…but even more so how no European media seem capable of identifying the parallels.
    Where are our academic historians?
    Can they not sniff the sulphur and see the gathering storm?

    1. @Damien,
      Why this incessant necessity to make the Jews appear as no better than the Nazis. Please,let the victims of that era rest in peace. Must you add insult to injury.

      1. Chaim. Tragically, the shoe does fit on the Israeli foot (feet?). Israeli Jews have used tactics that could have given the Nazis new ideas. Sure, there are no gas chanbers in Israel and no death camps, but the genocide and the ethnic cleansing is no less even if more “civilized”. It also helps that Israel has the most powerful nations on its side and in its pocket, rather than lining up their armies against Israel…so, if there is no enforcer to call something a crime, has a crime been committed? Probably not.

        Israel has its own Einsatzgruppen (Death Squads), its own Judenrat (Fatah), its own Judenfrei (ethnic cleansing of Palestinians), its own Master Race (Jews) over the “Baccilli” (Christian and Muslim Palestinians), its own signs saying “No Arabs” and “Jews Only”.

        So, are you and the Jews supporting today’s Israel, trying to find solace in the fact that Jews haven’t yet devised Extermination Camps and thus, are much better than their teachers, the Nazis?

        1. This is as over-simplistic of thinking as the memes you see on Twitter that show photos of IDF soldiers next to soldiers of Nazi soldiers. They both have armies and are holding guns! Here’s the picture! They’re identical! It’s retarded. I know you desperately need the comparison to be valid, and to you it is. But that doesn’t mean it reflects reality.

      2. You misread me, Chaim..
        There is no such necessity…I refer not to ‘the Jews’, but to Zionist racists; who have much in common with retarded racists everywhere.
        There were gradations of malignancy across the Nazi spectrum, as there were in apartheid South Africa and fascistic Ulster Unionism in my own nation.
        The parallels and comparisons are there for all who open their blinkered eyes to see.
        I hope that clarifies my position.

    2. Damien: They don’t differ. It is the same stuff whether Jewish or gentile, racism is racism and bullies are bullies. However, powerful Jewish organizations, and Chaim apparently, have deemed that such parallels are intolerable and should not be allowed. Such parallels are offensive even though they provide insight and information. As a consequence, even the mention of such similarities raises deep concerns about propriety regardless of the utility of the parallels cited. At the extreme, we arrive at “hate” legislation in Europe intended to quell such thinking altogether.

      I do not believe that Jews in their individual capacities necessarily shy away from such parallels, but that Jewish organizations have decided that they can demonstrate their own utility by applying influence and pressure such that such censorious ideas are rarely printed and individual Jews need not concern themselves with the meaning of such parallels. These organizations are almost all dedicated to finding anti-semitism where there is none, to presenting Jews as victims when they are anything but in the modern world. As long as such organizations are “useful” spotting errant writers, reporters, witnesses etc, individual Jews will fund them believing that the organizations would not pursue such things were they untrue. Like any other people, Jews are gullible and trust, for example, the ADL to do an honest job of protecting them. ADL, in turn, has to find victimizers to chill the donors and it has therefore become very good at finding ever new sources of anti-semitism in ever new venues. I think that is the whole of the ADL’s business, to bust anti-semitism wherever it doesn’t exist.

      There’s some history to this, as you might imagine, regarding the shifting role of Jewish organizations in Jewish life, particularly in the US.

  4. I think it is problematic to ignore the third option – that similarly to several other cases in which such spelling mistakes were made the perpetrators were not settlers but rather local Palestinian youth trying to create a media scandal.

    You can of course dismiss this option, and the others you raised may well turn out to be true, but i think leaving this one off the table is a bit problematic

    1. Ah yes, Schachar..
      Palestinian youths are so short of legitimate abuses to hang on the settlers they have to adopt Zionist false-flag tactics…highly credible…

      You need some more sugar on that bowl of serial hasbara.

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