11 thoughts on “For Past 20 Years, Israel Spied on U.S. Communications During Syria, Palestinian Peace Talks – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard.

    How can Unit 8200 not know about your communications with your ‘source’?
    Why hasn’t the identity of your confidential ‘source’ been revealed by Israeli security?
    Why hasn’t your source been asked to a ‘sit down’ with Shin Bet for handing classified information to a foreign citizen?

    Reasonable questions?

    1. What are you talking about, a foreign citizen?

      My president and representatives keep Israel afloat for decades, I feel like I have a dual-nationality. It works not only for Israelis!

      From this article, once again confirms the U.S. is not an honest broker. A shame Israel is not made that 51st state of the Union, I consider that honesty would replace hypocrisy. Don’t tamper with Israel, Uncle Sam will unleash its might.

    2. @Father DeWalt: Stupid questions. I’ve already responded to 10 others who’ve said the same thing. I get very bored with hasbarists repeating their provocations. Even a little thought on your part (possibly too much of a challenge) would tell you that Israeli intelligence likely knows who my source is. But if he was questioned or worse Shabak would have to arrest itself and almost every other MK who do the same thing with other Israeli media. Israeli policitians, generals and intelligence officials leak like a sieve. THe only difference between them & my source is that they leak to their preferred media outlet, not me. Not to mention that some of his sources may be the very people who would interrogate and arrest him. Not a pretty picture, no?

      1. Nonsense
        Just to remind you that Bib’s national security adviser prof’ Uzi Arad was terminated for mistakenly leaking information. There are others who were forced to step down for similar actions.
        I have my own thoughts about your source, i’ll keep them to myself.

  2. Yr source providing transcripts of my emails? Yesterday’s post. 🙂

    Tapping Bill Clinton’s calls in the White House has been rumoured while he was in office. The Verint/Comverse tapping has proven true across Europe, especially in The Netherlands. Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport is a well known HQ for Mossad operations, and a major hub for transatlantic Internet Exchange (AMS-IX USA Inc.).

    Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged US Telecom Grid for the NSA

  3. Corruption in Republican ranks under the Bush administration handing the keys to Congressional communications to Israel …

    THE HILL – Robert Ney “Mayor of Capitol Hill” Oversaw the Process for Awarding the Wireless Contract

    WASHINGTON March 3, 2005 — A congressional committee led by Rep. Bob Ney awarded a $3 million wireless contract to a telecommunications provider that had retained and made contributions to a now-indicted lobbyist with close ties to Ney. The lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, has been charged with fraud in connection with an unrelated matter, his purchase of a Fort Lauderdale casino cruise line in 2001.

    Ney, R-St. Clairsville, denied through a spokesman that there was any link between his approval, as chairman of the House Administration Committee, of a contract to install cellular antennas in a House office complex, and Abramoff’s role as a lobbyist for the recipient, MobileAccess Network.

    MobileAccess, a provider of fiber-optic transmission systems, was based in Israel and doing business as Foxcom when it won the contract in late 2002. The company employed Abramoff as a lobbyist, paying his team $280,000 over two years, the Washington Post reported Tuesday. The company also made a $50,000 contribution to Abramoff’s charity, the Capitol Athletic Foundation [used to hide illicit dealings, U.S. oversight fails in 503c non-profits. Used to camouflage dubious grants to Abramoff-controlled charities such as the Eshkol Academy ($1.87 million in 2002 alone), grants to dubious charities for even more questionable activities such as the purchase of sniper equipment and sniper training for a school in Israel].

    When Ney approved the contract, Ney did not know that MobileAccess had given $50,000 to Abramoff’s foundation, Walsh said. Ney has known Abramoff for years. The congressman has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions that either were donated by Abramoff or sent to Ney at Abramoff’s request.

    Washington Post, on September 28, 2006: “House suspends Hill Telecom License” by James Grimaldi

    From my diary in November 2005:
    Scanlon Pleads Guilty in Conspiracy ¶ Abramoff & Bob Ney Accused

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