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  1. Posted this in your previous article: Israeli TV Report Proves Live Ammunition Killed Palestinian Child.

    Source: Israel suspends soldier after 2 Palestinians die in shooting by Ivan Watson, Michael Schwartz and Kareem Khadder

    The Israeli military has suspended a soldier who was filmed by CNN firing a rifle at Palestinian demonstrators during a deadly shooting incident on May 15 that resulted in the deaths of two Palestinian teenagers.

    CNN filmed two Israeli security officers firing at the time of the incident. The first wore the black uniform and visored-helmet of a border police officer. The second wore the green uniform of the Israeli Defense Force, and appears to be the same man who was filmed earlier taking photographs with a still camera. Seconds after he shoots his weapon, a border policeman takes the rifle from him. CNN was able to match events on the security video with events on CNN’s own video.

    The IDF soldier is seen at other moments in the video aiming the rifle at the Palestinian protesters, appearing to be coached by a border police officer.

  2. Does live ammo work with the rubber bullet attachment?

    From the cnn pictures it clearly shows the attachment on but rubber bullets are only lethal up to 20m according to the haaretz article. So it had to be standard ‘live’ munitions.

    I did read that israel uses two kinds of rubber bullets so perhaps the pre 1980 design is more lethal?

    1. Live ammo can be fired through the attachment. It is designed this way. You can’t however carry full metal jackets (regular bullets) inside a ballistic cartridge (תחמיש בעברית) magazine. There is a plastic stop that prevents inserting FMJ’s to that magazine. In order to fire a full metal jacket, one would have to: 1. Exchange the magazine from ballistic cartridge magazine to full metal jacket magazine. 2. cock the rifle. 3. fire.
      Non of the video’s shows that.

    2. There are two kinds of attachments for firing rubber bullets:
      1. the “Rarnag” (ררנ”ג) which looks like a green soda can and contains 15 round rubber balls. It can be used once. I know of one incident in the late 80’s, where a soldier tried to reload it with small rocks in order to reuse it, causing him injuries.
      2. the “Romea” (רומ”ה) which is the attachment seen in the video, is designed to hold 4 cylinder shaped projectiles which are rubber coated, and is reloaded with these cylinders (which come wrapped in plastic, and that’s how they got the nickname “tampon”).

      In order to fire these rubber projectiles, a special round needs to be fired – one without a projectile, but with much more gun powder. a special magazine is used for these rounds (it’s a bit shorter and usually painted in red) – and it’s impossible to put live rounds in this magazine – it’s shorter than a regular 5.56 mag, and a round with a bullet at the end does not fit in.

      In conclusion, it is possible to fire a live round through the “Romea”, which is seen in the video capture, but it’s impossible to use live rounds in the magazine used with it.

  3. Eishton in his post is flat out wrong.
    I’ts hard for me to explain it in English but i will try.
    Rubber Bullet attachment is being fired not by a FMJ but by a blank cartridge which is a projectile less bullet.
    A blank cartridge is designed to cause the rifle to work as designed and pull off the bullet casing and “throw” it out of the rifle, as long as there is (in the case of rubber bullets) ammunition inside the rubber bullet launcher attached to the rifle’s barrel. When there is no ammunition inside the attachment the firing chain reaction will not produce enough gas and the bullet casing will get stack in the barrel, to release the soldier would have to manually cock his rifle.
    The fact that the movie show’s a bullet casing being automatically “thrown” out of the rifle is the way the system was designed to work, while firing rubber bullets from a loaded attachment.
    Since you don’t trust the pro-israel crowd on your site, please invest the time and call any gun range in your area.and simply ask.

    1. Would a rubber bullet generate sufficient pressure to cause the rifle to eject a round?

      I ask because if you look at golf ball launchers (which work on the same principle) the pressure generated is not enough to make the rifle cycle, and you have to eject the spent cartridge manually.

      See here for instance:-

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtHI0pHhw4c (at the 2-minute mark)

      If this is not the case, why does the soldier manually cycle the weapon after firing, causing another round to be ejected?

  4. Why should it be supposed that there are no pathological killers (killers for fun) in IDF? And if the spokesman’s unit is officially charged with explaining the unexplainable, then we should not be surprised to discover pathology there. Lastly, if there is a breakdown in command structure such that a hasbarista can come to a scene of conflict bearing un-permitted arms, and can use them (due to the said failure of command), then all this must be WELL KNOWN adn DEPENDABLE and thus allows guys like this to depend on being able to murder within the “system” and without punishment (usually) — were it not for (apparently) too many cameras.

  5. The shooting soldier in question doe’s not server within the IDF spokesman unit but as a reporter with the military radio .
    station, Galaz.

    1. @ Nonsense:

      The shooting soldier in question doe’s not server within the IDF spokesman unit but as a reporter with the military radio .
      station, Galaz.

      Proof? A reporter decides he’s going to cross over into the action & become a combatant? Doesn’t pass the smell test. If it’s true, there’s a whole different scandal brewing.

      1. When Youssef Munayyer pointed out that one soldier took the rifle from the shooter (I had to watch the CNN video various times to see it, at min 1:59), I thought it might as well be a guy who’d asked ‘Can I please have a try’.

          1. Oh, really ? How do you then ‘explain’ that a reporter from the military radio is allowed to shoot ?
            PS. If you’re the Marcos commenting on 972mag, you don’t really have to answer; I’ve read enough of you to pay no attention at all. Are you a paid or volontary hasbarista, by the way ?

          2. @ Marcos
            I just came across this article in Haaretz that I apparently missed: a soldier shot on Nakna day out of boredom
            “The soldier, whose job and unit cannot be disclosed due to a military gag order, is connected primarily to communications. It is assumed that at a certain point he too wanted to shoot at the demonstrators and took a gun from a Border Policeman.”
            You see how close I was in spite of my ‘lack of perspective’ ?

      2. 1. Part of the IDF training is for a position named New Media Worrier – לוחם ניו מדיה – these are media reporters who receive basic training with the different infantry units and later accompanies the different units they are assigned to and being their stories.
        2. I’m sure your source would be able to tell you the name of the Soldier.
        3. There will be a very little scandal out of the soldiers involvement.

    2. About Galatz Radio:
      “The young IDF radio soldiers do most of the dirty work.”

      Not meant to be performed as an IDF military killing unarmed protesters.

      I watched a TV crew doing an interview with Karadzic during the siege of Sarajevo during the civil war. From a high position overlooking the city, the reporter* was permitted to pull the trigger of a army cannon firing rounds at the civilian population. War is in essence inhumane and men become tools of commanding officers who often commit crimes with impunity.

      (*) Searching for event, I could only find Russian playwright Edvard Limonov firing rounds into Sarajevo at the side of Karadzic.

  6. Once your address just screaming your anti-Zionist, what objective value has Yedioth “you advertise? After all, if the video will prove that the death of Palestinians is fabricated, so tell video is edited. On the other hand, you did not mind the original video edit very (and I is not talking about the show 24 hours, but five minutes before and after the shooting). Anyway, why do not you bothered by the terrorist with explosive belt caught today?This terrible army dared to undress him the coat he was wearing (in this heat jacket, yes) and found pipes and explosives. If the IDF was so violent and aggressive, one would get shot in the head, and rightly so. Unless killed terrorist planning a terrorist, not even kill protesters.

  7. It is very clear that the two boys were shot by an Israeli sniper, the” rubber bullet” issue is just a smoke screen created by the Israeli army.

    1. @ Nonsense: I wouldn’t trust your paraphrase of anything. Plus, Fresh is certainly not a credible media outlet. Provide a quote a link before you can even begin to be taken seriously.

      But even if what you claim is true, it has no bearing on my own claims & those of others. I didn’t rely on Eishton in making my judgments except in nothing he wrote that live fire was the only possibility.

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