4 thoughts on “Yossi Melman: Shin Bet Assassinated Hamas Commander by Poisoning Around Time Arafat Died – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I recently came accross the story of the assasination by Belgian chocolates, which Melman also mentions in the part of his book that you quote, in an interview with Leila Khaled at 972mag:

    According to Leila, the Mossad also didn’t perform one of the most cinematic assassinations ever attributed to it. The story has it that Wadie Haddad, an ex-PFLP leader, was killed in 1978 in the German Democratic Republic by eating poisoned Belgium chocolate sent to him by the Mossad. “That’s not true,” says Leila. “I knew him very well and he didn’t like chocolate. He had cancer.”

    Indeed, Leila’s assertion is substantiated by one of the Stratfor emails leaked by Wikileaks in 2012. It shows a conversation between two private intelligence contractors, David Dafinoiu, president of NorAm Intelligence, and Fred Burton, Stratfor’s VP of counter-intelligence.

    From david@dafinoiu.com
    To burton@stratfor.com
    Hello Fred, […] On Wadi Haddad: contrary to Aharon Klein and other publications on “behalf of” Mossad officers, the killing of Haddad by Mossad with poisoned chocolate is just a nice fiction story. Haddad was indeed on the Mossad assassination list and a “Red Page” order was given on his name along with other names such as Kamal Adwan, Hussein Abad Al-Chir, Mohammed Boudia, Abu Daud and others.

    However, he died from leukemia that he suffered for a long time. The version of Mossad’s assassination played good for all the parties, presenting Wadi as a hero and Mossad as an assassins organization that the terrorists should be afraid of.

    1. @ Elisabeth: Thanks for this. I absolutely detest Aaron Klein. He’s an ardent settler ultra nationalist who somehow gets published in Time Magazine. Do you have an online link to this email exchange. I’d love to tweet this at Klein if he’s on Twitter.

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