6 thoughts on “Melman’s Romance with Mossad Continues with New Book – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. i think walla only mentioned he was working there THREE months after he began
    that speaks volumes no?

  2. I’m in general agreement, but note that Stratfor is a journalistic enterprise in competition for readers with Haaretz, not a security consulting operation.

    There are many sources of polonium aside from fancy particle accelerators and reactors. As Israel is known to have produced it this way, I’d say that Israel is a likely source. But there are plenty of documented cases of polonium contamination from smoking (phosphate fertilizer is the source) and it is used commercially in quite a few products, even consumer products. There are over 30 isotopes of polonium, all of which are radioactive, with half-lives ranging from days to years. So pretty much any simple would have a unique enough signature to trace back to a likely source.

    When polonium decays, it emits alpha particles, which really can’t penetrate skin. So the trick is to get the stuff into a vapor that can enter the lungs, or into a tiny pellet that can be injected under the skin. Thus it is hard to imagine widespread contamination of someone’s belongings with polonium. Coulda happened, though.

    1. The thinking is that he would’ve ingested so much polonium inside his body that he would’ve excreted it in urine, perspiration, etc. That way it would have contaminated his clothing & other personal artifacts.

  3. RE: Yossi Melman’s Mossad ‘look’ photo

    MY COMMENT: Groovy shades! Very evocative of Ringo Star.

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