4 thoughts on “Shin Bet Arrests Palestinian Journalist Returning from Egypt – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You claim that Israel has no reason to arrest this reporter, how do you know that ?
    How do you know who he met with in Egypt ? Do you have his visit schedule ?
    was the reporter on official newspaper business ? did the newspaper cover his expenses ?
    how many American reporters worked for the CIA ? The number is 400, 400 American reporters who worked for the CIA.

    1. @ Joe Black: Actually, I do know Mohammed’s schedule. At 18:20 hours he met with Ayman al Zawahari. Then he met with the Al Qaeda executive committee, after which he met with Hamas’ chief rocket engineer.

  2. I had better not go to Israel because my lingering stare (weak eye muscles) might have me arrested, detained and disrobed. I would not, likely, be cooperative and suffer the consequences.
    Concerned for Mr. Khdeir and all these arbitrary arrests and violations on his person and rights. What are the charges!??
    The fact that Israel is not bound by any standards is outrageous. It is shameful the U.S. enables these constant abuses by Israel and Shin Bet.
    Netanyahu should be made to take down his pants next time he comes to Washington, and detained for questioning.

  3. Hi Richard,

    Sorry been a long day without enough caffeine. Clearly your comment about who Abu Khdeir met in Egypt was sarcastic. I misread Ayman Zawahri as his brother Mohammed (I also now realize he was recently re-arrested) and then went off the deep end with the rest of it. So please kindly ignore my last message.

    With that said, I’m still researching Abu Khdeir’s case and would like to write about it for the Committee to Protect Journalists. So any additional info you may have on his case would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again,

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