4 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Pro-Israel Con #Fail – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Something is “wrong” with Israeli drones on larger scale. From small to larger drones.

    Today in Finnish news is that the 55 mini drones (Orbiter 2 made by Aeronautics Defense Systems) Finnish Army ordered in spring 2012 have not been delivered. Aeronautics should have started the delivers in this year, but now it is clear that the delivers will be delayed. Israelis obviously could not estimate how long the delay will be. It is very rare that Finnish Army informs of such delays in orders, which indicates that the Finnish generals are very pissed off of the situation. Obviously Finnish Army has paid much in advance and now gets only “odd” excuses.

    The Orbit mini UAV seems to be a several years “old” product used by several armies so the “excuses” of technical production difficulties and sub contractor difficulties seem very odd. This drone type is hardly very high tech because Israelis are intending (if not already are, the news was from march 2011) to produce them also in Spain and Azerbaijan.

    What is amusing “somebody” has had time to update Finland as an operator of Orbit the wiki page.

  2. Either your Hebrew is poor or you did it on conscience. She
    said the transmition is coming from a mosque in Beit Lahiya (where
    did TV station came from?) hence attacking it on Friday when it is
    loaded with worshipers, will lead to mass death toll which was
    referred in her words as war crime.

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