27 thoughts on “Another Israeli Drone Hacked, This Time by Hamas – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. joe greek, did you know that name calling is like dumber than dumb; I bet you didn’t even know that there is a dumber than dumb.

      richard, why didn’t you delete joe greek, on the grounds of vacuousity and bogosity.

          1. @ Joe Greek: You don’t need a source to make a fool of yourself. You do that so well without any help.

            That’s an unsubstantiated claim & comment rule violation. Your next violation will cause you to be moderated.

          2. Sorry, Richard – honest question here – if he had claimed “his highly-placed source in the Israeli defense mechanism” had told him such and such, would he still be violating the “unsubstantiated claim & comment” rule?



          3. @ Foo:

            honest question here

            “Honest?” Your question is “honest?” Really.

            if he had claimed “his highly-placed source in the Israeli defense mechanism” had told him such and such

            It is a moot question. He doesn’t.

  1. You are so anti-Israel, you do not let the facts confuse you. UAV drone fell there is operational only last six months. Every day, and I stress – every day, there are three of them, at least, in the air all day. Now do the math and you’ll see a technical fault and very reasonable in the circumstances. Which was more than that – it all day, and again – every day, they were to drop drone or two.
    So keep your theories, citing insiders alleged. Maybe you can convince those who blinded deep conviction. No one else

    1. @ Noam

      I tend to agree with you, the above pictures drone is missing at least half a wing, a prop and the tail. Furthermore, this is smaller handheld drone carried and controlled by troops in the field. This type of drone is relatively unsophisticated and it’s sensors beam data (video) directly to a local source in real time so very little data is stored on the device itself. (This model is similar to the US “Raven” UAV). This is a little simplistic, but it is essentially an upgraded model airplane, fitted with some cameras and controlled by someone on the ground in relative close proximity to the device. Given its size and mission, I do not believe it is uncommon for these devices to crash and if they do, there is very little the enemy can pull from them. Just my 2 cents.

        1. Absolutely and I admitted my comparison was not perfect, but the fact remains the loss of a Skylark is far different than say the loss of a Hermes 900.

  2. If Hamas/IJ have used hacking methods learned in 2007 (perhaps learned from the North rather than by their own independent electronic inventiveness), then it follows that Elbit/Israel have not updated their methods sufficiently during that time to avoid this hacking.

    OTOH, if there have been very few drones hacked/forced-down in that time, then perhaps this has been a period of intense research and experimentation by Hamas/IJ and/or folks farther North — suggesting either that friendly collaborative communications continue or else that Hamas has a lot more independent expertise than some might have thought.

    I agree with RS that both these possibilities seem more reasonable than that so many drones were defective (suffered malfunctions causing them to land in pretty good shape). I imagine that the electronics will be subjected to close expert investigation.

    WONDER if this sort of knowledge could affect USA’s drone program.

  3. If they could take over the navigation that they could not land it.
    To land it all you have to do is transmit a signal and it goes into a immediate controlled pretty much vertical descent. Which does not damage the UAV. this one has clearly been damaged.

      1. I do no intend to speak for Ya chose but I will say that a vast majority of drones (especially the smaller ones like the Skylark) are engineered and designed to maintain a controlled descent in the event of engine failure or signal loss which means they essentially glide back to the ground and can be recovered with relatively minor damage. That said, if the signal was hacked, it’s entirely possible for the hacker to crash land the drone, either intentionally or accidentally.

      2. @ Richard,

        “Leave it to Israelis to pretend to know things they know nothing about. Any proof you know anything about this subject? A “vertical descent” doesn’t damage the UAV? Really?”

        landing capabilities at 1:20 minutes

        you are certainly not an expert on the subject (like on most military issues) – as proven above (twice) and cannot just dismiss what Ya chose wrote just because he is israeli without even doing a little bit of research (five seconds on google).

        in the picture we see clearly a damaged drone, whether it was hacked and crashed or just a mechanical failure crashed it is anyones guess – although i do agree that in the bigger UAV’s something fishy is going on.

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