8 thoughts on “The NSA Killed the Radio Star and American High Tech – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’ve read this piece several times and I still cannot figure out who the radio star referenced in the title is. Pardon my ignorance, but can anyone clarify? Is that meant to be Snowden? If so, I have never seen that nickname used before for him.

  2. The administration is in love with technology and isn’t the first administration to have that love, GWB and friends were convinced anything could be done in Iraq. Tech always appears to offer a neat and clean way to slice through otherwise difficult situations and the U.S. having a tech edge makes its use irresistable. Right now the darling of technophiles is the drone, where the president can have his way on the other side of the world without asking the leave of anyone or any government.

    But its use in the last few days illustrates the difficulty. The latest target, now dead, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, was about to be involved in peace talks with envoys sent by the Pakistani government after much time spent making the arrangements. Apparently without consultation, the CIA struck, quite likely due to the fact that the target had been involved with the killing of CIA personnel in Afghanistan a while back. He’s was in the crosshairs, a very wanted man, so take him out. Pakistan, however, is understandably outraged at the violation of sovereignty. A quick high tech fix turns into a diplomatic nightmare. So it is with NSA – if it can be done technically, do it regardless and keep it dark. Every American becomes a victim of those acting as protectors of America as a whole. But the cat is out of the bag.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Edward Snowden. We should make room for your likeness at Mount Rushmore.

  3. Exposing the Echelon program in the 1990s, Europe was aware of the large scale of US snooping for economic and political reasons. With new technology and 911 aftermath, the “terror” component made the Patriot Act possible and the unlimited extension of NSA spying at will on the Internet worldwide. NSA got full cooperation through the FISA court to demand secrecy and extension into the judicial system. US Congress wittingly took themselves out of the equation for any sort of oversight.

    The western intelligence communities have indeed cooperated fully beyond what their political leaders knew. The NIE are briefings to the extent the DIA and CIA want the executive branch involved. I belief the intelligence community and White House are not aligned in foreign policy. This has become visible in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan drone strikes, attempt to start peace talks with the Taliban, the Qatar echec and the assassination of Mehsud this past week.

    The secret service of nations cooperating in the Five Eyes: Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US will never break this bond. All political statements will be hypocritical [lies].

    Then there is the full cooperation of Israel with the NSA spy program at all levels. Israel gets unfettered data from the NSA for which IDF’s Unit 8200 delivered the software programs. In the development of the new NSA spy center in Utah, the Israelis play a major role as was revealed by Wired a few years ago. Because of loyalty to Israel, the German intelligence unit BND and the Dutch MIVD will never break the relationship with the NSA. The Dutch have even contracted their domestic phone taps to Israel’s Verint with proprietary ownership of data.

    The only promising development for change would come from Brazil, Mexico and India, the independent third world states.

  4. This is for Mr. Silverstein:


    Turns out, the NSA data center in Utah keeps electrically arcing, and bits of it explode randomly.

    “And here we see the power of that private sector efficiency in action: government by contract works well as a business model by transferring capital from the state to corporations with unmistakable effectiveness. But that’s the only thing it does well.” – Chris Bray, from the article

    1. I was wondering why USA does the computer work for ObamaCare so badly, but is credited with doing the NSA spying so well. Is it possible that BIG GOVERNMENT can do what it sets out to do, after all, or do the corporations (who provide the PRIVATISED computing) just RAKE IN THE CASH BUT NOT DO THE JOB?

      And should this make us all feel safer or what?

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