7 thoughts on “Cronyism Israel-Style: ‘That’s What Friends are For’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hi Stan
    I don’t know who this person is who is writing up this stuff. But its obviously someone extremely worried about the Raanana elections. Otherwise why would he/she have waited so long to tell us all this junk. Zeev Bielski was Mayor for 17 years, where was this “@richards” person then?

    Having lived in the same road as Zeev for many years, I can tell you the prices quoted are pure bull shit. The Bielskis have lived there since the seventies…long before he was mayor. In fact the only reason I bought there (in 1970) was that it was cheap. In fact not only was it cheap, there were no phones, no paved roads, no decent schools…we were even the last street in Raanana to be connected to cable TV.

    The truth is (whether or not one votes for Zeev) Raanana only began real development when Zeev Bielski was elected Mayor. Even his current prime opponent Nahum Hofri will attest to this.

    The big fancy building mentioned (the one with Arc Café) was built during Mr. Hofri’s term. The final stage (half the project) was only completed 18 months ago. It is still battling to find tenants.

    So if the only argument “@richards1052” has in order to prove that Zeev is a bad choice for mayor, is this garbage,

    At the end of the day whether Zeev wins or not (it seems to be about 50/50 now) no one can take away the fact that Raanana became what it is under him. During his term, It was chosen year after year as the best run city in the country, whereas in recent years it has dropped to below No.10. These are objective facts.

    What our “@richards” is actually admitting is that whoever he/she is representing is not able or willing to fight an election fair and square. It is most likely not Nahum Hofri the current Mayor, who is an honest,, hard working, straight laced guy.

    By the way, this thing that you sent me by Email was distributed by someone throughout Raanana in people’s mailboxes (real ones not virtual). No sign of a name though.

    But I’m glad you’re concerned with our City…I’m much more worried about your town.

    Regarding Zeev and JAFI…you and I both know that not even Superman, Batman and Iron man combined could run it successfully. You and I also know that the position of Chairman became vacant when Sallai Meridor resigned very suddenly…Remember? At that point JAFI was not on Zeev’s horizon at all. It was only when Sharon suggested his name did he run for it. And then it was a battle for him, and a vote. If you recall Sharansky stood his ground, and there was a vote at the BOG. Which Bielski won fair and square. I was in the hall together with some 250 other people who witnessed this.

    Meanwhile…take care.


    1. @ Stanley Arnold: This comment violates the comment rules since it was clearly prepared for publication elsewhere & is a canned comment not published specifically for this thread. But I approved it just to show that Bielski has sent his loyalists to this thread to post their half truths or even untruths.

      These charges are based on document and facts. If you have any facts of your own, bring them & we’ll compare who is more credible. I note that you haven’t refuted a single charge about Bielski’s wealth being made on the backs of Raaana’s taxpayers. Your argument is that because he was successful (in your terms), his other offenses don’t matter. In other words, like Mussolini, Bielski made the city’s trains run on time. ALl else is excused. But that’s not the way morality & ethics work. You’re not allowed to shelve these values just because doing so makes you more effective. That is, unless you wish to abandon morality entirely.

      I also note that your defense of Bielski’s reign at the Jewish Agency is not that he didn’t do dirty deals, but that he was fairly elected. Which is a non sequitur.

  2. Hmm.. releasing such allegation few days before election is very suspicious.
    Especially when I see that the spokeswoman of the competition is your Facebook friend.

    Raanana Mayor is losing the election to Mr Bielsky and he’s running a smear campaign against Mr Bielsky.
    I don’t know if the accusations can be substantiated but the timing sure smells.

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