26 thoughts on “IDF Colonel Trolling for Sex on Facebook Exposed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A 26 years old Colonel ? he must have been on a very fast promotion track, usually one would make captain (סרן) by that age and if he/she are really good they may have been promoted to Major (רב-סרן).
    I’f it is Col. Hochman, he’s 44 years of age and not 26 as reported.

    1. Elad it is too bad that you didn’t read the article more closely before posting. The nefarious colonel is 44 with 26 years in the IDF where he likely abused many Palestinians and had his way with IDF women and others. I feel sorry for his long suffering wife.

  2. Maybe behind a mask he was able to charm some of the ladies, but if he’s the guy in the picture he does seem like a bit of a schlemazel who would have little success in person. An ideal candidate for brigadier general.

  3. How is this significant beyond maybe a brief mention in a local Netanya newspaper? How do you go from this to the “Israeli male”? Huh?

      1. No it’s not. If you look at the general news site of your linked source you can’t even see the headline for it:


        This is not news at all. Yet you post it on your site like it’s some “big scoop”, and talk about “the Israeli male”. A guy trolling for sex on Facebook is not a story that belongs on your site which purports to present serious analysis and discussion of Israel and the middle east.

        1. What the heck?
          Yediot Aharonot of yesterday (July 10) reported on this. It wasn’t on the first page of the print newspaper, but it was in a relatively prominent place on some of the inner pages (a weekday’s paper doesn’t have many of them). By the way, Yediot spelled out the rank of the officer (Aluf Mishne).

          1. Thanks for noting that. So Walla reported it, as did Yediot. But not good enough for Lark. Aren’t we glad he’s not a newspaper editor? We’d only be reading stories about rescuing cats stuck in trees if he had his preference.

          2. It was posted in Israel Hayom, Channel 10 News, The NRG website and few other places as well.
            Most of the media outlets in Israel aired this story.

        2. @Lark: I never said it was on the front page. I said it’s been covered by most of Israeli main news publications, which disproves completely your bogus claim that it’s not newsworthy.

          I should also note that the typical Israeli male (that would be YOU) would of course not think this story was newsworthy because he might feel his sexual prerogatives were being threatened. It’s akin to Israeli Jews telling Israeli Palestinians they never had it so good; or American whites telling blacks that there’s no more racism in America.

          Not only are you not a news editor, your claim that the story isn’t news has been disproved by several veteran news editors whose judgment disagreed with yours. And I’m not going to continue in this vein with you. If I needed an editor to tell me what was newsworthy I wouldn’t ask for your help. But I don’t. So butt out. Last comment in this thread for you. If you post another comment here you’ll be moderated.

        3. Lark,
          I think that the story is significant for numerous reasons,but mostly because it is indicative of a decline in the accepted ethical standards for people in authority in Israel…….Israelis ignore this at their peril.

  4. You say “I’ve reported regularly here on the incredible presumption and arrogance of the Israeli male. Not to mention the justice system’s prejudice against victims of rape and sexual abuse. Israeli men in all walks of life have abused their position and privilege to bully and abuse women. ” But, In a country where a president, a senior minister and a politican/former general all went in prison because of sex crimes, can you really say that?

    Your saying was true if all those high ranked officals were to stay in their offices, and were acquitted by the justcie systems.

    If the police would be able to prove that this officer had sex with a women under false pretences he will be accuesd of rape (a unique(?) israeli law says that having sex while pretending to be somone else is rape) and probably jailed.

    1. @The wonderer: So you’re saying that because 3 sexual predators went to prison that means Israel has no problem with male impunity for sexual crimes? I’d say it’s just the tip of the iceberg & they are the exceptions that prove that rule. I’ve also reported here on numerous Israeli accused rapists who had no charges nor conviction. Which shows that beyond the general incompetence of the Israeli police, their predisposition not to take sexual crimes as seriously as they should be taken.

      1. As in any other country Israel has its fare share of sex crimes, and man taking advantage of their positions. But to claim that the problem is taken lightly in israel more than in other countries, when the head of the state have been proscuted and served jail time, seems a bit harsh.

        Israel have very strict laws about sexual harressment and violence.

        If you can provide links to data about accused rapist, where the charges were dropped without a reason, I will be happy to learn.

  5. I started following your blog only very recently and I have to say –

    Your articles lack objectivity, and it is clear that you’re speaking from a place that has already decided beyond all doubt that Israel is the source of all evil. How disappointing…. And I though that here we have an objective news source that can deliver news that other, official, news channels cannot, I guess I should keep on looking…

    You know it strikes me every time, it’s either some right wing idiot who thinks that Israel is the center of the world and that we should treat the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews, or some left wing, blind individual like yourself that only looks at the other half of the picture. In either case we are looking at “the ends of the same stick” (direct translation of an Hebrew saying).

    If you can, please recommend an OBJECTIVE blog where I can read news without some political bias.

    Thank you and good-luck.

  6. At least when in Israel the president say “he did not have sex with that woman” and everybody knows he’s not telling the truth, he goes down for rape.
    I guess this does not apply to other nations.

    1. The difference is that Katsav actually raped women, forcibly had sex with them against their will. Clinton lied about having sex with a woman, but didn’t rape her. There is a difference.

  7. Richard, I would add that it is a compliment to be dissed by Ehud Yaari, who is not a news anchor (usually), but rather a commentator on “Arab affairs”. A very jingoistic and national-chauvinist kind of fellow.

    Well done on this scoop – Israeli women should thank you for this.

    1. @Gila: Nice to hear from you again. And thanks for the correction about Ehud Yaari. I had the mistaken impression he was an anchor. So I’m glad he isn’t quite as prominent and respected (by some) as I feared.

  8. Oh, wanted to comment on the photo also: To me it looks like adoring faces from the 2 non-soldiers in the photo. And Lior Hochman has a smug look on his face, not a shlemozzle, in my opinion.

    I wondered if the photographer actually crouched down to take the shot, which portrays Hochman as high and mighty.

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