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  1. None of this comes as a surprise, of course. The only recourse the ever-classy IDF has against justice is to whine about being victimized and portrayed as innocents being defamed by those evil Palestinians.

    The Abu Rahmeh family (I’ve seen the name spelled numerous ways, but the spelling in this piece is completely new to me) has suffered so much and has gotten no justice. But they keep on fighting for their rights. I’m sure the IDF knows there are some very fine photographers in the family and that they are all on the job each Friday documenting the events at the Bi’lin protests as well as others in the West Bank.

    The Israelis have done such a fine job of demonizing the Gazans that the struggle in the West Bank has been overshadowed. People such as the Abu Rahmeh family help to keep the occupation exposed to the light of day.

    No matter how many lawsuits the Israelis file, the world still sees what they do and knows the truth.

      1. Palestinian Gandhi’s face caved in when hit by a directly-shot gas canister.
        Palestinian Mandela is still rotting in jail. When he’s done with it’s Palestinian Ho Chi Min you’ll be facing.

  2. I think that Pavel’s actions in Bilin were deplorable, and that his libel lawsuit is silly. I truly hope it would be thrown out of court; as far as I can understand libel law, publishing something which is true and of interest to the public is legal (even if it is technically libel).

    But why did you drag comments he made 11 years ago, apparently while he was still in high school, into it? He might present himself as a douchebag, but I think there are some more serious things we can criticize him for. For example, his actions in Bilin.

  3. Thank you for bringing attention to this awful story. There are people who still believe that the IDF is “the most moral army in the world”.

  4. I love marc b.‘s question, presumably ironic but not everyone who asks it asks it ironically, “where’s the Palestinian Gandhi?”. A lot of people think that they see Gandhi when they see the people peacefully — if noisily and self-endangeringly — protesting the wall in Bilin and elsewhere. Just because Israel (as Dracon) outlaws meetings of more than 10 people (my sense is that this is a rule either for non-Jews only or in occupied territories only, or for non-Jews in occupied territories only — not sure which), it doesn’t mean that such protesters are violent in an anti-Gandhi manner.

    it’s dangerous being Gandhi-esque: marching peacefully against well-armed racist murderers is close to suicide.

    “Rachmeh” looks to be one of those Israeli spellings, reasonable on this blog whose audience includes Israelis, because Israeli Jews cannot pronounce all the Arabic “h”s (nor can I BTW), and Hebrew seems to use some sort of “CH” or “KH” sound for “H”. Witnesss the Israelis (and their brainless American supporters), who CAN say “H”, saying “CHamas” for “Hamas”.

    1. The fully correct transcription is the one that Mary wrote: Rahmeh. Rachmeh is an Israeli distorsion which is pronounced completely differently. It’s a hâ’ and not a khä’. Some also write Abu Rahma or Abu Rahmah which is also correct. There’s a ta marbûta in the end and therefore the fully correct transcription is Rahmeh just like Haniyyeh, Hawatmeh, etc.

      Benny Ziffer, the father of Bassem Abu Rahmeh’s Israeli fiancée Talila had a beautiful article in Haaretz a couple of days ago. I can’t help thinking that he was killed on purpose for being such a charismatic and vocal spokeperson for the people of Bil’in. Seing him in “Five Broken Cameras”, one realize what a personality and aura he had:

  5. i would be nice, pabelmont. but, please, answer bob. he’s completely at a loss over who you could be referring to as ‘well-armed racists’. not a clue. maybe if you could draw him a picture as the context of the report isn’t sufficiently clear.

    1. Bob wants you to spell it out for him. Obviously, it can’t be the Palestinians; neither Bassem nor his sister Jawahar were armed with anything more than a Palestinian flag when they were murdered. And I don’t recall the Palestinians building “separation fences” against the Jews, or “Arab-only” roads. So do you think it could possibly be the Israelis who have the American-made weapons and the American-made teargas, those same Israelis whose boosters are presently lobbying in the US to exempt the “economic aid” to Israel from sequestration cuts? They want little, poor American kids to go without their pre-school programs and elderly housebound American citizens to lose their daily Meals on Wheels service so that they can continue to finance their aggression against the Palestinians with US money and weapons. Are those the “well armed racists” Bob is asking about?

  6. “What’s ironic about all of this is that if the damn military prosecutor did his job, he would investigate Tamimi’s death and the activists wouldn’t have been forced to name the perpetrators of this horrid crime.”

    It’s hard to read this without thinking of a true American hero hopelessly combating a a treason charge in an American court martial these very days.

    1. i read the haaretz piece, eden: 1. the synagogue was not destroyed, and in fact appears to have suffered superficial damage; 2. there is no evidence from a credible source that the damage was the result of an act intentionally targeting the synagogue; 3.this has f*ck all to do with the murder of palestinians by israelis.

  7. If the identity of the shooter in unknown, than why did you post the same picture that was circulated around the internet at the time, with the writing “רוצח” (murderer) above it?

    1. I didn’t say the ID of the shooter is unknown. Identity is composed of an image and a name. I believe the photo is very likely that of the murderer. I don’t yet know his name. But I hope to do so. And you’ll be the first to know.

      1. I didnt understand if the man in the picture was the man in the picture the one who fired the tear gas canister that hit and killed Mr. Abu Rachmeh or not.

        Why was he very likely to be “the murderer” and not any of the other soldiers who fired tear gas canisters on that demonstration?

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