9 thoughts on “Israeli Security Cabinet Meets for First Discussion of Iran Attack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Israeli war drums muted on Iran
    There are increasing signs that the threat of military action is receding, for now

    The odds against an Israeli military strike on Iran in the next few months appear to be lengthening, and perhaps the strongest evidence comes from none other than Binyamin Netanyahu, the man who has beaten the war drums loudest over the past few months.

    By calling for clear international (read US) ‘red lines’ containing Iran’s nuclear programme, the Israeli prime minister has put the focus back on diplomacy, and given himself a ladder to climb down from his earlier rhetoric.

    Meanwhile, Ehud Barak, the defence minister who had claimed that Iran was approaching a ‘zone of immunity’ beyond which it could not be stopped, is now reported to be against an Israeli attack (£) before the coming US presidential elections.



    For me thats a tactical move only. Maybe they found out that starting the war right now would help Obama to get reelected. As Israel expects stronger support of Romney they might have changed their mind.

    Or they noticed that they would end up in a disaster if attacking alone?

  2. Netanyahu’s Israel is reeling and is in major (and historic) disarray at this particular juncture after having been stiffed and stuffed on their in-motion attack plans on Iran – this is an critically important time for Palestine to move FORWARD IMMEDIATELY with securing it’s UN General Assembly ‘automatic majority’ vote to give Palestine it’s Non-Member status and access to the ICC where Palestine can lay the foundations for suing the Apartheid apparatus out of existence

    Doesn’t Abbas (whom I believe is 90% quisling) understand that Iran is the whole figleaf by which Netanayhu covers Apartheid, and has been and will continue to use it to guarantee that Palestine and it’s Apartheid control will never be dismantled? Of course he does…

    Israel is an expert at getting unlimited bites at the apple and the Neocons/Israeli Lobby have developed these same advantages for themselves – they get to lie, hoax, and drag us into Iraq and then get away scot-free with it and now form Romney’s entire foreign policy staff as well as significant proportion of Obama’s (Ross, JJ Goldberg, Kagan, and Kristol come to mind)

    The time for Palestine to ‘strike’ for is while the iron is hot and it will never be more droopy and melty and hot than being in near total disarray than having to back off it’s in-motion attack plans on Iran

    Abbas does remember that the US vetoed or would manipulate the entire UN Sec Council to DENY Palestinian membership just last year?

    Palestine not only needs to bank their UN GA vote and access at the ICC NOW at the UNGA 2012 – it needs to get rid of the Abbas and the Neocon favorite Fayeed

    Fortunately there are voices in Palestine that are pressuring the PA leadership to not delay the UNGA vote until after the Nov US elections.

    After the Nov elections? – what a load of hogwash for the US who will veto Palestine any chance it gets

    The fight needs to be taken to the Israelis NOW – when the moment is riper than it will probably ever be.

    Israel’s cover (the Iran attack and whole farce around it) for apartheid has been blown and Palestinian’s best chance at the soft exposed belly of Apartheid is completely exposed

    This is the window for Palestine’s opportunity to make major and historic advances in establishing the Palestinian state (even if it is now ONE STATE, which it is) and ending Apartheid forever. Let’s not let Israel move into their ‘zone of immunity’ again by having their Israeli Lobby/US pressure Palestine out of their UN GA vote in Sept 2010 (ie, NOW)

    1. Well, I find it a Chutzpa to claim that Israel is using Iran as a fig-leaf in regard to its dealings with the Palestinians. It was in fact Iran that used Israel as a card to gain popularity among Arabs and advance its regional hegemony aspirations by posturing itself as the champion of the Palestinian case. Admittedly, it worked for a while and an Arab axis has been formed around Iran. That is however over now: Hamas is going Egypt way, Hezbollah calmed down after the 2006 war (albeit not rhetorically, where in fact it has increased volume) and Syria is on the way out (and when Assad goes a lot of “secrets” will see the light of the day – further harming Iran, possibly considerably).
      Not only the axis has evaporated but so did also any standing Iran may have had in the “Arab street”. The insurgence there and its brutal suppression reminded Arabs of their own problems and, indeed, by their recent impressive strides on the path to democracy they have in fact left Iran behind. It is not for no reason that both Hamas and the PA now shun Iran. The ship is sinking – gamble failed.

  3. everything i have ever read makes the simple point that israel does not have the military capability to attack Iran.
    they need permission just to fly into certain air space..but..lets put that all aside.

    obama it seems clear will not ever agree to an attack just like bush would never do.

    netanyahu comes across as close to raving on the issue since it appears obvious he responds to obamas position.

    so what is the point of all this war talk if it cant actually happen?

    and why does not a single report of how close israel is to attacking Iran Never! include the Iranian response?
    is it expected that Iran who has told the world of their response if attacked is just like bibi raving?

    i dont get That impression.

    maybe it would be wise for people much more capable then me to put together some pieces of what an actual attack would do to the world since it invites certainly WW3 or worse.

    seems to me That type of analysis is much more valuable than trying to figure out ad infinitum the ravings of bibi netanyahu.

  4. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/us-aircraft-carrier-stennis-now-en-route-join-enterprise-and-eisenhower-just-iranian-coast
    US Aircraft Carrier Stennis Is Now En Route To Join Enterprise And Eisenhower Off Iranian Coast

    Israel sees Iranian nuclear weapons as an existential threat, and plans are in place to carry out strikes to cripple the nuclear program by the middle of next month. Middle East expert Mike Evans says his discussions with top Israeli officials this week suggest there is a strong likelihood the attacks will take place between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15.

    And there’s a new moon on October 15…

  5. a blogger, ReubenNYC, posted the following gem in the WashPost article on the fiasco security cabinet meeting,


    ” Security Cabinet meeting:

    Nuttyyahoo: Welcome everyone to the cabinet meeting. Lets all be seated so we can begin.
    Avigdor Lieberman: Where should I sit?
    Ehud Barak: Just give me a moment Im buying some stocks in companies that are going to profit. (Yes Moishe 5000 shares you heard me!!) Ok Im finished
    Nuttyyahoo: Are you ready Yishai? Who is the guy in the Turban next to you?
    Yishai : He is my spiritual advisor Rabbi Yosef. I go nowhere without consulting him!
    Rabbi Yosef : *mumbles incoherently*
    Nuttyyahoo: Can you give him a can of ensure and shut him up please. Hes babbling something about muslims.
    Yishai: How dare you! He is my mentor.
    Nuttyyahoo: Some mentor . Where was he during the Carmel fire? Replenishing his depends supply? Ok ok boys lets get the meeting started already!
    Avigdor Lieberman: Where should I sit?
    Nuttyyahoo: You are sitting Yvette just shut up!
    Avigdor Lieberman: Ok. I vote to attack.
    Nuttyyahoo: I havent even started the meeting yet Yvette please just shut up
    Avigdor Lieberman: Ok where do I sit?
    Nuttyyahoo: oiy vey
    Rabbi Yosef : *mumbles* Yisrael
    Nuttyyahoo: Yishai , keep him quiet!!
    Ehud Barak: *cell phone rings* *whispers into phone*
    Nuttyyahoo: Ehud turn your phone off before I feed you some Polonium tainted cheeseballs!
    Ehud Barak *I gotta go. shalom* Ok Im ready
    Nuttyyahoo: Boys I bring you all together today to discuss a matter of Israeli importance. We must attack Iran now and soon! Lets take a vote. All in favor of the USA attacking Iran say aye, against say nay
    Yishai: aye of course!! wait one second….*whispers to Rabbi Yosef* Yes ok aye! He said it was ok and for the record I was not responsible for the Carmel fire.
    Ehud: Yes aye but I need to make some moves first and roll over a new condo I just bought with that aid money..I mean from my investments
    Rabbi Yosef :*mumbles incoherently* the evil Iranians *falls asleep*
    Nuttyahoo: Yvette put the gun down and tell me your vote.
    Avigdor Lieberman: What was the question?
    Nuttyyahoo: oye vey. “

  6. I somehow doubt the details of the meeting minutes that were leaked to Reuven NYC. As we know in this blog, leaked documents can be doctored. In particular, it was a super secret meeting, so perhaps all communication devices were taken from the minister, and no outside members, no matter how senile and forgetful, were permitted, except from selected expert from intelligence agencies. And the meeting slogged for seven to ten hours, while the minutes only show, well, the initial minutes when the ministers were settling down.

    Meeting hour 3. Minister ask questions after the presentation of the military plan.

    Q. Do you plan to use kosher tabouli, and if yes, who will decide if it is kosher?

    A. What do you mean?

    Q. You were talking about really, really small tabouli.

    A. No, no! These were micro tubules.

    Q. This is exactly what I said, tiny tabouli.

    A. No, no! Tubules are not tabouli. They are a nanomaterial.

    Q. A material for nannies?

    This continues to hour 4. Questioning was interrupted when minister X started to snore very loudly, minister Y was assigned the duty to wake up X as soon as he starts to snore. Soon Y quietly dosed off and Y started to snore again.

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