31 thoughts on “Israel-U.S. Attack on Iran: Driving Off a Cliff – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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          1. This is not a special attitute of IDFs Merkava tanks! Tanks, like big ships, reached their maximum strategic value in early WW2. Later in WW2 they were outperformed by airplanes and rockets. Today, with an additional “caterpillar device” to destroy houses, barriers and peace-activists, they just were used against mostly unarmed humans in cities and villages. They dont need 1,600PS/1200hp engines with a maximum speed of 100km/h to do so. But we, the germans, sold them in hundreds, for several millions of Euros each, to democracies like Saudi Arabia…

          2. It’s a good job the IDF was never in Yugoslavia!

            There were several accidents even with Scorpion light tanks. Though the British Army went really cool on spending more money on main battle tanks when they realized that the advent of the self-targeting Brimstone missile meant that one aircraft could destroy an entire tank squadron with one fire and forget salvo, in a matter of seconds. You could spend billions of pounds on tanks and accomplish nothing much.

            They are spending money on electrostatic armour, but post-mortems on Serbian tanks in Kosovo also told them that anything with a big cannon on was normally impossible to hide from the air, and nothing will survive that is not hidden from the air. Israel persists with main battle tanks, but as Almabur notes, these work best against unarmed crowds.

            The Starstreak hyper-velocity shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile has been found to destroy most armoured vehicles at up to 7,000 yards, which is further than most tank cannons can guarantee a hit on a small vehicle from. (This was a surprise to the British army, but not to anyone who’d really thought about the physics of the matter.)

            The future is likely to be a robust, mineproof scout car with advanced suspension, electrostatic armour around the vitals and probably several Starstreak derivative missiles. The latter are many times more expensive than tank rounds, but all the missiles and launchers the vehicle is likely to need still cost much less than a 120mm gun and its mounting, with ammunition lockers and the chassis and engine required to move all this around the landscape.

            Back in 1911, Dan Albone, the inventor of the “modern” safety bicycle, demonstrated a three-wheel armoured car in a field near Biggleswade. His thinking being that a triangular chassis allowed him to build a lightweight armoured wedge which deflected incoming projectiles up and sideways as it advanced, with an infantry squad following it on foot at the fat and safe end of the wedge. This apparently drove around all day with the local county militia shooting at it constantly. (Where did the deflected bullets go? Cople and Northill, probably.)

            101 years later, this product of a bicycle workshop is actually closer to the apparent future than any main battle tank.

  1. Actually, the cartoon shows “Israel” pushing an American Tank off a cliff, which is very apt indeed.

  2. On the other hand, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei just told Ban-Ki Moon, the UN’s Secretary General, personally that Iran is STILL pushing for a Nuclear Free Middle East. Khamenei dispelled all the rumors and mythos, the Ahmadinejad mistranslations, and more.

    None of it was carried by Western presses.

    Noteworthy as well is that Bibi Netanyahu requested that his investment portfolio remain unchanged.

  3. Iran has one huge advantage in any war with Israel. To be blunt Iran can fight a long war while Israel cannot.

    An Israeli attack on Iran would be suicidal unless the US joins in.

  4. These goons are so predictable it’s getting tedious; by coincidence, right as the NAM summit gets underway in Tehran, the IAEA releases a new report condemning Iranian activities.

    Unfortunately though, with 2/3rds of the UN member states in attendance the whole ‘you’re isolated’ spiel seems to be running out of steam… Not sure who it’s more embarassing for, Obama or Bibi?

    1. Note Israel’s soft power pushing (forcing) America’s hard power. The “driver” (pusher) in this case is external to the tank (america’s hard power).

    2. The artist failed to include an image of the chain that forever binds Israel’s feet to American power. Go ahead Israel, push America off a cliff. Let’s see what happens to the pusher. I am guessing the real driver of the tank has eject button.

  5. What is perhaps more telling is the degree to which many of you here subconsciously could not make the distinction between Israel and America.

    I do not mean this to be hurtful, but America’s “love” for Israel, if it ever was love, is tied up in our older generations, those who more acutely are played by the holocaust guilt. Us younger gentiles have a different view, much more in line with peace and justice. It would benefit Israel to recognize this now, and therefore force itself to stand independently without being propped up by America’s military.

  6. Everyone of this US-Israeli-Couple used his partner from time to time. If it gets tough, Israel will find itself in a loser-position, no matter wether they may have 200 (or so?) nuclear weapons or not!

  7. אני יכול להבין את הלהט בשינאת ישראל , אין זה עניינכם כיוון שאין אתם חיים במזרח התיכון, וגם כן לידיעתכם תל אביב והרצליה לא מיצגת את ישראל
    לא בסיבלה ולא בדעות העם.
    ישראל חייבת לשמור על ישראל, אף אחד עם כל הרצון הטוב והאהבה לקידמה האמריקאית לא באמת שם פס על מה הם חושבים או צריכים, בנתיים דווקא ר.ה.נתניהו אכן מנגן על פי החליל של אובמבה , אלבל רק לבנתיים, על פי השקפתי אובמבה עשה את כל הטעויות האפשרות לגרום לישראל לחוש לבד ובודדת במערכה , אולי תפתחו קצת נשיונל גאוגרפיק ותראו אך מגיבה לביאה פצועה ותעברו לנתניהו ותראו את אותו מבט בעיניים, ותיבנו שונאי היקרים, ישראל הותקפה על ידי חית טרף אדירה ועכשיו היא צמאה להישרדות.

    ישראל תתקוף את אירן כך או כך ,למה ? פשוט מאוד , – בגללכם היא תתקוף !

    1. Yet another blindered Israeli claiming that Israel will attack Iran because “we,” that is Americans, have left it hanging high & dry. So it’s all our fault. We should’ve gone in & done the job together like good allies should. Right.

      1. Actually this post doesn’t say that the Americans should attack at all. What is does say is that the lack of American support has left Israel in a position of feeling isolated and in survival mode. And that in that mode and climate, Israel will attack Iran. Therefore, the writer concludes, America has provided the reason that Israel will attack.

  8. Hi Richard (Silverstein), To understand you better and for the record, do you have any military experience in any form or shape? or you are simply driven by extreme hatred to Israel and it’s policies regardless of the facts.

    1. Tell us, what lessons did Israel’s military learn in 2006 when it got its ass handed to it by a ragtag militia (no air force, army, or navy)?

  9. If US built bombs dropped from US built planes and missiles start opening up Iranian Fukushimas, no matter if they have Israeli, Bahrainian, Kuwaiti or KSA marking, US built ships in the Persian Gulf will be under attack and start sinking. The US will be in the first war since Korea where it has fought an army in the field. God help us all, especially the people of Iran.

  10. by avoiding a clear answer to a sincere question you somehow discredit yourself Richard. Why do you find it do hard to answer questions and prefer to analyse my intentions?( I am waiting for your answer to my previous question)

    1. I am the author of the blog and decide what I choose to write about. Those are the rules. If I think your questions are worthwhile I answer them. If not I don’t. Insulting me and impugning my motives doesn’t encourage a response.

      You said you want to “understand” me but don’t. So you lied. Again, that doesn’t encourage a reply.

    2. “or you are simply driven by extreme hatred to Israel and it’s policies regardless of the facts”
      Somehow, your questions do not come accross as ‘sincere’. Now why would that be?

  11. אני לא מבין למה את חושבת שישראל רוצה או צריכה את אמריקה לתקיפה באיראן , להיפך , אמריקה רק מפריעה כהרגלה בכל מלחמה שישראל נאלצה לצאת עליה, וכנראה שגם הפעם זה בדיוק מה שהיא תעשה כפי שקרהבמלחמת לבנוןהשניה, לולא לחץ על הממשל בצורה בלתי סבירה לישראל לא היה היום את חיזבאללה להתמודד איתו!,מצחיק אותי שהשמאל מתאר את המלחמה בלבנון ככישלון צבאי , פשוט מצחיק, האמת דבר אחד אני יכול להגיד לטובת אובמה שהוא פשוט מתנהג עם ישראל כפי שאמריקה באמת רוצה,ולא בדיפלומטיה מזויפת , אחד בפה ואחד בלב כפי שהיה עד כה בעשורים האחרונים. אמריקה התרגלה לשלם לישראל שכר שתיקה, והעבד כבר רוצה להיות חופשי אם לא שמתם לב , אז הגיע הזמן אמריקה תרפה מישראל , לא רוצים להיות עבדים שלכם יותר, ממה שלמדתי בהסטוריה של אמריקה שאצלכם העבד הנאמן בסוף מוצא את עצמו תלוי על העץ בגינה !

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