8 thoughts on “Republican Jewish Coalition Violates IRS Code Governing 501c4s – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As Pablo Eisenberg succinctly put it in the most recent Chronicle of Philanthropy “…the Internal Revenue Service and state attorneys generally have been unable or unwilling to play an effective oversight role…”

    The same issues discussed here (fraudulent application for TE status, no bona fide charitable purpose etc) were submitted in an IRS complaint about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. After filing a complaint, filers can expect….nothing. Even back in the day when J.W. Fulbright was pursuing what Walter Pincus recently called “all sorts of things they weren’t supposed to do” http://www.q-and-a.org/Transcript/?ProgramID=1405 the IRS wouldn’t give the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee the time of day.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for the IRS to act.

  2. AIPAC has an outstanding 1962 DOJ request to reclassify itself as a foreign entity, an agent of the government of Israel.

    Some are “above the law”.

    1. Can’t a public suit be initiated against the taxing authority for its inaction with respect to policies it has itself articulated?

      1. The public generally doesn’t have “standing” to go after abusive nonprofits in that way. It’s really entirely up to the IRS, and they only revoke TE status of small, unconnected orgs.

        See Hopkins, Bruce R., “The Law of Tax Exempt Organizations”, 9th Edition

  3. What about all the taxpayer subsidized “help Israel” funds which support illegal settlements and even provide arms! The IRS doesn’t life a finger against them. I have complained about 18 such organizations to Nanette M. Downing, Acting Director, EO Examinations at the IRS and been told that information about the named organizations is CONFIDENTIAL, as are the “on-going investigations” of which there are none. There are no investigations and since when are charitable, tax-subsidized entities entitled to “confidentiality?”

    The other side of IRS laxity is the grueling enforcement levied against average working Americans each of whom will provide about $21.50 directly to Israel in 2011. Why do all these organizations get away without taxes, on big sums of money, and the little American taxpayer is hounded to death over $100 but can’t support a family in America? Israelis receive money from American taxpayers who can ill afford it.

    1. That’s pretty hilarious isn’t it? By regulation all nonprofit tax returns are public, and yet Downing’s group sends the same tired form letter about tax information being confidential. They don’t even bother to come up with a plausible reason for being in-transparent and doing nothing.

      Eisenberg is 100% right. Don’t look to the IRS or DOJ for enforcement of abuses that shift the burden onto the little guy while inflaming the region. It’s just not going to happen.

  4. This lack of accountability for the IRS is as pressing and important an issue for Americans as any high profile story currently, e.g. war with Iran (more war? how boring). The behavior of the IRS expresses tacit policies that no electorate ever endorsed.

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