15 thoughts on “Sinai Terror Attacks Portend Gold Mine for Israeli Military-Intelligence Services, IDF Infringes Egyptian Sovereignty to Intercept Foreign Migrants – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Like the way you do it now. One or two stories which are discussed very well and in depth. What sets you apart is how thoughtful and thorough you are. You provide good background.
    I don’t need another long list of subjects that are treated only briefly individually.

  2. I am sure that once the Sinai border fence is completed, Israel will not have to commit the egregious act of violating Egyptian sovereignty (by a few hundred meters) in order to stop infiltrators.

    Till than, who really cares?

    1. Did you care when Syrians and Lebanese tried to cross the Israeli border? Of course you did. You were up in arms about the attempted violation of Israeli sovereignty. You said the IDF did the right thing in mowing down the “infiltrators.” But yr hypocrisy is evidence in not giving a crap about your own country doing the same to its neighbor. When Egyptians next burn down the Israeli embassy for such infringements then perhaps you’ll understand why this happens (but it’s unlikely you’ll ever understand).

    2. Joel, the “border fence” is not built exactly on the boarder line, but is to the east of it.
      In some areas, where the topography is more difficult, the fence was built dozens of meters east to the boarder.

      My guess is that this is what’s causing the confusion here (because the actual boarder is not clear, like with the boarder with Lebanon today which was marked with blue barrels by the UN after the 2006 war).

      When I served in that area, we noticed that the Egyptian solders/border police police who also regularly crossed the boarder and leaned on the fence, not knowing they are already in Israel’s territory – something that caused an exchange of fire more than once.

      As I explained, Israeli and Egyptian forces cross the border all the time. mostly due to lack of marking.
      the smugglers (on both sides) and the guides which transfer infiltrators, use this confusion for their advantage.

      1. Yes, but a large number of IDF soldiers patrolling the border seem to have more qualms than you about violating Egyptian sovereignty & being used to harrass women and children. That doesn’t seem to bother you. But thankfully all of these actions by the IDF bother them.

        1. Most, if not all, of the soldiers who were patrolling the boarder with Egypt are reservists. We (reservists) never have any problem with going to the press, showing our faces and giving our names.

          For example, a few years ago, the orders were to stop the infiltrators and hand them over to the Egyptian soldiers/boarder police as they cross the boarder.
          Once a reservists complained to the press that the Egyptians sometimes shoot them after they are handed over, it stopped at once.

          These “large number of IDF soldiers patrolling the border seem to have more qualms than you about violating Egyptian sovereignty & being used to harrass women and children” in the article are virtual, like so many IDF solders who reported something but remained unnamed, un-ranked, with no clue to what unit they are in.

          So as a rule of thumb – when “IDF soldiers” report something to the press but no details are provided – its usually a fake.
          Especially when they are reservists.

          I’m afraid you, your readers, and even Israelis who never been on the Egyptians boarder have very little understanding on how it looks like, and the activity which takes place on it.

          1. Sorry bud, but again unlike you, I have complete faith in Physicians for Human Rights and the Israeli NGOs who took the accounts of these IDF soldiers. You somehow believe the stories are made up out of whole cloth. Frankly, I find such a viewpoint offensive. If an IDF soldier went to an NGO anonymously saying things you agreed with you’d call him a very real hero, which indicates yr hypocrisy.

            As for fakery, you’re the only fake I can see around here.

  3. Reader Poll:
    I’m all for synopses on the main page with clickable links to the stories

    – if you have to scroll down (the current way) you can’t see the ‘full story’ anyway. For the rare articles I’m not interested in I could just skip by them and get to the ones of the most interest

  4. Backstory on infrastructure attacks on the Egypt-Isreal/Jordan natural gas pipeline in the North Sinai: This pipeline has been attacked at least 21 times since 27 Jun 10; mostly by bombings (actual and attempted), though potshots have been taken as well. The attacks have interrupted natural gas supplies for extended periods, forcing Israel and Jordan to switch fuels for power stations to oil at considerable expense compared to the cost of the natural gas; formerly offered at less than market. The usual suspects (Bedouins) have been blamed without hard evidence. Attempts, mostly by Israel, to convince Egypt to get more actively involved in going after the perps have been largely ineffective. Egypt, under pressure from those Egyptians who do not like their gas sold at such rates, has unilaterally abrogated the natural gas supply agreement with Israel.

  5. Please leave it the way it is. I read blogs on my mobile and it is twice the wait to click on a link to get to a post.

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