16 thoughts on “El Al Flight Recalled to Israel After Security Alert – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Don’t you think the passenger whose dad wrote you would have noticed an actual attack, if someone was injured, or if someone was arrested from the plane, at least if the passengers stayed in the cabin for the duration? There might have been suspicion of a bomb in the hold, in that case he wouldn’t know, whether or not anything was found.

    1. It’s possible Israeli security received a bomb threat they considered credible. But if it turned out to be false I don’t know why Israel would slap a gag on this unless it hoped to deter copycats.

  2. I’m not sure this is the case, and the linked forum is hardly a proper source.

    There are rumors floating around the net that this was the captain’s decision made as part of the ongoing internal struggle in El Al regarding pilot employment terms.

    1. Believe me, my Israeli source would never confuse a highly classified gag order w a n El Al employee relations matter. And pilot’s don’t turn planes around in mid air because of employment disputes. Nice try but you don’t even pass the smell test.

  3. It’s a little bit odd for a bomb or hijacker to get aboard at Ben Gurion, and even odder for the usual suspects to pick a flight bound for Hong Kong. In any case, the gang of grievance mongers running Israel would be making propaganda out of a terrorist attempt already, with any group from the IRA to FARC being “Iranian” of course. This isn’t happening.

    However, if there was someone on board with classified information or materiel (or money?) that wasn’t supposed to leave Israel, that would explain the abrupt return to Israel, rather than the nearest safe landing point. And they ain’t going to tell us more if they can help it.

    Come to think of it, Hong Kong suggests it’s about money. If ever there was a city with a single purpose!

  4. It would be interesting if there were any missing faces on the morning flight although they may of course be missing for other than security reasons.

  5. Bomb threats are so common, they hardly warrant newspaper space any more and so to build on that a theory that it wasn’t in the media because of a gag order, rather than simply because it isn’t “news” is taking conspiracy theories ad absurdum.

    1. So you’re claiming that an El Al plane forced to turn around in mid flight and met at the airport by ambulances and security forces is an everyday occurrence in Israel? Please don’t try to piss on our backs and make us believe it’s rain.

  6. It’s the Iranians. They’re ramping up for a “kill them with kindness” campaign by first agreeing to compete against Israel in the Olympics and then agreeing also, explicitly, to a moment of silence for the Olympics athletes from Israel killed in the massacre.

    1. The Iranian judo athlete dropped out in order to avoid having to compete against an Israeli athlete. He was the only Iranian in a position to do so.

        1. OperationRedPill wrote a post about the Iranians agreeing to compete against Israel in the Olympics. I was responding to that comment. Are we not supposed to post comments in response to other comments only to the main topic? If so, I will remember that in future. Thank you for clarifying.

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