3 thoughts on “Kadima Fiddles and Folds While Rome Burns – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Everyone should fear a desperate Netanyahu. The pulling out of Kadima was a great blow to Israel’s future while he is at the helm and needs a political ending that satiates his narcissism. He is not sitting pretty without them either. Israeli officials have called him messianic and our President has called him a liar.

    When Israelis are setting themselves on fire and this takes a back seat to weekly tabloid-like lies about Iran’s nuclear program in news media around the world, that says a lot about priorities. It seems also then that Israelis and Americans share a common enemy, but do not realize it. Maybe a new coalition to provide a real check for this NuttandYahoo’s crusade to oblivion?

  2. Richard, you said:
    The most benign leade in retrospect was Ehud Olmert who, while inert, at least made a semblance of political leadership as prime minister, till both his martial missteps and larcenous impulses toppled him.

    I find it interesting you have such a bland appraisal of Olmert, considering that it was he who ordered the
    Lebanon II and Cast Lead-Gaza wars which lead to the Goldstone Report. Is it because he denounces
    Netanyahu and the political Right today that you are willing to overlook his responsiibilty events that you denounced Israel harshly for at the time?

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