22 thoughts on “Antiwar.com Publishes My New Expose on Iran180 – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for good work, Richard. I made a small contribution, I home that you will get many more. I would guess that an operation like yours needs a few thousands contributors like me, or one “moghul”, but of course it is independent contributions that make you independent.

    Concerning Iranian exiles, I noticed two new anonymous commenters claiming to be such, and very “neo-con”, and probably there were indeed two Iranians. Quite reasonable political and ideological differences, combined with the “bitterness of exile” can lead to unreasonable hatred and unholy alliances. And besides distasteful floats and videos, they spread hysteria and lies.

  2. You are a true crusader for human rights, Richard.
    Fighting the good fight for Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

    1. Suffice it to say that you are generalizing and persecuting entire groups in favor of your “exalted” nation and race, which you hold above others because obviously 100 million+ people living under the umbrella of these organizations are homogenous and lesser than you in privilege and entitlement, having no cause to complain of your favorite nation’s observable and evidenced crimes.

      If there is nothing wrong with what they did, why are you so mad that Richard brought it to light? 😉

      1. “My code is justice & human rights for ALL”
        Yet you seem especially moved when Israel seemingly violates them.
        Not so much when Assad murders thousands of his own people, or when innocent children are murdered by a Jihadist in France.

        It seems to me that your motives are not the product of genuine concern for human rights. Why else would you go to such great lengths to report on a frivolous tasteless float, rather than report on the horrors occurring in Syria or Iran?

        1. Because, my hasbara-dimwitted friend, the blog deals with ISRAEL, not Syria except as it’s connected to Israel. The theme of this blog is not Arab bashing. It’s an examination of Israel & it’s policies.

          Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

        2. Your “overlook” apparently doesn’t include reading the name of the blog and it’s purpose. A friend of mine interested in the question of Tibet told me that pro-China hasbaristas turn up regularly to ask why people aren’t concerned about the Palestinians. And commenting on Syria elsewhere, I can assure you that pro-Bashar do exactly the same. I guess you all follow a common tronc in Propaganda 101.

    2. You can read a lot out of a pen name. One who calls him/herself “overlook” for sure is wearing blinkers, is narrow-sighted or/and navel gazing. Don’t need to have a PhD in psychology to deduce that.

  3. This group has been spotted by our sources taking off their costumes and having the noticeable pearly light skin with dark hair and other trademark Israeli features (not speaking to stereotypes here, we find Israelis to have some terrific looking people — just not these stick figures who have no problem stigmatizing Iranians), while being completely ignored and pretty much ridiculed, by passerbys in MIDTOWN MANHATTAN! Talk about epic fail! We did not hear of any Iranian ethnicity individuals on scene, but this is certainly a possibility and verified by your awesome expose. Noticeably, they were running their charade right outside the Iranian consulate office while people looked at them funny and didn’t stop to watch. This was during the UN General Assembly period and obviously intended to both try to garner a crowd in the face of Iranian dignitaries, but to give the Iranians the impression that they are actually protested by Americans in America. This group is naive: Iranian officials know that Americans hardly even protest their own problems. Our source is connected to Council of Foreign Relations top levels and this gives us great reason to believe that the observations of this scene were accurate.

    The MEK ties are unsurprising and virulently dangerous to American interests once again as a terrorist organization is operating on our soil. This is in complete violation of title 18 of the United States Code (anti-terrorism statutes) Sections 2339A-B. However, the enforcement of the “Go to Gitmo” laws are left to… [no explanation necessary].

    These groups also fund a lot of the propaganda satellite TV coming out of LA. Iranian-Americans regularly talk about how obvious these games are regularly and disregard them as background noise. The MEK notably has a channel in which it runs many Ahmadinejad and Iranian political parodies. Most of the dialogue and concepts, however, are transparently emanating from a group that has lived secluded and isolated in the deserts of Iraq as a cult. For instance, when Maryam Rajavi comes out and preaches “Iranian human rights”, Iranians EVERYWHERE shudder at her tight head veil. Does she have a mirror? Is everyone else supposed to drink the cult kool-aid?

    It’s hard for them to understand that these games are really a form of “Jewish Identity Politics” exploitation that doesn’t necessarily resonate with a non-Zionist audience. For instance, many of us personally thought the latest movie, “The Dictator”, by Sacha Baron Cohen was funny, but most of the scenes were leaked in the previews (surprise) as the rest seemed like a motion picture political cartoon by director Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post. Americans don’t really think about “terrorism” on a daily basis like Israelis do and create entire lives around the concept. That’s an Israeli thought pattern that emerged in America only after 9/11 and by constant pounding of the media and groups like this that try to penetrate the political culture. “Terrorists” “Terrorists” “Terrorists!” “Shampoo Bottles” “Shoe Bombers” “Underwear Bombers” — all we noted was Chertoff sure got rich off that, didn’t he? Still, how many Americans want to get rid of or substantially reform TSA but are unable to do so? No one is “for it”. They are apathetic at worst. Who taught TSA how to run? El-Al Security and several other Israeli borne firms. It’s good to see our allies helping us so much! Next time someone asks what has Israel done for the US lately? Tell them: trained riot police to crack down on protesters! (fact) and our national security/anti-terrorism units to survey Americans irregardless of our Constitution! Netanyahu: “9/11 was good for Israel.” Why? Because we now feel what you “feel”? All of this is connected. They are gang stalking and trying to penetrate the American culture further. The way they do this is to mission creep using benevolent fronts/facades. So, of course, they strike your liberal heart like a harp, Mr. Silverstein, when they speak to LGBT issues. But is that really their point? Do they also care about Iranian human rights? Your expose is excellent and makes the answer clear to the reader. To add insult to their uncovering with due conveyance, they have hardly achieved any of their stated mission objectives and continue to receive scoffs from a multi-cultural NYC crowd.

    WELP, the fantastic story telling and acting, “Jewish Identity Politics” chauvinism, explains the penchant for Broadway Shows as well. I’ll give it to these meshuganas, they like to put on an all-inclusive charade. From all angles, there is an attack. But, as the Fiddler would say, “a nar bleibt a nar”.

    1. [ … racist rant … ]

      You seem to have a Jewish problem. You will feel quite at home at Richard’s blog.

        1. I don’t know what the “racist rant” was that has been deleted, however, I also don’t understand how the comment above it with off-topic references to the film, The Dictator, the TSA, and references to “Jewish Identity” is not at least worthy of some critical response (at the very least for being off-topic, and at most for its conspiratorial nature (especially the part about Sacha Baron Cohen)).

          1. Yes, Bob, most of us know why you’re here but will continue to play nice.

      1. Yes, our problem is that every time we bring up these criminals and their behavior you bring Judaism into it as if you have any right.

  4. RE: “Antiwar.com Publishes My New Expose on Iran180” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: Another excellent article!

  5. Thanks, in part, to these efforts, they have apologized for the float and taken down the video above.

    1. They’re not even close to apologising for the float:

      “While the float was largely well received by onlookers, there were ELEMENTS of the PERFORMANCE that unfortunately crossed the line and were clearly inappropriate. For that we sincerely apologize and have taken steps to ensure that this will not happen again.”

      What are the West and Israel going to do with themselves once Ahmedinejad leaves office next year…

      1. I realize what you are saying. The point I was making is that the “guilt or fear or notoriety” caused by the attention drawn by you and others has caused the group to take the aforementioned actions. I don’t see where I was being naive – I was just praising the fact that your efforts yielded some results.

        1. The only sort of “results” that would satisfy me would be if all the Jewish signatories & sponsors of this group would renounce it. When that happens I’ll be glad to accept your praise.

  6. They’ve removed the video embedded in this post, but it is still available online from their Vimeo account. https://vimeo.com/29450372

    The street theater performances are ongoing. Just two days ago, there was a rally in New York City for Iranian political prisoners. http://missionfreeiran.org/2012/06/19/20june-schedule-nyc/ Iran180 was on the agenda, and celebrity hip hop artist ?uestlove happened to see the Ahmadinejad character and posted a photo on Instagram. http://instagr.am/p/MGkAHLQa8M/

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