18 thoughts on “StandWithUs, UC San Diego Pro-Israel Group, Host Anti-Muslim Conference – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It would have been more impressive if your courageously anonymous reporter had given a full picture of the situation at UCSD in the last three years, and listed the dozens of viciously anti-Israel and at times antisemitic speakers invited by the Muslim Student Association or the Students for Justice in Palestine. Of course for this hardly impartial scribe, these hatemongers are the good guys, while the few speakers invited to really defend human rights are hiding their nefarious plots behind lofty concepts meticulously respected by Palestinian terrorist groups. What a sad farce. Tikkum olam anyone? Right. You are an insult to the very concept. Rather than repairing the world, you’re contributing even more to its destruction. You are the Schande.

    1. You aren’t a student at UCSD. What do you know about what’s happened there? You’d have us believe a paltry few speakers came to defend Israel? Did you know Danny Ayalon was there last week? Do you really think anyone’s going to buy the bulls(^t you’re peddling? Not to mention you don’t identity a single one of the supposedly anti-Semitic speakers brought by Palestinian or Muslim groups.

      BTW, I banned you some time ago & only published this comment because it was so pathetic I thought it would be instructive for others.

      1. My own opinion is that both sides have the wrong types with the loudest voices.

        Richard is spot on, about the Zuhdi Jassers, being little more than parrots paid to lie.

        I don’t like Angel’s post, she represents the other side, equally obnoxious. However she does have a point.

        The pro Palestinian side, has equally obnoxious voices, not necessarily those who care for them, but those who have an axe to grind, Jew hate, anti semitism, masked as anti Zionism, or those who seek to use the cause for their own agenda’s. The Middle Eastern tin pot dictators come under this banner.

        Richard, though I appreciate what you do, I sometimes think you think everyone is like yourself. They are not, there are some nasty characters and extremists who have

        What the Palestinian side needs is a pro Palestinian voice, with members that neither to seek to vent their Palestinian/Muslim hatred, nor their desire to see Israel gone.

        Too many on the pro Israel side fall into the former category (kahanists, armeggedonites, likud extremists, islamophobes) and too many on the Pro Palestinian (left wing extremists, Muslims who have adopted nazi memes) side fall into the latter.

        That said it makes sense, because usually those who are ‘lobbying’ will be those who feel the strongest. The middle ground people are voiceless. This is where Obama is supposed to have worked his so called comittment to peace in the Middle East.

        If Obama man doesn’t end the conflict, by creating a Palestinian state in the next term ( I believe he will win the next term) he will be one of the biggest frauds in US Presidential history.

        1. an example

          Students Should Work Toward Fostering Climate of Mutual Respect
          Personally, I find disturbing the events of two weeks ago, when Students for Justice in Palestine held a “Mock Israeli Checkpoint,” where students dressed up as Israeli soldiers frisked other participating students, culminating their theatrics by shouting “Intifada,” (the violent Palestinian uprisings against Israel). As a Jew, as someone who has family in Israel and knows people who have died in suicide bombings in which these check points were created to stop, I find this to be deeply offensive. Like Amal Dalmar said, “If we as a student body don’t react to events like this, anybody’s culture can be mocked and ridiculed.”

  2. That’s how things work at UCSD; everything is back-room and hush-hush….hell even how the campus is laid out encourages that mode of thinking because it’s very much like a huge office park and very hard to get from point A to point B.

    If you want to call the Associated Students, dial (858) 822-3553. Hillel of UCSD (home of the Tritons for Israel) is at (858) 550-1792.

  3. This article is absurd, and is clearly part of a national movement to slander the Pro-Israel movements and label it Noe-Conservative.

    Do your research, Justice in Palestine week takes place EARLIER in the year across the nation, but the Muslim Student Association (the host organization at UCSD) chooses the week of May 15 EVERY YEAR because that was when Israeli groups celebrated Israeli Independence Day.

    It is not a Muslim Hate Fest, and branding it as such is disingenuous.

  4. Interesting.. But let’s not forget this is the same AS that grants 20,000 in funding to the pathos-driven Zionist bashing fest that is justice in Palestine week. guess we have to take the “bad” with the “good.” LOL

    1. Make up your mind. One pro Israel troll says they got $46K and another got $20K. Which, if any of you can be believed? BTW, how much are all Israel Awareness Week events being funded for at UCSD??

  5. Funny how you rail on TFI passing 4k for this event through AS in their response to “apartheid week”. But you fail to mention that the Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Assocation have been allocated $46k from student fees for their events in the same week. GTFO troll.

    1. Actually, this event is costing well north of $20K, not just the $4K being paid to Jasser which I reported last night. Plus, this isn’t the only event of Israel Awareness Week. Why don’t you reveal to us the total allocation for Tritons for Israel & all other pro Israel events during that week? WE’re waiting, TROLL.

  6. Gorenberg offers an insight into the deceptive techniques used by StandWithUS, to bamboozle students into seeing only the pro Israel side.

    Shouting Points
    by Gershom Gorenberg May 7, 2012
    Gershom Gorenberg discusses Stand With Us’s “shouting points” and reminds us us that any pronouncement on the Israeli-Palestinian that fits in a shirt pocket isn’t worth having.

    On each page, in large type, Israel: Pocket Facts provides a few easy-to-memorize shouting points with which pro-Israel students can respond to the equally simplistic slogans of anti-Israel students while everyone else wanders off in disgust. Some of the factoids are footnoted. The authors apparently hope that students won’t follow the footnotes to the sources, or learn anything else about Israel, or think with complexity about the issues.

  7. Funny how those “critical Muslims”, Zuhdi Jasser, Wafa Sultan, Ali Hirsi Ayaan etc are all ardent supporters of Israel…

    1. Not really funny at all, considering that they work for and get paid by pro-Israel Hasbara. organizations…

  8. Mr. Silverstein

    A sad but true commentary: because we as a Jewish minority have experienced a history of discrimination, whenever a minority is perceived as being discriminated against, we rally to the front. This subconscious reaction is neither rational nor productive. In fact, it can be quite distructive.

    1. You mean the Jewish reaction to suffering of other minorities is not rational or productive? Says who? You? I’m sorry but I have an entirely different reading of Jewish history & I’ll put it up against yours any day of the week.

      1. Mr. Silverstein

        The key words are “perceived” and “subconscious”. But for those qualifiers, I would agree with you. There is nothing more I can add.



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