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  1. ‘Why would any Palestinian want to see him in Ramallah?’

    Enemies make peace with each other, not friends. Sadat in Jerusalem, and Nixon in China; both moves definitely helped, or at the least, were gestures in a decent direction.

    1. Only enemies who are prepared to do what it takes to stop being enemies make peace. Bibi is not willing to do ANYTHING to make peace. Not a damn thing. He’s a farce in that sense. Sadat & Nixon were truly willing to give their former enemies a great deal in order to mend fences & restore relations. Bibi–not so much. To even breathe their names in the same sentence with Bibi is an insult to their memories.

      1. Then I suppose I’ll respond to that by criticizing your criticism of Jackson not Hamas, seeing as how their very charter declares all initiatives useless, embeds some of the most vile anti-Jewish propaganda ever written, and of course, and has a religiously maximalist view and goal of the conflict that would make Kahane green with envy, if he weren’t at home with the worms. You might be right about the wrongness of Jackson visiting Netanyahu and/or Israel, but how visiting Hamas would rectify the ‘error’ of it, in my mind, makes little sense.

  2. You made a mess and you should get your facts straight.

    Adam Holland is Jewish and lives in New York so perhaps he knows a thing or two about American dialect.

    The limey (I have no idea what is real name is) is the one writing for Harry’s place.

  3. RE: “I derived the phrase from ‘If I’m lyin’ I’m cryin’,’ which is an American southern-country phrase (not African-American at all).” – R.S.

    MY COMMENT: Yes, Mr. Holland appears to be absolutely clueless. He hath not read much by Mark Twain, methinks.
    Dropping the “g” at the end of words is characteristic of people living in certain rural areas of the American South. In fact, I associate it most strongly with the Appalachian Mountains where there have historically been very few African-Americans. It is quite common in ‘country music’ but not in rap or other genres most commonly associated with African-Americans.
    Having said that, Southern American English and African American Vernacular English do have much in common, so blacks in rural areas of the American South will sometimes drop a “g” just like the whites do…


    Phonological history of English consonants
    G-dropping is a popular name for the substitution of /ɪn/ or /ən/ (spelt -in’, -en) for /ɪŋ/ or /iŋ/ (spelt -ing) in the English present participle and gerund due to the orthographic changes. Except in dialects which do not show NG coalescence, no sound is actually dropped; a different one is simply used (the alveolar nasal instead of the velar nasal).
    This is an old substitution which derives from the generalisation of what were once two different morphemes in Old English: the present participle -ende and the gerund -inge. The orthography of the merged form, -ing, reflects a derivation from the Old English gerund, but the /ɪn/ pronunciation is also an old one. (The use of a colloquial pronunciation which actually derives from a different word from the standard is not restricted to this example. For instance, ’em or em, a colloquial form of them, derives from Old English him of the same meaning, whereas them was a borrowing from Old Norse þeim.)
    It is currently a feature of colloquial and non-standard speech of all regions, and stereotypically of Cockney, Southern American English and African American Vernacular English. Historically, it has also been used by members of the educated upper-class, as reflected by the phrase huntin’, fishin’ and shootin’. That this pronunciation was once regarded as standard can also be seen from old rhymes, as for example, in this couplet from John Gay’s 1732 pastoral, Acis and Galatea, set to music by Handel:
    Shepherd, what art thou pursuing,
    Heedless running to thy ruin?
    Which was presumably pronounced “shepherd, what art thou pursuin’, heedless runnin’ to thy ruin” although this would sound very odd in an opera today. Such a rhyme would today be appropriate only in a comic context…

    SOURCE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonological_history_of_English_consonants
    ALSO SEE, African American Vernacular English – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_American_Vernacular_English

  4. “But he has been on the warpath against Anglican cleric Stephen Sizer for quite some time ”

    Richard, without getting abusive or threatening to ban people, perhaps you could back up this statement with examples. Holland says himself that he’s only mentioned Sizer a couple of times.

    I hope you can answer in a mature and calm manner.

    1. Holland says himself that he’s only mentioned Sizer a couple of times.

      The only reason I ever heard of Adam Holland before this was due to his attacks on Stephen Sizer. But in general he specializes in ferreting out alleged Chrisitian anti-Semitism especially from those who criticize Israeli policy, Sizer being one of them. I originally thought Holland was a Brit and Christian because attacking British clerics is one of his specialites de la maison. So perhaps I should’ve written that “he’s on the warpath against progressive Christians critical of Israel, Sizer being one.”

  5. On the RS-AH debate: I’m sorry RS, you lost this round, because AH made sound arguments and you sounded like a raving lunatic.

    1. You, like Holland, can’t even bother to mount a real argument with proof. As usual, you simply make a statement & assume people will believe it’s true. Not here, they won’t. So here’s how things work around here. You make a claim, you back it up with real arguments & proof. If you can’t or won’t, don’t waste yr energy & our time.

      1. really ? I haven’t seen you back up your claim that Adam Holland is ” has been on the warpath against Anglican cleric Stephen Sizer for quite some time ””
        all you did was say that that’s the reason you heard of him. sorry but that in no way back up the your claim. all it does is provide evidence that you really don’t know much about AH at all. do you really consider that backing up your claim with real arguments and proof ?
        Since you were wrong not only about Hollands religion and his nationality don’t you think smearing him by saying he only “defend the Black Man when it’s in Israel’s interests” without offering any proof is doing exactly what you are railing against ?

        1. If I recall correctly, I first heard about Adam Holland when he took up the cause of Joseph Weissman, a messianic Jew whom British police investigated for harrassing Rev. Stephen Sizer. Holland has also attacked a number of other British cleric deemed insufficiently pro Israel & philo Semitic for Holland’s taste. That’s probably why the noted British pro-Israel site, Harry’s Place, may’ve been interested in publishing him.

          So I should’ve said something like Holland has an obsession with ferreting out anti-Semitism & anti-Israelism under every bedpost and one activity on which he seems to thrive especially is “outing” clerics who he perceives as anti-Israel or anti-Semitic (among them Stephen Sizer & others).

          As for “defending the Black man when it’s in Israel’s interests,” I challenged Holland to present any links to anything he’s written specifically advancing civil rights for African-Americans, etc. I never heard back from him. Perhaps you can help the poor lad defend himself.

          I’m finding the Adam Holland subject incredibly passe and tedious & would prefer to allow him to collapse into obscurity where he belongs. I’m going to give you a very short leash if you attempt to prolong discussion of this subject.

          1. You know what Richard, I’m going to let you collapse into obscurity where you belong. I really have no interest in trying to have a civil and honest discussion in a place where I’m put on a “short leash” by someone who seems to have one set of rules for himself and one for people who disagree.

          2. I’m going to let you collapse into obscurity

            Before you left yr first comment you were a total obscurity to me since I’d never heard of you. If this is your last comment you’ll then retreat into richly deserved obscurity. As for me, I’m doing just fine, thank you.

    1. There are things with which I don’t agree with Sizer. But his battle with Joseph Weissman, Messianic Jew, is something I support him on 100% (I posted about this extensively–it was shocking). This is the story that Holland reported on & how I first came to him. Holland was a big supporter of Weissman.

      I don’t find anything Engage publishes to be credible. They’re about as reliable as Harry’s Place & pretty much right up Holland’s alley.

  6. I’m with the earlier poster. I don’t need to cut and paste sentence by sentence to see that you’re exceedingly angry and he isn’t.

    Also titling your post “Adam Holland: Negro’s Greatest Friend” as a response to an accusation of racial insensitivity is unbelievably arrogant. You’re a funny fellow indeed.

    1. I titled that post “Negro’s Greatest Friend” because Adam Holland doesn’t give a crap about civil rights, Negroes or Jesse Jackson Jr except insofar as they advance his pro Israel agenda. Holland is a 2 faced hypocrite & you’re damn straight that makes me angry. Intellectual/political fakery tends to get me a little upset when i see it. If you had a bit of it yrself you’d come across as a bit more credible than you do.

      I dare you to review his blog & find references to African Americans, civil rights etc that are not explicitly connected in some way to Israel. He doesn’t care a whit about any of this except when it’s convenient to him. I on the other hand, despite the fact that my main theme is Israel, write about human & civil rights & issues related to African Americans. ANd I often do so w/o regard to any connection to Israel.

      1. Sorry Richard, I’m not buying “some of my best posts are African American”.

        You were aggressive. I can live with that, but you were also wrong on several easily verifiable counts. Add to that your wildly inappropriate title and you just look foolish. I don’t even know the other guy, but I’m not sure I could trust you to be even handed on any subject after the way you dealt with this one.

        Chill out and learn a little humility and next time you won’t screw up when assassinating the character of someone about whom you clearly knew very little.

        Oh and don’t worry about banning me for daring to stand up to the mighty Silverstein, I’m unlikely to return anyway.

        1. I’m not buying “some of my best posts are African American”.

          Changing the subject naturally. Please find a single blog post Holland’s written defending African American rights. I dare you. If you can’t, you’re a friggin’ hypocrite.

          I’m not sure I could trust you to be even handed on any subject after the way you dealt with this one.

          Oh please. I should care whether the likes of you trusts me? The only things I was initially wrong about was saying Holland was Christian and British and I assumed this because he has a bee up his bonnet about English clerics who are “anti-Israel” and writes about them regularly. I corrected those errors as soon as pointed out to me. There were no other errors. And the errors were NOT easily verifiable since Holland has no About page as 90% of all bloggers do.

          Chill out and learn a little humility

          The likes of you giving lessons to me. Yuck.

          I’m unlikely to return anyway.

          “May the Lord bless and keep you…far away from us.”

  7. This Adam Holland is a nutcase.

    The comment section of his ‘cross-post’ to Harry’s Place is really worth reading, just to see how one commenter (‘Gabriel’) gets mauled by Far Right Israel Firsters, because he allegedly didn’t condemn the Fogel murders enough and because he’s opposed to settlements and some of Israel’s crimes.

    HP used to be centre-left. Now it really is the Brown Sauce…

  8. Thganks for your reply Richard

    You say re the article on Engage : “I don’t find anything Engage publishes to be credible. They’re about as reliable as Harry’s Place & pretty much right up Holland’s alley.”

    Instead of making accusations which aren’t based on any facts, could you address the criticisms made of Sizer in the article in linked to on Engage.

    I think one of your problems Richard is that you make ridiculous comments such as above which contain no fact and no actual arguments or examples. I’m sorry you have to resort to baseless insults and i’ll bow out now as there’s not rational to your insults of groups like Engage. Bearing in mind most of the articles written by Engage are by left wing Trade Unionists you should try and engage and address what they write. Then people might take your comments more seriously.

    1. Do you think I haven’t read Engage before? I have. I’ve also had contact w. one of its founders some yrs ago. I sometimes write in shorthand which I wouldn’t expect you to grasp but which readers who’ve been here longer might recognize & accept. If I read an article in Commentary it doesn’t mean I have to read ea. article individually to judge the general tenor, tone & credibility of the entire enterprise. Engage is a tendentious pro Israel exercise. I’ve read enough to know that. If there are specific pieces there that are directly relevant to things I’m writing about & you want to offer a link I’ll take a look. But Stephen Sizer is not a major preoccupation of mine & I’m not interested in delving into any critiques of him written by the center-right Zionist pro Israel crowd.

      I’ve already said that there are likely things about STephen Sizer’s views with which I would disagree. But that doesn’t mean that I have anything in common w. Engage because they smear him. And btw, Adam Holland’s mission in his blog isn’t that dissimilar from Engage or Harry’s Place or The New Republic here in the States.

      1. Hi Richard. if you take a look at the link i posted you’ll see lots that’s alarming about Sizer. In particular his sending out by email links to far right authors. But you need to look yourself and read them. I still don’t understand what you mean about Engage. For instance there’s plenty criticia of the recent anti-boycott law in Israel which is pretty topical at the moment. They’ve published stuff from the New israel Fund, Gisha and so on. Engage’s founder Hirsh has written many articles strongly criticizing Israeli government policies and was even in highlighted in Defamation for this.

        To smear an organisation such as Engage or wrongly label it in order to avoid debating the actual facts isn’t helpful.

        It’s intreresting that you don’t really take Sizer to task, in fact only those on the opposing side. Sizer supports a one state solution (he said this in a public meeting three weeks ago), he comnpares Israeli soldiers to Herod (i’m sure you understand the relevance of this), he believes Jews have broken the covenant with G-d (a traditional them for Christian antisemitism through the centuries), happily circulates article by far right conspiracy theories (see the link i posted) and is a pretty nasty guy.

        I’m not a psychologist (i leave cod-psychology to Jacqueline Rose and co) but i find how you’ve changed over the years into somebody that you weren’t. I appreciate that you’ve fallen out with quite a few people and maybe this has made you more aggressive and less factual.

        Anyway , wishing you well for the weekend and if you do reply i hope you can engage with facts instead of sweeping generalities and smears.

        1. Sizer also mixes with some pretty nasty antisemites (not just anti-zionists) and if you don’t know about this then i’l gladly post the links.

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