10 thoughts on “Meir Dagan Defends Diskin’s Attack on Netanyahu at–of All Places–Jerusalem Post Conference – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Ahh poor Eli Clifton, like Max Blumenthal at the CUFI conference where he made a video of Hagee’s underhanded missionising techniques, he was ‘escorted off’.

    The insiduous nature of Pamela Geller’s and SIOA’s Islamophobic ’cause’ is evident in that they always try to censor the truth. Their moronic low IQ readers, are stupid enough to swallow what she and Spencer say.

    Is it true that Geller and Spencer are ‘romantically’ involved? I cannot think of a better matched pair. I bet they have orgasms over Islamophobia rather than the normal ones 🙂

    That said, the Eli Clifton’s always win out and every cloud has a silver lining. In my opinion American Muslims although wealthy and well educated on the whole, are too comfortable. A threat will wake them up, and make them become more active in activism, politics, media and the judiciary.

  2. I am wondering, Richard, why you didn’t name the Israeli minister, Gilad Erdan. It’s unusual for you not to be up front with names.

    It is hardly surprising that Bibi’s boy, Erdan, would attack Dagan and Diskin. As you reported in Nov.2011, Bibi was investigating these two for criminal activity. This war has been going on for some time.

    Someone, and it may have been Chompsky, observed years ago that if the Palestinians would just leave the Jews alone sooner rather than later they’ll tear themselves apart.

    Is that precisely what we’re seeing here, or is this a choreographed faux-fight intended to lull Iran into a reduced state of readiness prior to an attack? It seems almost scripted to me.

    When Israel rattles the sword loudly, there’s no problem. When they are dead quiet or when they send signals that no attack is likely, head for your bomb-shelter.

    As for Geller’s conference in Dearborn. Good on her. Disgusting as she is, she’s not as disgusting as the Muslims and Hindus who butcher their own children because they date the wrong person. I don’t care what her motive or ulterior motive is, anyone taking steps to expose and criticize the whole honor killing mindset gets my support.

    1. “I don’t care what her motive or ulterior motive is, anyone taking steps to expose and criticize the whole honor killing mindset gets my support.”

      Well, hmmm! Would you react the same way to attacks on Jews (all Jews, mind) for Israel’s barbarisms (in the name of all Jews, mind)? I would hope not.

      My guess (just a guess) is that Geller and Co. are not acting merely to expose what they and you perceive as bad practices. After all, in France Islamophobes have acted against hijab or veil which is not the same thing at all as honor killing but is definitely part of what the hijab-or-veil-wearers consider being a good Muslim.

    2. Frankly, I think Erdan is a nameless cipher. I’d never even heard of him till now. I preferred he remain that way & didn’t even want to give him the respect of having a name.

      Your comment about Muslims is blatantly racist & just plain stupid, and if you post anything here again remotely like it you will be moderated or banned. This is a first warning.

      1. Are you seriously arguing that there are no honor killings by Muslims or Hindus?

        No dip shit, you are the one that is stupid and you can take your first warning and stick it up your ass. I’ll respond to your idiocy on my own site.

          1. Jeez, these zealous Zionists are far weaker than I thought. This is just the beginning and they are already cracking up and losing it. Going to be a far easier job of sweeping these losers into the dustbins of history than I imagined.

  3. Netanyahu’s Iranian war scares were to bury the Palestinian issue and drive up the price of oil in hopes of defeating Obama November next, due to a stalled or recessionary economy.

    The fool is not going to get his war, the Palestinian issue will roar back into focus should Iran and the global community compromise, and the oil price is heading south as the war & sanctions premiums evaporate and spare a struggling global recovery, at least until after the US election.

    Netanyahu, currently the stupidest man in the universe, is learning for a second time that its not wise to humiliate and bite the hand of your master. Especially ‘no drama Obama’ who doesn’t get mad, he gets even.

  4. The Illinois Nazi’s never actually did march in Skokie – they “chickened out”. I live in Skokie currently, and grew up next door in Evanston. I was attending University of Illinois downstate in 1980 when they last threatened to march – and was planning on coming up to counter-demonstrate if they went through with it…

    So in some respect these Geller and Spencer are “Worse” than Illinois Nazis…

  5. In fact, the Chicago Nazis had never intended to march through Skokie. They had always rallied in Marquette Park, near heir headquarters -until that was prevented by the city, who asked for an unpayable insurance fee. Then they wrote to different suburbs,asking for to rally in one of their parks. Only after Skokie answered and repeated the trick with the insurance fee, the Nazis threatened in retaliation to parade through Skokie (which wouldn’t require an insurance fee). In the end they got what they had wanted from the beginning – the rally in Marquette Park.

    I never heard that they tried to repeat their Skokie stunt in the eighties; their leader was imprisoned 1979-82, and I’d assumed that this petty splinter group had dissolved then.

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