11 thoughts on “Scandinavian Airports Reject Shin Bet Racial Profiling Security Screening Procedures – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hate to have to say it but you’re right,Israel is increasingly out of step with Europe,a state of affairs we ignores at our peril.
    This, in and of itself, is a bigger strategic risk that that posed by more tolerant security screening procedures.
    …..and if we had more tolerant security screening procedures what’s the worst that could happen…..an increased risk of an terrorist attack?….not necessarily, not if we’re smarter and find better ways to screen for potential terrorists.There is a lot of new technology that is not being adopted out of apathy.
    We expect the world to meet us on our terms and that is simply not going to happen.

    1. How is it that Israel has that expectation in the first place? Could have arisen from the lack of dissent and criticism worldwide in the past? And how do we account for that?

  2. SAS cut off the flight Copenhagen-Tel Aviv about 10 years ago, and only El Al served the destination. Arkia took over El Al’s flight last summer, and was prevented by the Danish state to employ it’s own Israeli security guards in the airport “due to respect of human dignity” (as if the Israelis know what that means) and to wear weapons in the airport. Since last summer there’s has been no direct flight to Tel Aviv, but I read somewhere a couple of days ago that SAS – unfortunately – is going to take up the destination again later this year due to some arrangement between Israel and the EU (it’s called the 28th member anyway…).

    I think you’re too optimistic about Europe. The Scandinavian countries are apart : Copenhagen City Council voted a boycott last year on compagnies involved in the West Bank, so did Den Danske Bank, Norway is even further on the BDS, some national institutions have endorsed BDS too.

    But Holland is moving the other way, and France is completely ‘Aipaced’. French citizens have been wounded in the West Bank, no reactions or only very timid ones, the French-Palestinian consul to France in Gaza was wounded when the IDF dropped a bomb close to his house last year in a civilian area, his wife had a miscarriage, a French diplomat was on the Shin Bet blacklist on Sunday. Story after story that never makes it to the MSM.

    I think the behaviour of the Scadinavians during the war towards their Jewish compatriots is one of the reasons for their standing apart. The psychological blackmailing using the European guilt is still used again and again, at leat here in France. Look at the Gunter Grass-affair. A German can simply not critisize Israel, no matter what. The smallest critique and we hear the : “They want to reopen the gas chambers…”. [Sigh]

    1. ” “due to respect of human dignity” (as if the Israelis know what that means) ”

      you mean all israelis, right?

      1. If you read ‘in context’ I think it’s clear that I was talking about the Israeli authorities. Do you care about human dignity for non-Jews ? I think I can remember your comments well-enough to answer myself….
        Nothing to say about the fact that Scandinavia has no direct flight to Israel any longer ? You think they can survive without ‘your’ hummous, beaches and …hmhm….gay rights.

        I’ve read various testimonies these last days by ordinary ‘White’ Frenchmen who were interrogated for hours in Charles de Gaulle before flying off to The-Only-Ethnocracy… One guy told how his father who simply took him to the airport was interrogated separately in order to verify that his story was true. He was just going to see Israeli Jewish friends. That was years ago, it was his first, last and only trip to Israel. But I guess you don’t care about your image in the world, after all, the whole world is antisemitic….

  3. No-one has really tested the legaility under English law of Israeli screening policies (and I maintain that what some El Al staff at Luton Airport did was an assault). I would expect that the outcome would be the same sort of caning that Easyjet and Ryanair have received over the years for various abuses of disabled passengers.

    If British Airways or Virgin Atlantic did the same sort of things, it’d be a matter of days before someone, probably the “Equalities Commission” took them to court.

    Not that BA or Virgin ever would: British businesses have a healthy tendency to perceive Arabs as “customers.”

  4. “He compares Israel to a jungle full of savage animals and warns that the rest of the world might want to put this strange kingdom into quarantine.”

    The world is mad. With 44 years of Israel’s blatant failure to comply with GC4 (settlers, settlements) (and 32 years after UNSC ordered Israel to remove all settlers and dismantle all settlements UNSC-465) and 8 years of failure to comply with the law as interpreted by ICJ (remove the wall) — after all that, Europe gets a slight bit hot under the collar about airport checkin procedures for people seeking to travel to Israel.

    What the world should do is put Israel into quarantine — for instance by closing down all commercial air traffic with Israel — until Israel complies with UNSC-465 and GC4 and ICJ-2004. Call it nation-state BDS if you like.

    What the world will do, if the past gives a prediction, is ignore the law and let Israel do as it pleases. Had Hitler limited himself to the holocaust and not attacked most of Europe and USSR, the world — based on these ethics — would never have seen fit to intervene. After all, Stalin murdered 6M Ukrainians in 1933 by deliberate starvation, and the world did nothing.

    Did the world refuse to act from fear of Hitler’s and Stalin’s great power? Perhaps. Or perhaps from inertia and a lack of a sense of responsibility. Does it refuse to act w.r.t. Israel today because Israel is too powerful? Israel-cum-USA is quite powerful. But even having undertaken to ensure respect for GC4 under all circumstances, the world is curiously content not to bear responsibility to clean up Israel’s mess.

  5. RE: “Keep in mind, it was Denmark which saved its entire Jewish population on a single night during the Holocaust. If the ‘army of the Jewish people’ is beating up Danes, and Denmark’s no longer your friend, who is?” ~ R.S.

    ALSO SEE: “The Norwegians, the settlers, the zealot, the olive seedlings– and the Palestinian’s suit against ‘Nobody’ “, by Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss, 3/18/12

    (excerpts). . . First, here is the International Middle East Media Center’s report on the Norwegians’ work at the village of Beit Iskaria, near the Israeli settlement Eleazar, on March 7:

    On Wednesday morning a group of 11 Norwegian students and their teacher joined Yassin Da’doua on his land to plant 200 olive trees as part of the olive tree planting campaign organized by Joint Advocacy Initiative of East Jerusalem YMCA and YWCA of Palestine.
    The group along with the Palestinian farmer and his family managed to plant half of the trees on Wednesday before the leader of the radical settler organization ‘Women in Green’, Nadia Matar, arrived along with two other Israeli settlers who started taking photos of the young Norwegians.
    “Your grandparents have killed my grandparents in the holocaust and now you are helping the Arabs to steal our land. This is the land for the people of Israel. You are helping the wrong people. You are like the Nazis.” Matar shouted at the Norwegian students. . .
    . . . “How can they call me a Nazi? My grandparents fought the Nazis during the second world war,” said one of the Norwegian students responding to Matar comments.

    Video [takes a long time to load, but it is well worth the wait – J.L.D.] is here… – http://www.tv2.no/nyheter/utenriks/her-blir-norske-elever-skjelt-ut-som-nazister-paa-vestbredden-3727428.html

    SOURCE – http://mondoweiss.net/2012/03/the-norwegians-the-settlers-the-zealot-the-olive-seedlings-and-the-palestinians-suit-against-nobody.html

  6. Arabs and other Muslims are no more likely to attempt a hijacking or bombing of a civilian airplane than anyone else. Anyone who seriously believes that is mentally ill.

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