5 thoughts on “Seattle’s Jewish Newspaper Editor Refuses Op-Ed to Correct Pinkwashing Coverage, Even Demands Censorship of Paid Ad – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The meaning of “pinkwashing” and the intent of anti-pinkwashers need to be stated and restated. See also “divide and conquer”.

    Anti-pinkwashers whom I have heard speak describe “pinkwashing” as expensive, organized, politically-motivated praise for Israel couched as praise for Israel’s alleged slightly greater tolerance for LGBT folks than is to be found in occupied Palestine or in Arab countries.

    They see it, reasonably, as an attempt by paid Israeli propaganda (PR, “hasbara”) agents to promote friendliness for Israel, and, importantly, to deflect pro-human rights and pro-Palestinian activism, among the American LGBT community and others.

    Being averse to renouncing their own broad human-rights concerns, LGBT anti-pinkwashers are basically saying, “NOT IN MY NAME” to any apparent pro-LGBT efforts to praise Israel for its (small) LGBT advances while ignoring its (LARGE) human rights crimes against Palestinians. This is no different from what non-LGBT Jews and others do under the banner of “NOT IN MY NAME” who oppose Israel’s too-long and otherwise illegally conducted and anti-human rights occupations, and America’s over-the-top support for it.

    LGBT folks, like anyone else, are, of course, entitled to seek narrow benefits for themselves and to submit cheerfully to the often duplicitous blandishments of the pinkwashers. SEE Richard’s proposed ad.

    But they may also, as we all may, seek and work to advance broad human-rights benefits for all people.

    1. Richard — I like the ad statement very much and your supporters, I’m sure, all thank you for taking this on. I do think that the support for the mission by the Israeli government is a key here and that maybe not enough is made of that. Would the US send LGBT representatives abroad to say what a good place America is to be gay? It’s ridiculous. If LBGT leaders in Israel want to promote Israel, let them do it on their own without political groups and the Israel government in tow. So — the support of Israel is what politicizes the matter and IT should go away before such a visit is entertained as a gay issue on its own merits.

      The second emphasis is that Israel isn’t such a grand place for gays in any case. And how gays fare in Arab countries is irrelevant to the purpose of the visit, obviously.

      1. If the presentation by the Israeli LGBT contigent in Seattle is that Israel is a comfortable place for LGBT, what does this have to do with other countries?

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