6 thoughts on “Seattle Businesses Support Local Public Education – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Have you tried Repast Bakery and Cafe? I have a friend who recently moved to Seattle and absolutely loves that place. It’s only been around for a year or so but is supposed to have really excellent pastries. There are rave reviews on Yelp and elsewhere. It’s in the Mt. Baker neighborhood. Maybe you could try them instead of Columbia City Bakery.

  2. Richard I think your praise of donors is fine but your attempt to punish businesses who don’t donate to your school is a bit highhanded. Have you thought of making them an offer they could not refuse?

    1. Your view that this is “punishment,” I see differently. I see it as informing my readers in the NW about both the generosity of local businesses & those who aren’t as generous. I’ve made as many possible attempts as I can in good conscience to get the Bakery to change its decision. If they want to be a community business they’ll have to take the good with the bad. The community has a voice & is entitled to use it.

  3. Same experience here; mother of elementary school student went to the nearby Cheese Cake Factory to solicit a cake ‘donation’ for the school auction; it would have been written up in the auction brochure (so the Cheese Cake Factory would have gotten some great PR in their immediate community and would know that the mother wasn’t someone trying to scam them by sneaking off with one of their high cholesterol cakes). The manager told the mother that she would have to seek permission from their corporate headquarters in TX — which had to be done by letter.

    Not only was this mother insulted but so was I and everyone else who heard about this ugly greed. So I have never gone there to eat their unhealthy food and every chance I get I warn others about how unhealthy the food is at the Cheese Cake Factory. and how they didn’t see fit to donate one of their saturated fat cakes to a very worthy cause in their local community.

    Everything is local.

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