6 thoughts on “Republican Branch of Pro-Israel Lobby in Attack Mode Against Center for American Progress, Media Matters – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ECI still has Rachel Abrams as its board member.

    Rachel, on her blog, posted infamous manifesto urging IDF to capture terrorists in Gaza — because they have released Gilad Shalit — and throw to the sea to be eaten by “sharks and stargazers”. It is somewhat hard to convey how hateful the text was (and insane).

    ECI is not particularly trustworthy in their estimates who has “virulent” views and who does not. Unless I overlooked some articles of M.J. Rosenberg where he urged to convert some humans into fish fodder.

  2. Proud to be an Israel Firster and also a loyal citizen of this country and a Democrat. There is no conflict between the three. To me, an Israel Firster means that I put Israel first, ahead its Arab and Iranian adversaries. The rest is clear. I care about my country, the USA and I vote Democrat on social issues and domestic policy.

    1. You’re a schizoid personality. What you do is put Israel first ahead of the interest of your own country, whose interests are not the same as Israel’s. And btw, as long as you see all the world’s Arabs as Israel’s adversaries you sentence the country you claim to love to perpetual war. Arabs are not and do not have to be Israel’s adversaries. But Israeli policy & yes men like you make it that way.

      1. Richard: Maybe you are too hard on Israel Firster. After all, after Israel has taken up enough territory (say a big slice of Jordan and of Lebanon) to develop those delicious feelings of security which people in most countries feel, to say nothing of sufficient water), and after Israel has ejected the native population of the territories it conquers as well, perhaps, as of the territory it already controls, THEN perhaps it will feel good about making friends with the neighbors. Hasn’t the USA made friends with Mexico — after taking up Texas long ago? See, conquerors CAN make friends.

        (Oops, bad argument, the USA has a growing Hispanic population, much of it originally from Mexico.)

  3. For starters, Zionists in USA have virulent extremists in their ranks, like Rachel Abrams, and by not distancing themselves they prove very profound bias. Thus they are not a trustworthy source of advise on matters of foreign policy or who should distance himself/herself from whom.

    Organization that keeps Rachel Abrams in its board is a virulent extremist organization.

    Good graphics on the ad, although slightly misleading. It is definitely a message from a “wolf”, the extremists of ECI, but I never really seen “sheep clothing” on ECI.

  4. A repost from Mondo:

    Does anyone believe that the NYT would ever permit one of its writers to use the term “Israel-Firsters” in any article or post?

    Now it’s out there.

    I’m certain that a substantial number of NYT readers will never have seen the term before and ask themselves: what does term connote – is there not some significant evidence that a large number of writers and spokesmen seem to advance Israel’s interests ahead of those of the US?

    The more people debating the issue the better.

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