16 thoughts on “Ben Smith, Alan Dershowitz’ Continuing ‘Jewish War’ Against M.J. Rosenberg – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. Glad that it’s been helpful!

        It’s sad to see that CAP’s Ziad Jilani was fired over what now appears to have been a false argument against him.

        Thanks Richard for an excellent article!

        1. Amazing & gratifying that Abe Sachar was so ahead of his time. And that he was willing to stake out a position so opposed to Ben Gurion’s.

          Ziad appears to have been the sacrificial victim on the altar of political expediency.

  1. Wow what a great article. Perhaps we should all contribute to Dersh’s efforts…

    …and help him attack Obama head-on. And brand him an anti-semite! …and, duh, have him get re-elected anyway…

    There’s no better way to bury AIPAC than by cutting off their sword.

    Once our candidates realize AIPAC is no threat…that you do not need to hew the ‘not one inch!!!!!’ screed…in order to get re-elected…

    AIPAC will stand revealed as the paper tiger it is.

    Go Dersh! Take AIPAC over the political cliff!

  2. Aipac a “paper tiger”? Would that it were. It’s a powerful propaganda agency that like a worm nibbling its way through an apple is helping destroy free political debate in the name of a foreign entity.

  3. Help, Help! The Ayatollahs are coming! The Stalinists are coming. Never fear, the Thought Police are just a ‘dime” away. Just dial 1-800-DER-SVIZ.

    The Dersh proves that history repeats itself. The mistranslation of “Zionist regime will disappear” (or whatever was really said): what fun. I wonder if “six million” was a mistranslation, or perhaps a misunderestimation or misoverestimation. Guess I’d better not ask.

    Truth is what these guys say it is and you’d better believe it. pretty soon it will be illegal in the USA and all EU countries (even Greece) to use “Israel” and “Palestine” in the same paragraph.

  4. I think the guy at Think Progress is ZAID Jilani. ZIAD Jilani was the Palestinian who was finished off by the Border Police in East Jerusalem last year

  5. You’re correct that Obama would crush Santorum, but the Republican nominee will be Romney, who does have a shot at beating Obama, depending on how the economy is doing in the Fall.

  6. RE: “Dershowitz deludes himself into believing he’s going to make MJ a sacrificial offering to the Lobby. ” ~ R.S.


    M J Rosenberg
    Public Figure
    99 “likes”
    LIKE THIS – http://www.facebook.com/pages/M-J-Rosenberg/175495652500343

    Best way to tell Dershowitz to go to hell (1) picket his classroom or (2) tell your friends to follow MJ Rosenberg on twitter.
    MJ Rosenberg
    FOLLOW – https://twitter.com/#!/MJayRosenberg

  7. RE: “Alan Dershowitz…has declared a personal war on the liberal group Media Matters, which has branched out into sharp criticism of Israel.” ~ BuzzFeed

    A CONTRARY VIEW FROM AN ISRAELI: Dear liberal American Jews: Please don’t betray Israel, by Dahlia Scheindlin, +972 Magazine, 2/14/12:

    (excerpts). . . After two weeks in America visiting family and friends, two observations struck me powerfully. First, the understanding that Israel is committing terrible deeds that are destroying itself and its neighbors, has penetrated among you…
    …On this trip, I was stunned to learn that now you don’t even really want to visit Israel because you can’t face what you’re increasingly coming to see as a brutal occupying entity flirting with fascist notions. . .
    …My second observation is that because of your fear – not of the goyim or the anti-Semites, but of yourselves! – you are keeping a low public profile. On this trip, I suddenly realized how naïve it was to imagine that J Street had sufficiently opened the door for anyone who cares critically for Israel to speak out. I underestimated how deep and terrible the intimidation has become and that one political lobby group is far from enough.
    I do understand: those of you who still call the Jewish community home, are afraid of the onslaught that you will receive from your (our) very own people. I hold no illusions about how vicious the attacks might be. We Jews, not the goyim, will call you the most painful names, will threaten in various ways to label you as beyond the pale of your people, should you voice your critique. You might be chastised in your professional community. You will be hit not only by shadowy bloggers but by the very cherished and established groups you have loyally, even automatically, supported over the years. The anger might come from your friends and it might even come from your family…
    . . . Here’s how that made me feel: abandoned, by the liberal Jews of America. You were swept away by Ruth Wisse’s thesis that liberals betrayed the Jewish cause by believing too much in rational universalism and failing to acknowledge the unique, everlasting threat of anti-Semitism…

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://972mag.com/dear-liberal-american-jews-please-dont-betray-israel/35396/

  8. So we can link 972 Mag but we can’t link Elder of Ziyon.

    Got it.

    So we can go off topic and discuss racist rabbis but we cant go off topic and discuss racist Arabs.

    Got it. Got it. Got it.

  9. Thanks to Dickerson for the Facebook liking suggestion. In addition, I went to Media Matters, where I had never been before, and made a contribution specifically naming MJ as my reason for doing so. I hope I have helped in a small way for them to hold the fort.

    Speaking of Dershowitz, I thought of the word maniac. But just to be sure I was being fair, I referred to the definitions given for the word…

    1. An insane person.
    2. A person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for something: a sports maniac.
    3. A person who acts in a wildly irresponsible way: maniacs on the highway.

    On all three counts, Dershowitz is a maniac. He is a poster boy for the power of tenure and why it is so desired in academia – it essentially gives one a license to do anything (legal) and retain one’s job – even if one attacks others in order to put them out of work, as Dersh did with Finkelstein, who was I believe likely to get tenure. James Bond had a license to kill…Dersh, thanks to tenure, has a license to be shrill.

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