13 thoughts on “Israel Enlists Azerbaijan as Anti-Iran Ally Through Weapons Sales, Bribes – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. That looks to me like an Azerbaijani irredentist map showing territory in Iran occupied by Azeri speakers as part of Azerbaijan. Tabriz is still in Iran.

    1. The articles to which I linked talked about the wads of cash used by all interested parties to buy whichever Azeri officials need to be bought. If you think Bibi or the Mossad has any hesitation about playing this game too think again.

      1. see also the OECD reports on azerbaijan. not much of importance gets done there without some liberal wheel greasing, which i suppose, unfortunately, is par for the course with these natural resource backwater boom towns.

  2. bob, you really have to try harder. azerbaijan is ranked 143rd (out of 178 countries) by transparency international on its governmental corruption scale, being only sligthly less corrupt than nigeria or russia. if billion-dollar transactions are taking place in that country, it’s reasonable to assume malfeasance until proven otherwise.

  3. Richard. If Saudi Arabia and Kuwait bankrolled Saddam during the Iran-Iraq War, and France and Russia sold Iraq weapons, than why do Iranian’s chant, ‘Death to Israel’?

    1. Why do millions of Israelis along with their PM & defense minister cry out for war against Iran when Israel has so many greater problems to resolve like its illegal Occupation, its social justice gap, discriminiation against its minority citizens, poverty, etc.?

      Further your comment is OFF TOPIC & this is one of many times I have warned you about staying on topic in commenting. If you cannot, you will lose your comment privileges.

          1. Cool your jets. All you need to do is ask a simple question or write me a private e mail to inform me about something like this. I agree with you & deleted the comment. But enough with the whining already!

    2. Because you have a poor ‘handle’ on the facts, of course! The ‘root-of-all-evil’ continues to be the United Snakes (US/Israel). Chemical weapons were delivered to Saddam’s Iraq by the Reagan/Cheney war criminals. The Merverik and Tow anti-tank missiles were provided by the US and the ‘good little Jews’ of Israel delivered them.

  4. The Israel deal is nothing. Finance Minister Samir Sharifov has set up a corrupt deal with the Obama Administration in exchange for money from the Agency for International Development (AID). Oil kickbacks, military equipment, cash. It’s shame. The people of Azerbaijan deserve better.

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