2 thoughts on “Haaretz Publishes Fraudulent Ad Supporting Settler Price Tag Attacks with Forged Peace Activist Names – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Don’t you worry, no Israeli court will compensate these women. The courts are too scared to do anything that goes against the government’s spirit.

    1. Though I tend to share your speculation re such litigation’s outcome, I disagree re the courts being scared of the government.

      What scares the Supreme Judges is not the government itself but the formidable mainstream public rage at the Supreme-Court “siding with the enemy”. For many (most?) Israelis, the question whether this “enemy” happens to be in the right is totally irrelevant. “The enemy”, whether legally justifiable or not, is the same age-old Nazi-Pharaohnic-Khmelnytsky-Hamman and thus whoever sides with them is a Judenrat-Kapo.

      Israeli collective psyche is, to my opinion, suffers (or perversely enjoys) from politically maintained, ever-intensifying PTSD and the Supreme Court is adjusting itself to it.

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