6 thoughts on “Israelis Willing to Renounce Nuclear Weapons for Mideast Nuclear Free Zone – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yet another poll of Israeli Jewish opinion presenting itself as a survey of “Israeli” opinion. Is there any other country in the world where pollsters just eliminate 20% of the population from consideration?

  2. Sorry this poll is fatally flawed. As a twenty year resident of Israel I confirm to you that no significant percentage of Israelis would surrender their nukes for any reason. I don’t have to explain why this poll gets its numbers, but believe me they are dead wrong.

    1. Sorry, but the academics who conducted this poll & the Dahaf Institute which produced it for them are professionals & what they’ve produced is scientific data. Yr impression is anecdotal & personal at best & hence not scientific. And sorry, but you do have to explain yr claim the poll is “fatally flawed” w. far better than anecdotal “evidence.” Otherwise your data is garbage in/garbage out. And no, I don’t believe you. I only believe you represent yr own personal opinion.

  3. If two-thirds of the Israeli Jews favour a nuclear-free ME, why hasn’t there been any campaigns, demonstrations, etc.?

  4. Psalm 145:20 says it all. Israel, you’re not reading the Torah enough. If the Muslims can memorize the Qu’ran you should at lease be forewarned the the time is coming – but your Massiah isn’t!

  5. As an German citizen I don’t have to make any recommendations to You. But I will not hide my gladness about the results of this poll.

    If You are further interested in this issue (nuclear free zone), it might be useful to look at the example of Brazil – Argentina. At first they started to talk bilateral. This was easier to gain some progress than inside the IAEA.


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