5 thoughts on “Caroline Glick Gets Down and Dirty With Gates of Vienna and Other Racist Anti-Jihadi Friends – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. FYI Richard… She’s been involved with them for a long time. This recognition you have noticed isn’t the first time. If you look back through their ‘news feeds’ you’ll find that she is a regular contributor.

  2. Excellent post there by Farha Khaled. So Baron Bodisset is Ned May, huh? And Dumbo, I mean Dymphna, is his wife? I can’t really take them that seriously, that whole coterie, Robert Spencer, Sultan knish, Fjordman, Bat Y’eor, Pam Geller etc. And now Glick, I can’t say I’m surprised at all…

    It’s that part of the blogosphere where a donning hazmat suit is strongly recommended. Or at least armpit high wellies, goggles and washing pin (on the nose) to wade through the open sewers of the Ultra Far Right, pro-Zionist, Islamophobia…

  3. Richard,

    I condemn hatred against anyone, but anti-muslim feeling isn’t going to go away unless there is a change of attitude in the Muslim world. Until the Arab world explicitly rejects racism, and the muslim world explicitly rejects theologically motivated violence, fear and hostility toward Muslims will only grow.


    1. You’re full of it. Until the State of Israel explicitly rejects anti-Arab racism & acts to enforce the law when laws are violated, and Orthodox Jews explicitly reject theologically motivated violence, fear & hostility toward Israelis will only grow. Don’t waste our time. You’re a racist through & through. Go back where you came from.

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