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    1. It isn’t covering the faces that disturbs me. It’s the violence. The violence by Israeli Jews against Palestinians is far more lethal than the other way around. Six times more Palestinian civilians are killed than Israeli civilians. Argue with facts for a change.

  1. A zero-sum game has been created and fomented by leftists who insist that Jews living in Israel, (and admit, it, it doesn’t matter on which side of the imaginary green line), are responsible for all the ills in the world and that Moslem Arabs are not responsible for any of the hatred and murderous actions that they preach and perform. This indoctrination creates a situation in which co-existence in the land of Israel is impossible. It’s kill or be killed. Don’t blame the Jews in the picture for being caught in the middle of a world-wide anti-semitic leftest fascist ideology that has declared open season on the Jews on both side of the imaginary green line and around the world. If you are a Jew, you are just as guilty in the eyes of the leftists as are the Jews in the picture, and your life just as worthless. Beware!

    1. Why don’t you write a pamphlet about this “world-wide anti-semitic leftist fascist ideology” you refer to? I’m sure it would be as amusing as the “Protocols.” The fact is, AIPAC exists, the occupation exists, land theft exists, thugs like the ones in the picture exist, and you can’t defend reality. So you deny reality.

      Thugs like these guys in the picture have a choice. They could be working for peace. They could be living on the Israeli side of the Green Line. Or they could be living in some illegal suburban enclave like Maale Adumim without attacking anyone. There are many possibilities.

      Silverstein is absolutely correct. These guys could just as easily be wearing satin hoods. If they were, I’m sure you would exculpate them by telling us that the Klan is just caught in the middle of a race war, poor widdle victims!

      You have no idea how evil defending evil sounds. Beware, yourself.

    2. It is idiotic to claim that Palestinians resist Israeli Jews actions because of their religion. Even if Palestinians were Christian Protestants, Hindus or Scientology worshippers they would resist using exactly the same methods Palestinians now are using. The reason for the resistance and use of terrorism is simply decades long bad treatment and organized robbery, not the religion. The methods of resistance are exactly the same occupied people have used in previous cases. Israel uses exactly the same methods other occupying forces have used. Torture, targeted killings and collective punishments.

      As idiotic is to claim that on the Israeli Jews side religion doesn’t play a role. A Jew is simply a follower of Judaism. Despite all the propaganda Zionism is a pure subset of Judaism. Israel was created because of the religion and the country is organized to so that the religion (Judaism) has the full unchallenged domination. In the first decades of Israel Judaism was wisely hidden on backstage, but not anymore. Now the religion’s, Judaism’s, role has become so visible that it is impossible to hide.

      I do not see on modern times bestseller lists in Muslim countries books in which “religious professionals” speculate what kind of killing rights their holy scripts give to their own “master race”. In Israel we can read in a best seller book that the prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder’ applies only ‘to a Jew who kills a Jew,’ (Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur). This religious killing “permit” includes non-Jewish babies. What a scandal would be if a former Army chief ayatollah (or priest) would recommend killing their opponents in the bed. When an Israeli former army chief rabbi does the same, it is passed almost without comments. So common are the extreme religious opinions among present days style Israel’s Jewish population and supporters, that it is astonishing that they dare still criticize other religions.

      That Islam bashing strategy was successful, when they managed to hide Judaism on deep in the background. But when the Jewish Talebans get stronger day after day that strategy is loosing its advantage.

      1. Not sure that Hindus and Scientologists would use the SAME methods, but equivalent ones, perhaps.

        Protestants would probably try and keep the Israeli navy out of harbour and running before the wind until the crews were exhausted and the ships wrecked.

      2. that book was never a best seller.

        Don’t you think it’s ironic that you complain about Islam bashing but you use the terms ayatollah and Taliban’s when you want to describe religious extremists?

    3. “If you are a Jew, you are just as guilty in the eyes of the leftists as are the Jews in the picture, and your life just as worthless.”

      Well, yeah. That must explain why sites like Tikun Olam, Mondoweiss and many others like these are making such a stellar ascent and are being increasingly read, linked to, applauded and quoted by non-Jews: because the left has ‘declared open season on the Jews’.

      Can you hear yourself think when you write such vile nonsense?

      Perhaps you may also remember that up to the 70s the European Left overwhelmingly supported Israel? Ask yourself why that is no longer the case. Hint: these guys in the picture are a manifestation of it…

    4. “(and admit, it, it doesn’t matter on which side of the imaginary green line), ”

      Hmmmmmm, that “logic” reminds me very much of the claim that a certain dictator had towards Sudetenland, which was jam-packed with Germans even though it lay over the “wrong” side of an line.

      He took rather the same dismissive attitude to that line that you are taking to the Green Line i.e. the line is arbitrary and so it can – and should – be dismissed, making it all mine, mine, mine, mine.

      History repeating, this time as farce….

  2. Richard, i understand what you are saying, i really do, but it bothers me that you are so one sided. As a person living in Jerusalem, as a person who was in the army, I can see and feel the full picture- there are 2 sides to the story. There are bad people from both sides. I try to find the good ones, no matter their religion, color, beliefs etc. Isn’t that what Tikun Olam is about? Shavua Tov! 🙂

    1. Adena, I have no doubt you are basically a nice person. And you are correct in saying that good and bad people on both sides exist. But the reality upon which human nature of both Palestinians and Israelis is superimposed is that of a one-sided Occupation. This is the framework within which the conflict arises, not the simple result of human nature. Didn’t you ever think about this during your army service? Didn’t it occur to you that you were the one humiliating someone at a checkpoint, not visa versa? As I said at the outset, I have no doubt you are basically a nice person, but the Occupation has made you commit loathsome deeds.

    2. adena, while there are good and bad people on both sides, the prisoners are multiple thousands to one. actually zero now. the victims are overwhelmingly palestinians and the criminals like the ones in this photo, who protects them? your army. who supports them? your army. the idf and israeli gov only targets one side and lets the settlers run wild and rule the roost. excuse some of us for trying to neutralize that massive imbalance.if we don’t who will? we were supportive for decades and israel kept expanding.

      please review the boy who cried wolf. quit crying wolf and change the policy, faster please.

  3. Gah. The Klan? Really?? And again with the Nazi thing? Look there’s no doubt that these people are thugs. There’s no doubt that their actions are a chillul hashem. But are you really comparing a broken finger and some fisticuffs (stickticuffs?) to racial lynchings and mass murder?

    I’m afraid you may have finally, finally jumped the shark with this post.

    1. Pea doesn’t want to admit that these guys really ARE about racial lynchings and, yes, murder on more than a small scale. And that’s precisely what the Klan was about.

    2. They don’t only break fingers. They kill Palestinians when given a chance. They burn olive trees. They beat the living shit out of 70 yr old women who do nothing more than come to help Palestinian farmers harvest their crops. So yes, I’m comparing them to pond scum. They’re Jewish Nazis, Judeo Nazis. The term was good enough for the most brilliant Israeli public intellectual of the past 50 yrs, Yeshaia Leibowitz. It’s good enough for me.

      You’re only the 10th person who’s ‘mourned’ the fact that I’ve jumped the shark. I guess these sharks must have 11 lives.

    3. I’d be the first to admit it. If it was true. But comparing these guys to the Klan or to Nazis is just SO over the top.It’s meant to evoke the natural revulsion we feel towards the Klan and Nazis and apply it to others regardless of the lack of actual historical or factual similarities. In doing so one distorts the facts and cheapens massive tragedies for the sake of scoring cheap political or ideological points. Not cool at all.

      1. Oh, come on. “Over the top” is when you are 14 and call your mother a Nazi for keeping you from going out drinking. But showing the frightful and undeniable similarities between the KKK and these “Judeans” is only “over the top” to people who want to pretend it doesn’t exist. Look at the damned photo. These guys are not there to build bridges of understanding between their settlers trailers and the Palestinian community. If you think so, you’re a bigger fool than you have painted yourself thus far.

      2. comparing these guys to the Klan or to Nazis is just SO over the top

        The next time you are in Israel, I insist that you join Assaf and his fellow activists in their visits to a Palestinian village. Assaf will “introduce” you to these Judean terrorists personally and then you can return here & tell us they aren’t really Nazis or Jewish Klansmen. Till then, you’re prattling nonsense.

        .It’s meant to evoke the natural revulsion we feel towards the Klan and Nazis

        Hey fellow readers, the only reader here who doesn’t feel “natural revulsion” for the Judean terrorists seems to be Pea! How telling.

        one distorts the facts and cheapens massive tragedies

        Perhaps the massive tragedies that these brutes cause to Palestinians don’t rise to that level for Pea. They’re only minor nuisances for her. In 50 yrs, if Israel no longer exists, then she might change her tune & concede that Judean terror was a massive tragedy for Palestinians & Israel as well.

    4. Judeo – terrorists make the Klan look like Mother Teresa. Do you have even the slightest idea about what’s going on in Palestine?

      As for Nazis, these guys probably couldn’t have joined the SS for being too violent. The average Israeli is orders of magnitude more racist and hateful than the average German during WW2.

      It’s only due to external pressures that we didn’t have genocide years ago. If the world decided to look the other way starting today, there wouldn’t be a single Palestinian left alive a month from now.

        1. Daniel F.
          No, I do not. These days, I have to hide the fact that I don’t want all Arabs dead. Even supporting the status-quo occupation, rather than genocide, is becoming less and less of an acceptable opinion. Supporting equal rights for Palestinians? That’s downright dangerous.

      1. The average Israeli is orders of magnitude more racist and hateful than the average German during WW2.

        I find this not only a patently false statement, but also needlessly incendiary. If you need to make such points go elsewhere to do so. 6 million murdered Jews in addition to all the Poles & Russians killed as well prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how racist & hateful the average German Wehrmacht or SS officer was during WWII. The hate of Israelis may be large & indefensible, but it doesn’t compare to what German did to the world during WWII.

        1. I’ve never heard of German families visiting the camps as spectators to genocide. Cast Lead come to mind.
          Germany tried to hide the killings. Israel has to hide trials for soldiers who killed Arabs.
          I’m afraid it’s now you who is discussing opinions in a place he does not know enough about.

  4. “I want my religion back.” That was my reaction too when I read a glowing article about Rev. John Hagee in yesterday’s Toledo Blade.

    Excellent post, Richard!

    1. I get the impression from the CUFI that they just want to be friends and to express that friendship by helping out here and there…..it never hurts to have a few more friends and let us respect any outstretched hand if the sentiment behind it comes from the heart.

      Only Jewish infighting can truly harm Judaism.

      1. CUFI and the rest of the Christian Zionist movement just want to move the Rapture along. They fully expect Jews to destory their ow state and then the Christian Messiah can return. They’re just helping move things along by “helping.”

  5. Once again, I would not care SO MUCH about klan-like Israeli Jews if they would only obey the international law and STAY IN ISRAEL instead of residing illegally in occupied territories.

    (HOWEVER, I would still worry about klan-violence against Israeli Palestinians (citizens).

    Jews were downtrodden in Europe for so long that they depended on external pressures (non-Jewish) to keep their hatred from actual expression,. In Israel, there is no external pressure and these untrained folks (like kids not yet toilet trained) spew their filthy, vile hatred without restraint. USA and EU should but refuse to perform the essential service of restraint of evil.

  6. Recently I had my curiosity piqued with the claim that particular activities/policies of some Israelis (including Israeli governments over the years) can be characterized as Nazism. Or now I see, to regard such people as a Judeo-Nazis. But is this meant to express a deep emotional revulsion or is it meant more literally? Is Nazism a particular kind of fascism that can be generalized? How are the ways that such Israelis act – actual actions and policies – similar to those of the Nazis? If such a connection can be shown then I would accept its use. Otherwise …

      1. The impact of the Brownshirts and other political militias in Germany and especially Bavaria (most parties had them) was so great that the creation of the Gestapo: whose initial mandate was to get the militias off the streets, was generally received with relief. (The Brownshirt leadership was eventually curbed when it suited Hitler, the basic organization was not removed but it faded away as war forced members into service or essential employment.)

        One of the controversial, but accurate (for the timeframe), things about the film “Twenty Minutes” aka “The Artisan” is that in Georg Elser’s eyes, the Brownshirts appear far worse than the Munich Gestapo.

        No matter how oppressive the laws the Gestapo enforced, the Brownshirts would always, always, go further. Richard, these men are indeed Brownshirts at heart.

  7. Two comments:

    (1) You mention your religion “being defiled”. Assuming you mean Judaism, I have to ask you what you do with Psalm 109, Psalm 83 and the “Song of the Sea” where the Children of Israel sing praises to Heaven for drowning Pharoah’s host in the Red Sea?

    (2) The photo you posted on this thread points out an interesting change in how many people view Jews that has occurred in the last several decades. For centuries Jews were viewed as cowards and weaklings who were nothing more than passive victims of pogroms. Now we see Jews portrayed as tough guys who don’t take guff from anyone. For many of us, this is a refreshing change!

    1. As for 1. you must not recall God’s response to this in the midrash. He told the angels to be silent: “My creatures are drowning. How can you celebrate?”

      Again, I don’t see pogromists as Jews. They are rather Judeans, radical hate-filled settlers who defile my religion merely by attempting to associate with it. They abuse religion in order to realize a purely political agenda. The mix of hate, politics & religion is toxic.

      BTW, these Judeans without weapons or poles when facing anyone man to man would just be human beings (if that). They’d run if given half a chance.

  8. Too many settlers act like spoiled adolescents who are accustomed to getting their own way.
    Who is to blame if they behave like brats if not those who pampered them for so long.
    Time for some reeducation but unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy are in denial.

  9. When i recover from the severe injuries caused by these four hooded terrorists, I will write the tales of this horrible attack and armed rubbery.

  10. Pls remember that many of the Palestinian farmers are Christian and also very much involved in the non-violent popular resistance movement. They also find the violence of the settlers abhorent and an afront to Jewish tradition and values.

    1. Well said, yes, “…an afront to Jewish tradition and values.” – a thousand times over! My God, if you were to reduce a religious description of Judaism to two words as “ethical monotheism”, these barbarians would by their actions and very presence have denigrated and denied the first part, and what scintilla of significance would the second part then convey?

  11. Richard, as the 70 year old woman you mention above, I almost hyperventilate when I look at that photograph. I have never in my life been so frightened as I was on that peaceful Sunday morning when I was helping a half dozen women and children harvest their olives and found myself suddenly alone and surrounded by a gang of thugs just like those. I still have not had the courage to return to Yanoun village. I can’t imagine what it must be like for a Palestinian villager who can’t escape but has to face such terrorists on a regular basis.

    1. Thanks for reminding us of your suffering, Mary. You were indeed the victim I was thinking about. Perhaps Pea didn’t read the comment you published some while ago outlining the ways in which you were seriously maimed by such thugs & the long period of convalescence you endured. I don’t want you to repeat something that would make you relive this tragedy. It’s just that some people live in bubbles & refuse to concede others can be suffering in ways they claim.

    2. I have already said that these people are thugs, that their actions are a chilul hashem. In case that wasn’t clear enough let me state that I find them loathsome and I wish the Israeli authorities would enforce the law and arrest individuals who assault peaceful protesters. My point is that one can be a violent loathsome thug and not be a Klansman or a Nazi. Assaulting an old woman does not make you a Nazi. Beating on unarmed protesters does not make you a Klansman. I hope that clarifies things a bit. I don’t live in a bubble, and I totally sympathize with Mary’s and others’ suffering despite the fact that I refuse to call them victims of Nazism.

      1. Klansmen & Brownshirts weren’t “violent loathesome thugs?” News to me.

        What’s the diff.? The Brownshirts & Klan beat up Jews (later the Brownshirts went farther of course into genocide) and the Klan added killing Blacks to its repertoire. These Judean thugs also kill Palestinians. You conveniently omit this in yr admission concering the “loathesome” things they do, which somehow aren’t comparable to Klansmen or Brownshirts.

        As for “clarifying things.” You’ve clarified things…about as clear as mud.

        1. Klansmen & Brownshirts weren’t “violent loathesome thugs?” News to me.

          You’ve got it backwards: Klansmen and Brownshirts were violent loathsome thugs, but evidently not every violent loathsome thug is a Klansman or Brownshirt. There are ordinary criminals as well, for starters. What K&B and the Judean thugs have in common (and the ordinary criminal has not) is of course the political agenda and the organised-ness, which also makes them “terrorists” by definition (a designation that would surely have more clout if it hadn’t been so grossly abused by everyone with a vested interest).

          later the Brownshirts went farther of course into genocide

          Just a technical point, actually the Brownshirts (SA) were obliterated, their leader Ernst Röhm and many others murdered, in the “night of the long knives” in 1934, long before the genocide started. Hitler had decided the competing “Blackshirts” (SS) were more useful to him, and Röhm had made himself too many enemies.

          1. The Brownshirts as an organization did not completely die with Rohm (theirs remained the party uniform) and I think Martin Borman controlled what was left of them till the end in 1945.

            They had a representative at the Wansee Conference in 1942, but so did every organization and department which Heydrich wanted to share the blame with.

            What had definitely stopped by 1935 was the idea of the Brownshirts as an organization having anything to do with Hitler’s personal security, and there were thereafter several independent organizations charged with the same responsibility, his hope being that they wouldn’t all foul up simultaneously.

            It’s also worth bearing in mind that most Brownshirts were Great War Veterans (an important Nazi constituency), and that made most of them unlikely candidates for a war not planned to start until 1941.

            Their uniform was present at Party Functions throughout the Nazi regime, including the one at the beer hall where Georg Elser planted his bomb.

        2. When did I ever say that the Klansmen and Brownshirts weren’t violent loathsome thugs? I never even mentioned the Brownshirts, I only mentioned Nazis.

          And for the record, the Brownshirts ceased to be a significant force in Nazi Germany after the “Blood Purge” of 1934 – the Night of Long Knives that saw their core leadership executed and the organization itself downsized into irrelevance – they never played a significant role in perpetuating the Holocaust. Prior to this event, the Brownshirts numbered over 3 million, a force much larger than the German Army. Your analogies fail all over the place and perhaps if you knew your history of the Third Reich a little better you wouldn’t be so cavalier with your Nazi comparisons.

          As for the Klan, they killed thousands of people throughout their various incarnations through the years. I can’t give you a historical run down of the Klan in a comment but anyone who has studied the Klan would know that these settler thugs don’t really compare both in size and scope of activities. This applies even more so to the Nazis.

          Why can’t you just judge these lawless settlers based on their actions which are appalling on their own? Why is it necessary to distort things with inaccurate and inappropriate analogies?

          1. You’ve of course missed the entire pt of my mentioning the Brownshirts & it is YOU whose historical analysis is wanting because you haven’t bothered to understand my argument. They were the predecessors of the Gestapo, just as the Judean settler terrorists are the possible harbinger of a truly fascist Jewish state. The settler thugs are little diff. than Klansmen or Browshirts. I deliberately didn’t link the Judeans to outright Nazi genocidaires (of the Holocaust era) because these Jewish terrorists don’t commit genocide, they only kill off Palestinians one at a time (now). But just as the Nazis became more proficient in their methods as time progressed so the settlers, with the connivance of official Israel, could become more proficient & lethal in their ways.

            As for the Klan, they killed thousands of people throughout their various incarnations through the years

            You claim they killed thousands yet you can’t give any evidence. My, my. You know what the comment rules say don’t you? No evidence, no credibility. Of course the Klan killed many. So have settlers. Not yet quite as proficient as the Klan perhaps, but give ’em time. They’ll get better esp. as they see the State does nothing to stop them.

            You’re done on this subject. Exhausted every possible word that can be said & then some. Move on to another subject.

          2. The well documented Wikipedia entry on the Klan, citing W.E.B. Du Bois, among others, talks about thousands of deaths from just the 1st Klan – there are three main Klan eras cited by most scholars.

            Comparing the Brownshirts to the Gestapo is inexplicable. The Brownshirts were street thugs and brawlers and the Gestapo was the secret police. But the one thing you said that finally makes sense is that “the Judean settler terrorists are the possible harbinger of a truly fascist Jewish state.” If the actions of the settlers were to spread and become more extreme and more commonplace, it would bode ill for Israel. That’s why I oppose these settler vigilantes and support their arrest and prosecution. We’re definitely on the same page there.

            I only responded because you asked for proof on the casualties attributable to the Klan. I’ve made my point and I am now done.

          3. I didn’t “compare” the Brownshirts to the Gestapo. I said they were the predecessors of the Gestapo just as chimpanzees were the predecessors of homo sapiens (though the time frame for development was a lot longer). And no, I’m not “comparing” the Gestapo to homo sapiens either!

  12. Beyond all the tit for tat arguing about who is worst, palestinians or jews, I as a jew care most about the behaviour of my own people which disgraces us all.

  13. Palestinian violence is precipitated by acts of desperation and self-defense. People robbed of their land, stuffed into refugee camps for generations, and with no rights to protest or resist! What can those conscious-blind Israeli politicians and settlers expect? Not even the old “nice master, good slave” applies; it’s more like “nasty master, deprived slave”!

  14. Richard I think it’s a good thing that you publish such a provocative piece. I think Jews in Western countries expect Jewish people to be white collar professionals devoid of physicality. The reason why they have this luxury is because they are being defended by a tough gentile army who do the “dirty work” for them. I think that is why some Jews are shocked to see other Jews who can defend themselves militarily.

  15. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the ultra-right Zionist Revisionist Party, precursor to the Stern Gang, the Irgun and today’s Likud Party.
    Jabotinsky called for the “revision” of the British mandate to allow the forcible Zionist colonization of then Transjordan and its union with Palestine to create one Jewish state. He also advocated that Zionism should concentrate solely on the creation of a Jewish state encompassing the borders of biblical or Eretz Israel and if London did not provide its full hearted support, Jewish forces should be mobilized to be used against British troops in Palestine (this soon took place). His chauvinistic, militaristic and authoritarian views appealed to many young Jews, especially those in Europe, where he formed youth groups known as Betar whose practices such as wearing brown shirts and using distinctive salutes were taken from Italian fascism. Revisionist Zionism surged in the late 1920’s when Betar groups were being established in Palestine.

  16. I just want to share that my attempts to even discuss your article were labelled Hate Speech on the increasingly right wing extremist discussion board BeliefNet.

    And my post about your article under the thread The Face Of Israeli Terror was deleted.


    There is a lot of irony in that, in how discussing hate is itself labelled hate speech, all to stop criticism of Israel.

  17. It is heartening to discover your article and website via random comments surfing in the Toronto Globe and Mail.

    I have, over several decades, morphed from a very strong supporter of Israel (probably more or less heavily influenced (brainwashed) by American media and my being raised in a largely Jewish neighborhood, to now feeling saddened and dismayed by the seemingly unending violently discriminatory expansionist policies and actions of Israeli governments and their “cult-like religiousness” justifications.

    To my mind, these policies, actions and sadly, consequences, bear a striking resemblance to the policies and actions and consequences of the European colonizers/United States government and their “settlers” during the approximately four centuries of the so-called “Indian Wars”, which resulted in the successful European colonization of “America” and the near extermination of the millions of the then existing native inhabitants.

    As in; a small band of settlers (an curious naming since the land was already settled) would establish an outpost in “hostile territory”, the natives would resist/attack, the settlers would attack those resisting (blaming the resisting natives for the violence), the army would be sent in to protect the settlers and put down the “uprising”, (intifada).

    This would lead to government financial support, (free land, food, roads, trains and/or housing). which would draw/encourage more settlers, more resisting/attacking, ad naseum. And we know how that one turned out: The Golden Rule of Christianity won; i.e. He who has the biggest guns, Rules!

    The decimated remaining original settlers/inhabitants were forced into enclaves/reserves/ghettos/Gazas?, which were then encroached upon whenever the “victors” wanted something there; (uranium, coal, gold, the high ground, (or just the ground) or water; or whatever. What is different, this time/space/scenario? The names may be different but the game seems the same. Have we learned: Can we learn, nothing?

    Richard, perhaps another name for those you name Judeans might be Juhadists as they seem to have a lot in common with the Jihadists: not to forget the right wing Jesus/Christian Crusader types: How about Jehadists. Thank you for your thoughtful perspective and forum.

    Please understand: I am not advocating any specific policies or actions against a people, nor am I a hater of Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindi, Sikh, Other or Self. These are only thoughts/observations that feel pertinent and I present them for honorable consideration. Blessings be to all beings. PEACE

  18. You are a Jew. YOU do not determine what Israeli Jews call themselves. They do. Just as Israeli Palestinians don’t determine what Israeli Jews call themselves. If you can’t call them Jews as they themselves call themselves, then you’re being racist…. The rules of characterization of ethnicity here are that you use the terms generally used by that ethnic group, not the ones you use for ideological or political reasons to diminish their rights or standing

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