6 thoughts on “Israeli Diplomats Complain Foreign Ministry Abandoned Them During Siege, Mossad Agents Were In Cairo Embassy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The diplomats at the Foreign Ministry are not happy under the heavy handed leadership of Avigdor Liberman who uses the ministry crudely as a platform to further his own political ends.
    The reports from disgruntled diplomats are yet another sign of a malaise and that Israel is out of step and not prepared for what lies ahead.
    Let’s hope that the landing is not too bumpy and that those who should stand up to protect the core values of Israel do so.
    Let the Palestinians have their state even if they use it as a springboard for further demands
    and refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
    Israel is not about repressing any other nation,Israel is about a safe homeland for Jews.

    1. What core values are you talking about? Land theft? Ethnic cleansing? Racism? False flag operations? Extraordinary rendition? Vigilantism? Let’s talk about core values – not the ones it claims it has but the ones that it displays by its actions.

      1. It’s almost as if SOME of the slogans of early days are recalled, nostalgically, as “core values”, whereas other slogans and especially the rarely spoken-out-loud ones are thought of (by some) as not-so-core-values.

        “Home for all Jews who desire to come” OR “refuge” (not the same thing at all!) seem “core” to some people who may, perhaps, deny that “expulsion of Arabs” was necessary to effect this “core value”.

        “A land without a people” seems to me, an anti-Zionist after all, as a VERY “core value” which asserted the lie that there were no people in Palestine (or that there were no people with rightful possession of the land). The EXPULSION of 1948 and the slow-but-steady EXCRUCIATING PRESSURE in the West Bank since 1967 are both attempts, in a sense, to make this bitter slogan “come true”.

        The two-state idea cannot come true unless the Zionists agree to limit their desire for a substantially Arab-free territory to pre-1967 Israel. There is little sign of Israeli (or world Jewish) enthusiasm for this idea, what with all the OTHER SLOGANS (ASSERTED TO BE CORE VALUES) such as “undivided Jerusalem”.

        1. “A land without a people for a people without land”
          “The bride is beautiful but is married to another man”?

          – That was the question.

          A rhetorical question, of course, as everyone knew too well which was the truth and which was a fairy tale.

          And the answer was:
          “If you want, it is no fairy tale!”.

          And they wanted very hard.

          And so came ’48.

          And the marriage was annulled as the land got emptied for the “people without land”.

          Some call it antisemitism, some call it a sat truth.

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