6 thoughts on “Turkey Considering Cut-Off of Economic Ties With Israel – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Turkey is willing to take MAJOR steps of nation-state-level BDS against Israel, but is also willing to call it off if Israel MERELY APOLOGIZES.

    I hope that Turkey does take these steps, and before September 20. After all, Mavi Marmara was quite a while ago and Israel has had plenty of time to apologize.

    this would be wonderful if it happen (note the subjunctive), because it would be a major instance, perhaps the very first, of nation-state-level BDS directed at Israel because of Israeli lawlessness.

    Too bad these punitive steps are not being proposed as enforcement measures to require Israel to remove all settlers, dismantle all settlements and the wall, and end the siege of Gaza. THEN they would be steps taken in service of RULE OF LAW rather than steps taken for reason of national pride or amour propre or whatever an apology is good for.

  2. The Globes.il report waffles about Hurriyet reporting this economic suspension as fact, yet on searching Hurriyet, the only evidence I can find of any proposed economic suspension is from an Op Ed and is speculation on the part of the author.


    Or maybe there’s a Hurriyet story directly quoting Erdogan or Davugotlu which I have overlooked?

    Israeli media & Hurriyet have proved extremely unreliable reporting this issue since before the Palmer report was first to be released some months ago.

  3. Pabelmont, Turkey has consistently stuck to its original demands that Israel not only apologise for its murders, but compensate the families of those Israel murdered and end the blockade on Gaza.

    The Israeli and some Turkish press have been remiss in omitting the second two demands and focus on the first.

  4. Why do you say Hurriet is right-wing?

    I thought that newspaper was secular and pro-CHP.

    Isn’t the AK party (of which they are very critical) more right-wing than CHP?

  5. Both parties are conservative. Turkey’s oldest political party, the CHP is Kemalist conservative but is casted as centre left, while the AKP, formed in 2002, is cast as centre right, liberal conservative.

    The CHP was the party in power during Turkey’s period of single-party statehood and is the traditional party of the middle and upper middle class. Hurriyet is a paper machinating for the elites, with connections to the deep state and ergenokenon gang.


    Good article on Hurriyet and more of its historical machinations here:


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