8 thoughts on “China to Support Palestinian Statehood Bid – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s right because China, the “world’s second most powerful country” (some would omit that “second”) supports its.

    Might makes right. Gotcha.

    1. Israel has been working on the principle that “Might makes Right” pretty much since the time of Herzl, Jabotinsky, Begin, Shamir, to the present Netanyahu and his gang. and now you’re telling me about China?
      Go tell the Likudniks your friends(??): the palestinians Gotcha this time.
      get it???

      1. No, *you* didn’t get it, Costandi.

        What Israel’s done through the years isn’t the subject of my comment. The subject is: I’m calling you, the anti-Israel crowd, on your hypocrisy.

        1. @Kneidelmeister Supremus

          i hope with your supreme intelligence you are able to find the definition of the word “hypocrisy” in any non-hasbara dictionary you can find… chances are you might find there your picture as the hypocrite par excellence.

          you seem a little slow at perceiving the relationship that exists between the palestinian bid for recognition and the Likudnik policy principle that “Might and Lies(Propaganda) Makes Right and Moral.” have you ever read Herzl and Jabotinsky?

          the subject of my answer to your comment is to rebut your sarcasm that because China supports the palestinian bid for recognition then it (the bid) must be “Not Right.” if you thought that your twisted logic will pass unnoticed and paint you as a reasonable and moral person, you must be as i said above “a little slow in the thinking department.”

          you don’t read history, you don’t do logic, and you accuse people who tell you the truth to your face of being “anti-israel.” that know-nothing knee-jerk response of the like of yours deserves an answer:

          @Kneidelmeister Supremus, you don’t know what the f^#k you’re taking about. Are you ANTI-YAHOODI or what? go fish.

        2. I’m calling you, the anti-Israel crowd

          Major comment rule violation. Vague, sweeping accusations like calling someone “anti Israel” esp. w/o providing any evidence to support the charge is not permitted. If you violate the rules again you will be moderated. Read the rules & follow them. I mean it.

  2. Great news, especially in view of similar support from India and Brazil; these are the three countries of the future.

    High time for the EU to get on board. Perhaps there was a move toward that in the Quartet recently until the US stymied it. The US presence in the Quartet as Israel’s lawyer makes it a joke. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Quartet was Russia, China, India, and Brazil!

    1. Not so long ago one knew who the “good guys” were and who the “bad guys” were by who supported you.

      Having America “on your side” as opposed to communist USSR or China enabled one to determine who one “ought” to support in a conflict.

      Now it seems thid distinction has become blurred.

      Whilst I support the Palestinian’s having a state (I’m actually a “one stater”), and can’t really see what all the fuss is about if the UN does or doesn’t vote for the P state (can’t see how it helps or hinders the process), the last thing I would want for my cause is for China to support it.

      China arguably has the worst human rights record in the world over a long time with no apparent future of change. I’d be much happier with Palestinian leaders saying thanks but no thanks to their generous support.
      (Equally as Israel should have done to South Africa, but failed to do so).

      1. @shmuel,
        i am sure you would have been much happier too if at the end of WW2 Roosevelt and Churchill didn’t meet with Stalin at Yalta.
        or did you assume that the palestinians were stupid ayyyyyrabs and that only WASPs (like R&C) have a monopoly on discerning correctly what’s strategically in their best interest and going with it?
        think it over please. you come as very condescending.

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