7 thoughts on “Barak Walking Horse Back to Barn: Eilat Attackers ‘Bedouins with Egyptian Citizenship’…or Not – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If you think that anyone would conduct intelligence matters in the public space – such as reveling exactly what type of evidence Israel has, and exposing the source by doing so – then you live at a place located between La La land and Shangrila.

    This is not a reality show.

    1. Intelligence agencies reveal evidence virtually every day including Israeli intelligence. When it’s in their interests to do so they do, when it’s not they don’t. In this case, it’s not in Israel’s interest because it would expose the nature of its lies about the tragedy.

      1. Yehh you mean like the CIA reveled how they got Osama ?
        and you know its lies because ? G-d reveled himself to you in your dream ?
        The fact that you say its a lie is meaningless.

        1. Funny you should mention that. In a democracy, when the nation’s intelligence agency refuses to release such proof then the people refuse to believe what the government tells them. Obama’s folks told everyone that Bin Laden resisted & was killed. We know since they refused to support their claim that it was very likely false. Just as we know because the IDF refuses to release the bodies or any info on those it killed that it is similarly lying.

          The fact that you say virtually anything is meaningless.

          1. Going by your logic, Richard, it is safe to assume that Bin-Laden wasn’t killed at all. There have been no proof presented to support such a claim. Furthermore, I have yet to see convincing proof that Bin-Laden was directly behind 9/11. The government must be lying and it was an inside job.

            Does this sound crazy? Absolutely. But this is what you’re doing. You took a story where 8 Israelis were murdered, just for being Jews, and you managed somehow to spin it back against Israel – screaming conspiracy. What a biased treatment.

  2. @Izik
    “8 Israelis were murdered, just for being Jews…”
    What an asinine comment. Are you actually claiming the attack was on basis of anti-Semitism?

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