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  1. From the first moment she walked into his apartment, she smelled marijuana in the air. I know, you’re saying like the audience in a horror movie when the heroine enters the haunted house: “Get the hell out of there.” But again, you must suspend judgment because a woman who is naïve or lacks judgment may still be raped.


    Do you live in a cave? Is this is what marijuana means to you? Rape potential? Are you insane?

    Things have changed since the 70’s. In fact, marijuana use in Israel is so prominent that Israelis are infamous for being avid pot smokers. So basically walking into an Israeli’s apartment and smelling marijuana is a sign of nothing at all, and it’s not unlikely that she smokes it too. It is you who must suspend prejudice and do some reading.

    1. Marijuana – regardless of how common it is – removes inhibitions. Alcohol does that, too.

      Additionally, marijuana is not legal in Israel, despite the best attempts of Aleh Yarok over the years. This means that if there’s marijuana around, someone has decided that that part of the law, at least, does not apply to them.

      When someone walks into a private space controlled by a person who signals that chemically-fueled removal of inhibition and selective compliance with laws are how things work in that space.

      That’s dangerous unless you know which laws are going to be obeyed – and which aren’t.

      In other words, the problem is not the pot. Pot is great. The problem is going into a place where pot and alcohol remove inhibitions without knowing what the uninhibited person will do. (The presumption is that an uninhibited person will act badly, ignoring social conventions such as consent or politeness.)

      1. What Shai quoted above also struck me as something right out of Reefer Madness.
        Pot may remove inhibition in some, though not all users, but it also removes aggressiveness and mellows out people, as opposed to alcohol. According to your reasoning no woman could ever visit a man who is not a teetotaller without fear of getting raped, after the man had removed his inhibitions with a dram. That seems absurd on its face.

        I’d venture a guess that most people, including most pot users, don’t rape women – not because it’s illegal or socially frowned upon, but because they agree it’s morally wrong. Would such people, if alcohol became prohibited once again, but continued to drink, suddenly feel an urge to rape and act upon it just because they already break the law in an unrelated field? That seems equally absurd.

      2. What is wrong with you???? This woman was brutally raped and all you care about is marijuana???? The reporter is just trying to eliminate people from saying “well she smelled marijuana! What did she expect…”

  2. Please take the gory details off.
    All can understand the situation without them.
    Even if it is meant for a good cause, the damage done to the woman is enough without them.

    1. I am not sure that all can understand the situation without them. Sometimes the horror has to be made clear in order for people to understand an experience that they could otherwise never fathom. Also, the details she recounts give credibility to her story, which so many people seem to doubt.

    2. I understand yr feelings completely & as I wrote this post goes against my own personal style & instincts. But I don’t think you can know or understan evil unless you call it by name, staring it right in the face.

      I assure you that Dena ( who helped translate some of this) & I felt like we needed cold showers after reading & publishing this. If I could’ve done it any other way I would have.

      1. And mental floss, and a flute of Lethe water would have been nice too.

        But I think that working on this was pretty important. The court system can only do its work if it’s given the chance – which includes prosecuting such cases, and engaging the due process of law to clear the accused of the allegation – or bring out other victims of the same modus operandi.

  3. Richard,

    This story is indeed horrifying, and perhaps what’s most shocking is P.’s willingness to engage with him after the event. This is not to say that she was wrong to, it just shows to what extent rape is being denied in Israeli society by both men and women. It’s just inconceivable to many that a woman has an absolute right to her body in any and all situation.

    Irregardless, I agree with Shai’s comment on Marijuana use – all of Tel Aviv stinks of it, and yet rape is not ubiquitous. A joint is no excuse for violence against women.

    1. Date rape is an odd thing, Anyn. You’re with someone you perceive as friendly – and then they break a foundational social rule. That throws you into cognitive dissonance and you have to make a swift determination: are the actions more real than your assumptions about the friendliness?

      Labeling it as a rape – rather than a misunderstanding – also means you have to take a hit to your self-respect, because one of the ways that people tolerate rape is by assuming that it’s something that happens to other people. Preferably, people who “were asking for it” by being careless, or dressing provocatively, or whatever.

      It takes time to process the fact that the “friend” was no friend at all, and that you’ve been relegated to the realm of “someone who must have been asking for it” by every person who was not raped. Yet. And with the prevalence of “date rape drug” GBL in Tel Aviv, the “not raped yet” population is getting smaller.

      1. Or in the real world, a date rape most often is the case when a woman has sex with a man and the latter refuses to call back. The woman feels rejected so the easy way to exact revenge is to cry rape.
        Then lunatics such as this blogger will publish man’s picture and condemning him as a rapist. The social stigma will remain even if he is found to be innocent.

        At the end no man will ever have sex with a woman other than prostitutes. The anti-depressant market will skyrocket and feminists will be happy since all human relations will be destroyed.
        I am starting to think pharmaceutical companies might have been funding feminists all along. After all they are the sole beneficiaries of that ideology. 30 years of institutionalised feminism, 30 years of women consuming more and more antidepressants. Business as usual.

        1. I was waiting for someone like you to come along & insinuate that P. was just a crybaby rejected by Even who then cried rape in revenge. But I did expect that the person who did this would be an Israeli, and not Greek (though you could be an Israeli in Greece).

          If you think Even is innocent after reading this then I shudder to think about what your history of relationships with women has been like.

          no man will ever have sex with a woman other than prostitutes.

          You’re a sick, sad man. I feel sorry for you. There are some men among us who actually have trusting, respectful relationships with women. Apparently not you though.

          feminists will be happy since all human relations will be destroyed.

          Tell me this is meant as a joke…otherwise you are one sick puppy.

          1. Richard,
            Care to explain why you thuoght it would be Israeli ?
            Why it cannot be an American ? A brit ? Arab ? Hindu ? Inuit ? or anybody else for that matter ?

          2. I agree with Free man on this.
            Richard, I assume you thought it would be an Israeli because they read your blog more often, and not for other reasons. (I cannot think you would believe that Israeli’s have such vile opinions more often than other people.)
            In a way I am not surprised at all: Israeli’s read your blog because they are interested in their country (normal people). The Greek guy, on the other hand, was obviously only attracted by the theme of rape (a pervert).

      2. Dena,

        I agree with your long explanation of why she continued to seek his understanding. It’s so obvious I didn’t feel like going into it. But it’s a good thing you did, not everybody takes it for granted.

        However the ending of your comment: “And with the prevalence of “date rape drug” GBL in Tel Aviv, the “not raped yet” population is getting smaller.” is just preposterous.

        First, being closer to the Tel Aviv drug scene (not club scene, but I do know some clubbers), I don’t think GBL is so prevalent. I don’t want to go into details on the internet, but that’s not what most people take when they go clubbing. It also wouldn’t make sense – a drug that makes you go limp is not going to make a good party.

        Personally, I don’t see what knowingly taking drugs has to do with this at all. Even didn’t sound very high – he was in total control of the situation, he didn’t drink much or he wouldn’t be able to have so much sex, and he was energetic enough to do the dishes.

        What Even did was terrible not because he was intoxicated, but because he raped a woman who trusted him. Blaming drugs for a man’s criminal behaviour puts the blame in the wrong place.

        1. Anyn,

          I think you misunderstood Dena’s statement. GBL is not taken in by the rapist, but is administered to the victim. So the prevalence of GBL as a rape date drug referred to the fact that it is often being used to drug the victim. By the way, I don’t know how prevalent this is in Tel Aviv. I guess this is a good subject for a scientific study.

        2. Thanks for making the point about GBL!

          My information about it comes from a recent Channel 10 piece about it, which was posted on the ‘net last week (I think it was during Oshrat Kutler’s show, but it may have been elsewhere.)
          The 10-minute piece made the case that men in Tel Aviv clubs were slipping GBL and its precursor into the drinks of unsuspecting women, who’d pass out and become pliable victims, with their memory wiped out.
          There is some text in the post that raises the question of whether that was done by the perpetrator, to the victim, in this case. Given the amount of time that has passed, I would be surprised if the truth of this aspect of the matter could be discovered for certain.

          It’s important to say that drugs and alcohol do not make a criminal less culpable for a crime. You’d think that should go without saying but I recall reports that Erez Efrati’s attorneys tried to make that defense last year, in the Tel Aviv courts – something along the lines of “it’s not my fault, I was drunk.”

          1. Dena,

            I understood your point about GBL perfectly. I was implicitly referring to your answer to Shai previously, maybe I should have made that clear.

            You take your info about the rise in GBL frequency from the Israeli police, who you wouldn’t trust so much about other matters I presume.

            So they caught some stupid guys who ordered GBL on the internet, and wanted to make a big deal about it to cover their utter lack of achievements in other areas (e.g. sexual crimes). This makes for interesting TV since it combines clubs, sex, rape and a lot of ominous warnings.

            This is not, repeat not, to say that GBL is not in use. It’s just to say that the statement that rape is becoming more prevalent in Tel Aviv is totally unfounded.

        3. I don’t know the Tel Aviv club scene. In fact, even when I was single that sort of scene repelled me. But I have nothing against drugs like marijuana or liquor per se.

          However, if I was a woman who’d met a man on Facebook & agreed to visit him at his home for a first date, first I think it would be disrespectful of the man to be doing drugs before she arrived (& before asking her if she would join him). That’s why I wrote that I would have my antennae way up if that happened to me. However, if two consenting adults wish to do drugs together, I have nothing against that. But when a man is meeting a woman for the first time, I think there should be a certain standard of respect and mutuality established.

          Maybe I’m old-fashioned. Maybe values of the club scene have totally trumped my fuddy duddy values. I don’t know.

          Finally, I agree w. Dena that a man who’s been smoking weed and then downs a few shots has a MUCH lower threshhold of inhibition than a man who is sober or less intoxicated. I’d guess that if he’s done this sort of thing before he’s prob. got the whole thing down to a science & knows what will get him “off.” So no, drugs & alcohol aren’t to blame for the rape, but they do act as enhancers of bad behavior in circumstances like this.

          1. In the former Soviet Union (of all places), committing a crime under the influence of alcohol was seen as an aggravating circumstance and would lead to harsher sentences.

          2. Richard,

            I can see your point about being respectful and not doing drugs before a meeting, but this is normal and accepted behaviour in many circles, and this is why P. didn’t feel anything was wrong.

            As for inhibitions – I think it’s the question of what came first. In my opinion, violent intentions came first, drinking or smoking only came in addition to the main treat.

            My problem here is with your assumption in the post that people who drink or take drugs are inherently criminal, or at least have serious criminal tendencies. One of the purposes of banning Marijuana and other substances is to make everybody a potential criminal who the authorities can threaten at will. It’s disappointing to see you cooperating wtih this.

          3. if I was a woman who’d met a man on Facebook & agreed to visit him at his home for a first date, first I think it would be disrespectful of the man to be doing drugs before she arrived (& before asking her if she would join him). That’s why I wrote that I would have my antennae way up if that happened to me

            I think you’re opening a door to victim-blaming here. Since (as Anyn and I have mentioned) marijuana use is normal and accepted in many circles, it normally wouldn’t cause anyone to be more alert. In fact I’d suggest the opposite, but that’s my personal view. By saying it should’ve been an indication for potential danger, you are insinuating in hindsight that she had a “DANGER: Rape ahead” signal and did not respond to it.

      3. When I was 13 years old, I found myself apologizing to a 35 year old man for having hurt his feelings.

        What hurt his feelings was my reaction to him driving me to a dark and isolated area, where he proceeded to take off his clothes and masturbate while urging me to “touch it” till he ejaculated on me. Apparently, trying to get out of the car, asking that he drive me home immediately, and “leading him on” (!) were, in his mind, hurtful and inappropriate acts on my part. He, of course, had done nothing wrong. I found this out (and, sadly, apologized to him for it) when I called him after the fact in an ultimately futile attempt to understand what happened.

        Predators of this type have a knack for making their prey feel inappropriate guilt, of casting themselves in the role of innocent victims, and of invalidating and manipulating their prey’s feelings and perceptions, taking further advantage of the confusion and self-doubt created by the trauma they had inflicted on their prey.

        I consider my case to be a relatively mild one (for reasons I won’t go into), but having gone through it, I recognize this destructive pattern in Yoav Even and P.’s interaction, and especially in the aspects of it that she so bravely lays out despite knowing that many people would construe those aspects as, at best, indications of her complicity, when in fact they only serve to lend further credence and veracity to her claims, at least for those of us who are familiar with this type of sexual and emotional abuse.

        I sincerely hope that messages of support and validation are reaching her despite the overwhelming noise in the form of victim-blaming and silencing by the establishment (and by those naive or ignorant enough to buy into these all too prevalent attitudes). If it’s at all in your power, please do share these types of testimonies with her.

        Knowing that one is being heard and believed is the very least that any victim of trauma deserves.

  4. This article is a mess, repetitive and too long.

    I am just interested to know the bottom line – what is written in the documents, I don’t have the whole day to read it. You are losing readers that will not read this important info , just because you made it so lengthy.

    You could have shortened your article, just saying what was written in the documents. Instead, for every piece of evidence you discuss it lengthily and give your opinion, and trying to explain and justify the victim. I am not against the victim, you may be right, but I don’t have the whole day.

    You could have given the facts first (what was written in the document), and then only after that, discussing it, and giving your opinion.

    1. You know, if I needed an editor I’d advertise for one & it wouldn’t be you sorry to say.

      But since you have such a strong sense of how I should write I ‘d advise you to write your own blog where you can be yr own editor.

  5. Richard,
    This is a very important post. Is it against the law to share it on Facebook?
    Just one thing, as someone who’s about to become a father to a baby girl, reading this was especially hard, however, the notion that this behavior is typical and even caused because the whole thing happened in Israel and by an Israeli man, in my eyes just weackens your massage. Men can be pigs everywhere, not only in Israel, the system can be cruel to women everywhere, not only in Israel. Although one can argue that the occupation can effect that area too, i don’t believe that in this case it did. guys like that cowered exist everywhere.

    1. Of course it’s not against the law to share it on Facebook in Israel (yet).

      Can you point to a single word that stated that rape occurs only in Israel or is only perpetrated by Israeli men? Methinks you do protest too much–and are being defensive. My especial criticism reserved for Israeli justice related to the gag order & the partriarchy rampant in Israeli society. Patriarchy isn’t just an Israeli phenomenon. But it’s more prevalent inside Israel than in many other western nations. Occupation & national security corrupts Israeli democracy and that’s one of the reasons gag like this are prevalent in Israel even when they’re unrelated to security, as in this case.

      1. ” So the thinking of the average Israeli male is that such a woman has only herself to blame if she gets into the kind of scrape she did with Yoav Even”
        Here’s one example, there is more. This is obviously a false statement . You have no way of knowing or proving what the average Israeli male thinks. It could be just the as well an American man or any other nationality for that matter. I can speak for my self only but I don’t think any woman deserves that . By the way the status of women in the arab society ( palestiniens included)general is much much worse the in Israel . do you blame the occupation for that as well?

        And just to be clear, if I share this on my wall, translate some of it and warn all my freinds from that low life women hter psychopath , and write his name, I’m not braking the gag order because I’m a private person?

        1. Alon,

          I don’t think anyone would pursue you, but being a private person is not going to defend you.

          I published it on facebook without mentioning his name, just a link to this post and a comment about the content.

          1. My aunt is a judge, I just spoke to her. It seems that I would be braking the law. If I would be pursued I don’t know, but the law looks at me the same as the media. Shit.

          2. You would NOT be breaking the law if you linked to my post on Facebook. Scores of Israelis have already done so. If that is what she told you she is wrong & I don’t care if she’s a judge or the Queen of Sheba. If she told you that publishing his name on Facebook is illegal, that’s arguable. But again, it’s most unlikely anyone who did so would even receive a warning from the police, let alone more severe action.

          3. She ment the name of course, why so hostile? Trust me I’m on your side here. Sharing it now.

        2. Please. The blog post is about an “Israeli male,” not a French or German male. When I write about an Israeli rape case I generally refer to Israeli social conditions. That’s they way most people do things. Are you so defensive about your country (I assume you’re Israeli) that every time anyone criticizes it they need to preface their criticism with an acknowledgement that Israel’s sins are no worse than others? That sort of defensiveness doesn’t appeal to me.

          Clearly, there are many sensitive, supportive Israeli men who object to what happened to P. I applaud them. But the truth of the matter is that I believe that the average Israeli male harbors some of the same misimpressions and poisonous gender attitudes harbored by Even. That doesn’t mean all Israeli males do.

          Don’t stray off topic by diverting attention to Arab society. That’s not the topic of this post & I regard it as a red herring meant deliberately to distract.

          I can’t tell you whether or not to publish his name. But certainly if you link to my post (w/o explicitly publishing his name) you are not breaking any Israeli law–yet. Presumably if you did publish his name you would be violating the gag & liable to the same prohibitions affecting the media. But the truth is that the Israeli legal system almost never goes after bloggers or those posting on social networks when they break gags & I’d love to see an Israeli do so to test the gag and the law.

          1. Richard, all I am saying that, in my opinion, your criticism on Israel in general effects the way you wrote this post. I think it hurts the point and the validity of it and that is a shame. Sorry for going off topic, you’re right, its not relevant.

          2. Richard by using the term “average” you imply that at least half os Israeli men are a certain way, and i think Alon is right by rejecting that phrase. Perhaps you are being a bit defensive by not seeing the point. That being said, this is an important post and i will do my best to push it forward.

  6. This case is a prime example of what is wrong with the world. The people of all nations, and this includes Israel, suffer from the problem of boundary violation. All acts of violence or accidents can be deconstructed. The genesis of this incident was that they both were way too open and too fast on Facebook with each other. Facebook is also a very poor substitute for good old fashioned face to face courtship. Poor boundary delineation led to an incorrect progression. The healthy way for a man and woman to form a relationship is as follows. This applies to both parties : Alive and Kicking; Out and About; First Sight; First Words; Attraction; Flirting; Interest Shown; First Date; Trust Building; Courtship; Proposal; Engagement; Marriage; Lovemaking; Conception; Gestation; Childbirth; Family Making etc.

    Of course we don’t live in a perfect world unfortunately and young men and women will launch themselves into sexual liaisons at the drop of the hat. When this happens it is imperative on both parties, especially the male not to abuse their power. Sexual intimacy must be by mutual consent. Rape is one of the most heinous of crimes.

    How a community or nation deals with issues of justice is interesting. Jurisprudence is a hobby of mine. Redemptive justice is different than pure, court applied justice. People should also not ignore the realm of divine justice.

    1. The healthy way for a man and woman to form a relationship is as follows.

      Who are you, Shmuley Boteach?? Can you please try to stay on topic & not give us the Chabad or whichever messianic movement you represent version of proper gender relations.

  7. While reading your post, i had a strong feeling that Even could have in his past or even in his present a ‘security’ record in the SHABAK or something like this, and that can explain partly the force which was acted by him and by his friend to ‘cover’ the whole story. Many of those ‘excellent guys’ as PM Begin called them, have such characters like he has, and also, as you know, our ‘security forces’ have a lot of influcence over judges. All those thoughts were in my mind before reading that one of his co-actors is Rony Daniel – the main millitary writer of Chanell 2, and it does not suprise me at all.

    1. y just forgot that suicide bomers of palestinain descent are moral men and naive and good hearted….
      if going for steryotiping on political grounds, why not go all the way…

      and siriosly: most top security man un usrael wont rap’ so cut the bull****

      1. most top security man un usrael wont rap’ so cut the bull****

        Tell it to Mustafa Dirani, raped at the command of IDF military intelligence officer Doron Zahavi while imprisoned by unit 1391. He won his freedom after bringing suit against Zahavi, who lost his job due to the horror he inflicted on Dirani.

  8. Richard, from your story it doesn’t transpire at all that the victim was sexually aggressive, non-conventional, etc. I don’t understand how Even’s defense could build such a case against her. I also don’t quite understand what the two other journalists were aiming at by contacting her on Facebook.

    It appears from your account that Even is a case of narcissistic personality, who is concerned only with his own feelings and pleasure and doesn’t give a damn about his women. I wonder how women can fall for someone like this and not see through the facade of charms and manipulation the shallowness, emptiness and cynicism of such characters.

    As a father of a 3-year-old daughter, I can only hope that she will grow to learn the difference between caring and respectful men (which are aplenty) and those who are out there for some quick pleasure or adventure, unable and unwilling to understand a woman’s heart. At a certain age girls and boys should be able to read stories like this one (horrific as they are) in order to know that there are people like this out there. This is not to diminish their trust in people (which is essential for healthy relationships), but to enhance their trust in their own judgment.

  9. Hi, and many thanks!

    I am an Israeli blogger living in Germany. I would very much like your permission to translate as verbatim as possible what you write here into Hebrew. I will do so on a German website because as of today an open threath has appeared in a feminism forum saying any link to your blog was also open for attack by the reprehensible gag.

    I AM NOT AFFRAID OF THE CREEPS. let them do their worst.

    1. Saying that anyone in Israel who links to my blog can be prosecuted is a lie. This is a theory by one Israeli lawyer who is by no means correct. As far as I’m concerned this rumor is further paranoia seeking to curtail Israeli freedom of speech.

  10. I have not displayed the Facebook screenshots I possess because they mention the victim’s name repeatedly.

    You can easily blur or remove the mentions of the name with any image editing software (you can use free ones like IrfanView)

  11. Thank you for this post. I do have one question I hadn’t found a clear answer for in the text: why it was finally decided not to bring the case to court? I read your speculation, but what was the stand of the law offices who make the final decision, or maybe it wasn’t released\mentioned in the transcripts? Thank you.

  12. [URL deleted per violation of comment rules]

    In Mala Fide is working hard to find the name and unedited photo of the false rape accuser so that true justice can be served!

    1. You’re a disgusting scumbag. A real scumbag & I don’t use the term lightly. And because of this you’re not only banned from future commenting, you’re banned from accessing my site. I save this punishment for only the worst of the worst. So congratulations. The English translation of the Latin title (Mala Fide) of your blog is perfectly appropriate: Bad Faith.

      You made a few errors in conducting this false Inquisition against the rape victim though, & I hope will pay for them. YOu should shortly discover to what I’m referring.

      1. When In Mala Fide does successfully “out” the female in the way you outed the male, she will probably be more humiliated by your lurid, disgusting details of what happened to her than by her photograph being published. You will have played a greater part in her humiliation than In Mala Fide…So think about that!

          1. I was reacting to this piece of filth from Troll, (which has been removed it seems).

            Author: Troll
            When In Mala Fide does successfully “out” the female in the way you outed the male, she will probably be more humiliated by your lurid, disgusting details of what happened to her than by her photograph being published. You will have played a greater part in her humiliation than In Mala Fide…So think about that!

            If you want to remove my response as well now, don’t mind Richard.

        1. You are one of the stupidest most grotesque human beings I know. But do keep using your employer, JPMorgan Chase’s, computer resources to advocate the exposure of the identity of rape victims. I’m sure when your supervisor finds out how you abuse corporate IT resources they’ll be very pleased. When this is made public, it will do wonders for Chase’s corporate reputation. If Chase does business in Israel it will create magnificent good will among Israeli female customers.

          Not to mention one of my family members worked at Chase for some time. If I can make your life in even the slightest way more miserable in return for yr obnoxious behavior I’ll be more than happy to do so.

          Next time you want to do something this dumb, maybe you’ll think twice about it.

    2. your life will be a liveng hell. im supervising your actions here
      trek you down and suit your ass of . she’s our friend so be careful Troll..dont play white fire

      1. Troll doesn’t sound like a very happy man to begin with, so it might not take much to make his life a living hell. He may be doing that to himself already. But let’s not treat oddballs like him as badly as he treats P.

  13. Curious.
    The catption under the picture above states “Yoav Even, accused rapist, wrote book ‘How to Fuck as Many Girls as You Can Get'”.
    Is this an acual book or are you giving him credit for a piece of literature that he does not deserve?

  14. Richard what your doing is a very good thing…P. she has a pure soul as an angel..she’s so sweet and worm and kind to all people. she deserv worm loving treatment from the people in Isreal and all over this planet.
    & not the continuing abuse that she has to put up with form the time she was raped untill that time

  15. The “pot is good” lobby has its own hasbarists.

    However, the drugs that are more significant to the story, especially given the description of the victim’s difficulties in getting dressed and getting home, are the GHB or GBL. (Not chemically the same, but seen as interchangeable by the users.)

    If taken in combination with alcohol, these can kill and kill very easily. Generally, those who take them voluntarily, take them instead of alcohol, those who take them involuntarily, don’t have the opportunity to avoid alcohol.

    Involuntary administration is not necessarily via drink: these are volatile solvents and they can have a significant effect if tipped onto the victim’s clothing or hair, especially in a hot environment. In fact, this is more effective as the victim cannot easily escape from their hair or clothing, whereas they can avoid drinking from a glass they think might have been tampered with. Most victims are incapacited long before they actually have a clue what it happening.

    Because of the public myth about these chemicals being used to spike drinks, rather than as a chemical agent of direct attack, the police generally know that it’s safe to make a show of taking glasses and bottles away for tests: these will prove negative and the victim can be further discredited.

    In the UK, offenders do not necessarily need to acquire illegally imported GHB and GBL to rape people with: these are used as graffiti-removal solvents and many non-custodial “punishments” involve forced graffiti removal.

    The account above does read as if either GHB or GBL were used. The other way that rapists can render victims helpless is to pre-treat cannabis or tobacco products with formaldehyde. What victims are expecting to be a mild spliff or just a quick fag, knocks them for six. Again, the police know that if they solemnly test only drinking utensils, they will not uncover this and will not be obliged to prosecute anyone.

    I accept that all of this will be regarded as less important than the chorus of “cannabis is great!” which I recognize to be a religious duty for some sections of the community.

  16. Sir,

    Usually I’m a passive reader who is disgusted by your blatant anti-zionist bias. However, as a feminist, I want to praise you for this tremendously important struggle. Kol-a-kavod Richard!

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