15 thoughts on “Former Mossad Chief: Mistake to Oppose General Assembly Vote on Palestinian Statehood – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Both from a moral and a purely strategic point of view the man is absolutely right,do not waste resources defending a undefendable position.
    Bibi will run around Europe trying to gain support for Israel’s position vis a vis a declaration of Palestinian independence,
    and what will he gain for his efforts…very little,in fact less than little,he will be seen as being intransigent.
    Enough is enough,let we welcome the Palestinians right to an independent state and let us be very visible in doing so.
    Live and let live and…. it will also gain us P.R. points for the next round.

  2. You have probably heard the suggestion that should the Palestinians proclaim a state through the UNGA, then Israel should immediately recognize it, then annex all the area C where the settlements are, grant full citizenship to the something like 300,000 Arabs living there, announce plans to open an Israeli embassy in Ramallah and tell the Palestinians they are welcome to open an Embassy in Israel, preferably in Jerusalem. Israel would then invite the the Palestinians to begin negotations on fixing the border and all other matters involving relations between the two countries.
    I think such a move would have massive support in Israel.

    1. I’ll do you one better: Israel could annex the entire West Bank, give the Palestinians full citizenship, & then begin quaking in their boots about how it will absorb another 1 million+ Palestinian citizens, continue repressing their rights & continue calling itself a democratic state.

      If you think annexing 300,000 Palestinian citizens to Israel would have massive support among Israelis you’re out of yr mind. It would of course have massive support in the circle YOU run in, which aren’t those of the avg. Israeli by any means.

          1. Uri Elitzur, a former aid of Netanyahu’s, one of the founders of the Settlement movement in the 1970’s and a columnist for the “right-wing” Makor Rishon newspaper has advocated giving ALL Palestinians full Israeli citizenshp and annexing the whole shebang.
            Then there is Rav Menachem Froman, whom you like Richard, who is also in favor of some sort of arrangement of like that, although I don’t know the details. We wish him a refuah sheleima..

            BTW-you have to remember one thing, it is ‘right-wing settlers’ who have more day-to-day contact with Arabs than Leftists and the Orthodox right-wing and Haredi sectors of Israel have a life-style much closer to the Arabs than does the cosmopolitian Left.

          2. ‘right-wing settlers’ who have more day-to-day contact with Arabs than Leftists and the Orthodox right-wing and Haredi sectors of Israel have a life-style much closer to the Arabs than does the cosmopolitian Left.

            It’s always instructive to learn the thinking of the settler movement & you certainly give us a window into minds like theirs. But what a strange reality it is. Settlers who routinely shoot, maim, burn, pummel & kill Palestinian “neighbors” “have more day to day contact with Arabs” than Israeli “leftists.” First that is patently untrue given that many Israelis involved with NGOs like Taayush, Anarchists Against the Wall, ISM, etc. actually live in or visit intensively the villages they’re protecting. Second, if the type of “contact” you’re talking of is violent, brutal & homicidal, then sure, the settlers have lots of that sort of contact. But what does this prove? That settlers actually know & understand Palestinians better than other Israelis because of this “contact?”

            And as for having a “life style” closer to Arabs than the “cosmopolitan left,” I almost spat out my soup when I read that. Are you saying that the Palestinian “life style” includes toting AK-47s and K-9 dogs on patrol seeking to rip out the limbs of settlers they meet? If so, I think you’re living somewhere East of Eden and south of Mars.

    2. And zero support in the international community, which would no more accept this annexation that it would accept the annexation of East Jerusalem and the Golan.
      The Palestinians wouldn’t accept it.
      The UN wouldn’t accept it.
      It wouldn’t change the actual situation.
      So all that would accomplish (it won’t happen anyway, since no Israeli right-winger will accept 300,000 Palestinians as citizens) is to piss off everybody a little more.

      Looking at it that way, I support the idea. Anything that speeds up hard sanctions being imposed on Israel.

  3. Where Netanyahu thinks after his speechifying he has settled the conquest of Canaan once and for all, Dagan most likely believes Netanyahu’s proclamations are DOA and that its all “damage” control in an increasingly hostile domestic, regional and global environment.

    Dagan’s obviously not the only member of the Israeli establishment concerned about this as JStreet proved. Even Jeffrey Goldberg, of all people, per his latest column is apparently having nightmares Americans are going to wake up and start blaming Netanyahu and Israel for its intransigence as the author of our troubles.

  4. Possibly Dagan is beginning to recognize the consequences for Israel if it continues to ignore the winds of change in the Middle East. For decades Israel was able to pretend it was serious about Palestinian statehood “sometime but not yet.” More and more people — Palestinians, Israelis and others — have concluded that not only has Israel no intention of taking steps toward Palestinian statehood, but that the one state solution has become an inevitability. Israel’s leaders and most of its Jewish citizens, plus those living illegally in occupied Palestine, are horrified at the thought there could be a single state, knowing this could not be an apartheid Jewish state. As soon as Obama and the Quartet realize world opinion is shifting to one state for all, I predict Israel will finally give tacit agreement to a state for Palestinians, even if it comprises only five percent of historic Palestine.

  5. Dagan also admitted in an interview that the IDF had provoked the Syrians when they captured the Golan.

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