9 thoughts on “Move Over Eden Abergil, There’s a New Tough Mama in Town – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. She served in Sheikh Jarrah – some of the regular demonstrators recognised her. That being the case, I doubt this is the first time she has been abusive to people. Service in Sheikh Jarrah affords many opportunities for that.

    She has taken her Facebook page down now. I hope it’s out of shame and not just damage limitation.

    1. in one word Disgusting.
      I never understood those who act so stupidly and then give it publicity. what’s wrong with them ?
      Vicky, do you live in east Jerusalem ? have you ever visited Yad-Vashem (it’s holocaust memorial day today)
      asking out of curiosity nothing more.

      1. @ Judi Cohen)
        And when you go to Yad Vashem do you ever look across to what’s left of Deïr Yassin ? There’s a mental hospital in some of the buildings. I don’t know what mental diseases they treat, though. ‘Paranoia’, ‘ethnic supremacism’, ‘blaming the victims’, I guess.
        Asking out of curiosity, nothing more.

      2. I live in Bethlehem. I have visited Yad Vashem, although it was quite a long time ago now, during my first visit here.

        In the UK we commemorate the Holocaust in January. I do that with staff at the local Jewish Museum, which is very small. I prefer the intimacy of that gathering; I don’t think I would go to a place where there is likely to be a big crowd on a remembrance day.

  2. I understand that it was Zion Benishti who reported the incident.What does that tell us?……..that Shani Sivilia’s conduct was unacceptable, even by Border Police standards.
    In any similar situation,anywhere in the world you will have sadistic individuals who abuse their power.
    Why this constant emphasis on negative phenomena in Israel.
    Why this constant need to prove that Israel is in the wrong.
    How did the New Orleans Police Dept behave?.
    How does the regime in Syria behave?.
    Yes,they are not relevant to this blog but behavior in Israel must be seen in a relevant context of similar situations worldwide.
    I grew up in Ireland where, in the 1980’s S.A.S. squads sometimes “needed” to shoot a suspect resisting arrest.

    1. There were 3 Border Police officers involved in this incident. The first took the 17 yr old boy to a secluded setting & beat the shit out of him. THen he delivered to boy to Sevilia who continued waling on him. Of the three, Benishti is the least culpable since he appears to have disapproved of the repeated beatings. But then again he didn’t report the incident either, which is why he’s up on charges as well. Not a good day for any of the 3 I’m afraid, though at least Benishti is willing to testify against the other two. So there is something to be said for him.

      Hurricane Katrina & Syria have nothing to do with the Border Police torturing Palestinians. Nice try though.

      1. The phenomena of soldiers/police abusing their authority is not one that is unique to Israel but one that will occur anywhere in the world under similar circumstances and to the most civilized of nations(French in Algeria,Britain in N.Ireland).
        Hence it is to be seen as a symptom of a greater problem and not as a problem in itself per se.Wherever one nation tries to impose its wishes upon another nation such inexcusable actions will occur,not because the occupying
        nation wishes it so but because human nature is what it is.
        It is not my intention to excuse the sadistic actions of Shani Sivilia or to detract from the suffering of her victim.Her actions caused irreparable damage both to her victim and to the State of Israel.
        Let us then address the disease in a constructive manner and not busy ourselves with the symptoms like gossip mongers.
        Let us treat the patient with firm compassion rather than condemning her.

        1. The phenomena of soldiers/police abusing their authority is not one that is unique to Israel

          A total non sequitur. My argument is that the type of abuse portrayed here IS completely characteristic of an Occupation regime whose goal is to control & oppress the Palestinians. So of course the Occupation regime & the conditions in play are unique to Israel. To argue: “we’re OK cause we’re not doing anything worse than anybody else” is beyond contempt. The point isn’t to measure who’s the worst in the world & find that you’re better than them. The point is to be the best you can be on your own terms and if you can’t be much better than the worst, then your political system & society have something profoundly wrong at their core.

          Ah yes, blame this on poor human nature but not the specific evils employed by the Israeli state in maintaining the Occupation. What nonsense!

          Her actions caused irreparable damage both to her victim and to the State of Israel.

          Nonsense again. Shani Sivilia isn’t the problem per se. She’s only doing the job the Border Police trained her to do. Contrary to yr view, it is precisely the State of Israel which is at fault here, not the person who abuses in its name. Of course, she is personally responsible & should be punished for her foul deeds. But it is the system that sent her there & told her to do what she did.

          Let us treat the patient with firm compassion

          Certainly, let’s understand the poor State of Israel & how it is really the victim & only does what is forced upon it by the big bad system. No one is at fault, right? Just human nature. Spare me.

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