12 thoughts on “Galant is Out, Naveh is in as Interim IDF Chief of Staff – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Galant said to Galei Zahal’s military radio news: “I am not quitting, I am not stopping. I’ve been defending the State of Israel for 34 years and now it to defend me.” http://bit.ly/dNN8RL

    Is he hinting that he wants to have a coup? I don’t see that as viable (although anything is possible and most things are likely in the Middle East right now.)

    1. I don’t know what he could be talking about. The irony is that if he’d been a little less greedy & acquisitive, & a bit less mendacious he’d be the one being sworn in on Feb. 14th. Instead he’ll be looking for security consulting jobs after his retirement.

      Bibi’s already withdrawn his candidacy. So not sure what he could be thinking.

      I am wondering though whether YeshGvul’s leadership needs security protection. Gotta be a whole lotta hate for thm in certain circles.

  2. Every possible candidate is a bad choice. Most officers who have been serving in the IDF, at some point served in the territories, executing Israel’s apartheid policies. The only viable candidate can come from outside the army. Alternatively, the IDF should be dismantled and Israel should seek protection from NATO or the US – as the IDF has no moral grounds to exist.

          1. There are candidates from outside the IDF who have substantial military experience. Some belong to Israel’s mossad – whose involvement with the apartheid occupation is very low.

            Second, if Amir Peretz can be the defense minister, why is the possibility of a civilian chief of staff so far fetched? It is in Israel’s best interest to choose a candidate who’s not been tainted with the liquor of oppression.

          2. Now I see what u mean. First Peretz was defense minister & a truly awful one. He wasn’t chief of staff. That requires an active duty officer. You can’t have a civilian as chief of staff of an army. But there are some less tainted like Amos Yadlin who are army & might be more independent.

          3. Richard are you serious ?
            Yadlin ? Yadlin has no experience relevant to be the COS.
            in Israel it’s not a technocrat like in the US, the IDF is structured differently, the defense needs are different and the COS must have hands on experience commanding big maneuvering divisions to correlate between the needs and the abilities.

  3. Actually, one thing he said makes sense: “…These matters are approved at the level of the prime minister…”.
    I don’t underestimate Naveh’s own responsibility, it’s actually the Gov’t who must be kept accountable for the crimes. Naveh, for this matter is only a link in this chain (high up as he may be) – from the PM, all the way to the private who pressed the button.

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