4 thoughts on “IDF Officers Believe Cast Lead ‘War Criminal List” Leaked Internally – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. happy thanksgiving

    i know most of your readers cant read hebrew…but you can

    and the article confirms nothing…it says that some in the military believe the leak came internally…it does not confirm that allegation

    i know that turkey makes one sleepy…but come on richard…if you are going to post a report, translate it correctly.

    1. Not quite, it quotes a Lt. Col. who served in Cast Lead & ASSUMES that the leak was internal & provides convincing proof for his belief. Or did you miss that part? And are you placing yrself & yr ‘knowledge’ above his? For me, this is confirmation enough of the fact. If it’s not good enough for you why don’t you find a high ranking officer who has some theory for the leak you find more convenient that isn’t as embarrassing to the IDF. Until then, I’ll be content with my characterization of the article.

      The report confirms that this senior IDF officer & others within the IDF believe the leak was internal. Translation accurate. As usual your shot falls wide of the mark. You remind me of my 9 yr old who barraged me with snowballs during our latest snowstorm here in Seattle today. His shots too, generally fell pretty wide of the mark. But at least he has the excuse of being only 9. What’s yours?

      YOu’re also wrong about my readers. I’m ranked about 7,000 in Israel by Alexa and have a great many Hebrew speaking readers. At any given moment, anywhere from 5-25% of my readers are from Israel depending on how relevant my current posts are to internal Israeli political developments. Not “most” readers perhaps. But a significant number nonetheless.

  2. I can tell the Army’s Department of Information Security people what the source of the leaks was 100%: karma. It’s SO annoying, isn’t it?? But, in all honesty, of course the leak was internal. They are trying to allude to other possible sources, but there is no way in hell I am going to believe that an entire army could engage in an Operation like that without someone needing a psychologist and much more after. You likely needed one before if you’re even capable. Doing the actual deed is something else on its own.

    And I suppose if you can’t bear to have your young son’s scrupulous morals weighing down on you like you’re a sack of excrement, then maybe you shouldn’t engage in acts that go definitively beyond defense and the realm of what is legal.
    Depleted uranium, in and of itself, without regards to anything else that was used in Cast Lead, is dispositive evidence that Israel had highly illegal intentions and engaged in similar behavior as a result. Can you imagine being at a job interview and something like that comes up? At least you can tell your interviewer you’re in a list of other important people, like Stalin, Saddam Hussein, et. al. The bullet points would read like a UN resolution on the resume, and wow, what a cover letter!

  3. Richard,

    Thanks for an excellent post. I didn’t realize at first it was Ba-Mahane! Wow, the publishers of the “dirty 200” list couldn’t have asked for better publicity. What idiots the IDF are sometimes. Well, most of the time.

    As to your moral dilemma posed to IDF soldiers: the problem is that most soldiers and officers still think (or convince themselves) that the policies are justified – or at least, that Israel is the good and the Arabs bad. Believe me, when most soldiers think the policies are corrupt and immoral, the thing will tumble down like a house of cards.

    What the accountability pressure *can* do, is gradually, as you say, eat away at this wall of brainwash.

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