8 thoughts on “Adelson Promotes Outsourcing U.S. Jobs to China – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. You haven’t read everything I’ve written here about it nor about the documentary about it & The Israeli Experience which I also wrote here, nor read the like to Eyal Niv’s terrific blog post about Talglit-Birthright. The fact that Shelly Adelson is one of the major, if not sole donors supporting Birthright tells you all you need to know about its mission, at least in Adelson’s eyes.

  1. FOR YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE SORT OF STUFF THAT IS GOING ON SEE: Florida Woman Buying Elections in the Northeast ~ by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), 10/29/10

    (excerpt) WASHINGTON – October 29 – New York and New Hampshire residents probably think they’ve never heard of Parker Collier, but in reality, they see her almost every time they turn on the TV. An investigation by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has revealed that Ms. Collier (who lives in Naples, Florida) is the primary donor to a group called “Revere America,” which is spending almost $2.3 million on ads in the two states. The group’s chairman is former New York Governor George Pataki, whose former political strategist Art Finkelstein has been deeply involved in the campaigns of candidates supported by the Colliers, including that of former Republican Senate candidate Bill Binnie during the primary this year…

    ENTIRE CREW PRESS RELEASE – http://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2010/10/29-11
    WIKIPEDIA, Arthur J. Finkelsteinhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Finkelstein

  2. Great deductive thinking! It’s unbelievable just how far the swindling and bamboozling of American masses goes, and the millions poured into subversion of U.S. democracy.

    I believe the Palestinian people are being held hostage by a concerted effort of manipulations used to legitimize a crime against humanity, but really there are two nations of people being held hostage. Americans are being swindled not only of their livelihoods, but also their cognitive abilities and their vote.

    There are some dark, powerful forces at play. We all know what the goal is in investing millions to ensure Obama’s failure and potential defeat. Israel is determined to strike at Iran and it needs U.S. support to do it. War is again looming on the horizon.

    How far will Israel and its proxies and millionaire (lev leviev, irving moskowitz, the chernicks etc). and billionaire patrons go? Because Americans have war fatigue. Would it go as far as pulling a false flag operation? I mean the DVDs aren’t going to cut it because Americans are not going to be tricked into another war merely with lies and propaganda.

    The millionaires and billionaires are funding settlement expansion and the imprisonment of Palestinians both of which will guarantee that peace is never achieved and they’re setting the scene for a catastrophic war.

    Domination costs lots of money. Domination of a military superpower with big chunks of change affecting elections and U.S. policy, of Americans through fear, domination of Palestinians and with one war after another, domination of the Middle East. In the case of the latter its mostly “neutralization”, but as long as America is held hostage to Israeli policy, neutralization is sufficient.

    Those who have it worse are the Palestinians. They’re suffering the worst injustice of all, and with all those millionaires and billionaires working to drive them out of the West Bank and into refugee camps and ghettos; they don’t stand a chance, except, if the world mobilizes in some organized fashion. Even billionaires and all their money won’t stand a chance!

  3. Aside from Adelson in the billionaires corner, we should add Haim Saban who likes to work both sides of the aisle in Congress on behalf of his precious Zionism.

    1. Saban is an interesting case. But he’s definitely more on the Democratic side. In terms of Israeli politics, if you look at the post I published about Bibi’s funding sources even Bibi rated him a 3 or 4 & he never gave to Bibi’s 2007 primary campaign. He’s what I’d call a liberal pro-Israel apologist. In the Jane Harman case, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Israeli agent of influence who the FBI identified as calling her on behalf of Steve Rosen may’ve been Saban. We know Saban did call her asking the favor. We just don’t know whether he was the same guy the FBI called an Israeli agent.

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